Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Second walk of the year!

Hopefully I’ll loose count of the number of walks, but at the moment it’s still a novelty to count them. I mentioned in my Gonna list ( i.e. I am gonna do ….) that I was gonna do a 5 mile walk. Wild Daffodil suggested we did this as a virtual walk. Good Plan. Even better plan suggested and implemented by Wild Daffodil was to set up a walk together miles apart group on Facebook. Walking Together, Miles Apart

Anyone fancy a walk on Friday was the question this week. Well yes I did. Come this morning chores done ( be impressed- 4 kitchen cupbaords cleaned out, who needs Best before March 2013 blue food colouring, not me). Sun shining, I decided not to postpone a second longer. Wellies donned, off I went- past the post box- you know which one- and

past the lake at Keld Head

over the first of three bridges

along the beck

snowdrops ( I actually saw daffodils in full bloom last week in Dorset, certainly not here).

along the river bank

across bridge number two

view across the field to the village of Middleton

view from the top of the third bridge

mud , mud, glorious mud, all the way to the Millenium wood

and time for a moments reflection before taking the lane route home, where  I spoiled the exercise and healthy stuff by making a bacon sarnie, but by golly it was good, and the walk was pretty decent too.

4.5km- few more before we can tackle that 5 miles Wild Daffodil!

Anyone else got out and about this week?



Comments on: "Second walk of the year!" (34)

  1. Joanne S said:

    Your walks are very picturesque. Such a lovely looking town you live in!

  2. Another beautiful walk. the snowdrops are beautiful. I have never seen them in person. Thankful for your photo 🙂 You always have the most wonderful walks.

  3. Nice to see the snowdrops!

  4. That looks like one wonderful walk! Thanks for letting us vicariously walk along!

  5. Oh Cathy, I love your walks! Your photos and writing style make me feel as though I am walking with you. XX

  6. Looks a lovely walk and always great to spy snowdrops. xx

  7. claire93 said:

    starting out the year as you mean to go on! well done!

  8. Gosh, that is beautiful. No wonder you appreciate it all so much x

  9. Looks like a nice walk, I like the first photo. No walks for me for a while as I’m too busy looking after Sophie but hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m back out there again

    • I have been wanting to do this walk for 18 months as they shut the footpath when they re made the two bridges. I really enjoyed it.

  10. You do get to walk in lovely places Cathy. We walk twice every day – I don’t keep track of how far, but we can be out for anything between half and hour to an hour depending on weather and how I’m feeling. As one cheery fellow traveller Siddy met this morning noted “I don’t know who benefits the most, us or them.” I know I think I’m walking for Siddy – and that is definitely how it all began when the little pup arrived in my life. But now I know I walk for my enjoyment and benefit too.

  11. The best I can manage right now is 1.5km at 7am with Mouse. It’s 29°C and 80% humidity, even at that time of day. Last night at 1.30am it was STILL 20°C… Monsoon’s on the way, hurray, but not good weather for walking, no indeed.

  12. That’s what I need to do, just get out there!! Looks a lovely day too 🙂

    • I so nearly put off my walk till the afternoon , so glad I went in the morning as the day cooled after lunch and I might have changed my mind.

  13. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    A lovely walk. We have snowdrops too, and daffs not far off opening. Another early spring

  14. That looks like a nice walk. Love the snowdrops, not so keen on the mud.. Our front grass is covered in violets at the moment – not sure whether that’s early or not.
    Out of date blue food colouring? I find it astounding – on those rare occasions I clear out the kitchen cupboards -that those tins/packets/jars I bought only a few months ago are now three years past their sell-by. Doesn’t time fly?

    • I know how do these use by dates and best before suddenly jump several years at once! It was a most enjoyable walk and one that was off limits for a year whilst they rebuilt those two bridges. Lovely to do it again. Violets how wonderful. That would be very very early if they were here.

  15. It’s working!! Thank you for the mention. Your walk looks gorgeous and much more picturesque than mine today around West Bay.

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