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Yarn Along, 2020

Not quite sure what has happened to the usual Yarn Along link up , but I thought I would share the book and the knitting I began the year with.

The Binding by Bridget Collins- young man becomes apprentice to a book binder, but not like any book binder I have thought of. Finding it a bit but muddly.

Now the knitting.

I have been knitting intarsia many many times (two or more colours, using small balls). I usually just wound small balls of yarn which eventually ended in a tangle. For some quite strange for me reason, I googled intarsia and found out via You Tube how to wind balls which don’t end in a tangle- i.e. you wind a butterfly shaped ball. Easy peasy. Sometimes I wonder why I make life so hard.

Now the big question is what do you think I am knitting? And the simply terrific and spiffing thing is I have had this pipeline in the Not Yet Started heap in the wardrobe for several years according to the receipt I found in the pack! Oh yes pack, there is more than one project in the bag.

And , and it is only a small project, I may have a finish soon, if only I can keep my nose out of a book and focused on the knitting.

As I mentioned previously the number of books I read last year was pretty big- 74 in total, and many more than 2018 Conversely the amount of yarn I used has gone down considerably. 2018 I used 5200 grams, 2019 it was down to 1875 grams. The numbers speak for themselves.

I wonder what you are knitting/ crocheting / reading at the moment. Do share, as bloggers tell me about the best books.

Comments on: "Yarn Along, 2020" (13)

  1. Joanne S said:

    a spring shawl or sweater I ‘m thinking…

  2. Thanks for the butterfly tip – I always end up in a tangle as well 🙂

  3. Looking forward to seeing more of it! I love the colors. So Spring looking. I am knitting on a shawl and stitching on Juliet. Hoping for a couple of finishes this month. Also reading the third book in the Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts.

  4. Argyle sweater for some sweet grand! If you are hoping your books and yarn are more balanced this year, I will hope with you! I just ordered wool for the Orkney sweater and I hope I got it right. I did my swatch and I think I have it figured out…hope so anyway!

  5. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    That is an impressive number of books and grams of wool🙂

  6. claire93 said:

    I’m with Lynn on guessing it’s a dragon!
    I’m not knitting anything at the moment although I should be. Too many ideas flitting through my head and I can’t decide what project to tackle first.

    • Oh yes that what shall I do first, just means doing nothing feeling. Worse still is the I bought X three years ago but didn’t have the time to do it, and now I have the time I no longer want to do it!

  7. Hello! To answer your questions, am crocheting a scarf to use up some of my extra turquoise yarn and re-reading D.E. Stevenson’s “Vittoria Cottage,” the first of three I’ve wanted to re-read forever, but couldn’t locate in a library. Both activities quite satisfactory!
    Don’t have a clue what you’re knitting, so it will be a nice surprise when you’re finished. 😘

  8. I’ve got no idea what your knitting will be – although a dragon keeps coming to mind for some reason – but it’s looking good.
    I’m on the last go round of the border on my Nature’s Walk CAL – thank goodness – so there should be a reveal soon.
    I’ve wondered about ‘The Binding’ as it has good reviews but something always stops me going for it although I can’t remember what.
    I’m reading ‘Tomorrow’ by Damian Dibben. It’s a strange book narrated by a dog but it’s definitely not cutesy. Starting in Venice in the 19th century, we learn, by way of our canine narrator, of two men in the 17th century who discovered a way to drastically prolong life and one of the men injects his pup with the same potion. There follows an ‘exploration of life, love and loyalty”. I use the quotation marks as I’m only halfway through so that’s from somebody else’s review. I’m finding it quite fascinating and certainly very different.

    • Oh my imagine living for 200 years, that’s a lot of dog walks. Sounds incredible. I know the Binding had good reviews, but when an explanation of Part one needs to be given on the book jacket you have to wonder if Part One needed re-writing. Reading the blurb which I normally skip for fear of spoiling a book certainly helped me clear my confusion when I found it!

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