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First walk of the year

I went to post a letter and just kept going.

down our little road, and I wondered which was the tree I could see from our lounge window, the one that has featured in many of my sunset pictures. There are lots of lovely trees, but which one can I see? Somewhere over this field.

I think it’s this one, is it a beech, don’t know. I shall have to wait till Spring. Letter posted I keep walking out of town.

Ah, sheep on a chilly day. “What are you doing, Missus?” Down a lane and head back to town.

with the sun going down already

Keld Head, where we used to collect frogs spawn as children to take to school for the Nature Table.

Time to go home for the nice cup of tea. Thoroughly enjoyed my first walk of the year. Wondered if everyone else has had their first walk of the year , and if so where did you venture?

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  1. Your immediate surroundings look like something out of an 18th century novel set in the midlands. Mine – much less so! No-one walks on their own here any more. I envy you xx

  2. Nice to have weather good enough to want to go further than the post box πŸ™‚

  3. You live in a beautiful area! My first walk this year was right on New Year’s Day, just a quick stroll across the sunlit fields near where I live. But on the next day, my partner and I went for a hike in the Black Forest (close to where he lives) and enjoyed spectacular views and a sunny day. Picture will soon be on my blog, I hope πŸ™‚

  4. My walks are on concrete and I love it. A walk in a new city is my idea of heaven though my local promenade by the sea is beautiful. Just as well we can all be different

    • There are cities and there cities. Some are absolutely gorgeous, take York for example, old buildings, nice cafes, wonderful museums etc, but some are ghastly. Good that everywhere is different and everywhere has something different to offer.

  5. Happy New Year! Beautiful photos on your first walk this year. I wish I had a place as beautiful where I am.

  6. Good for you. I’ve been really lazy these last couple of weeks as Mr. T. has been home and dog walking duties pass to him when he’s here. Also, my Zumba and Pilates classes stopped for the holiday period a week before Christmas and don’t start again tomorrow. Yes, I could have done some stuff in the comfort of my own home, but I didn’t. Still, my dog walking started again this morning so back to normal.
    Another – going for a walk book – one I’ve just finished – is ‘Lilian Boxfish Takes A Walk’ by Kathleen Rooney. An 85 year old woman loves walking through her beloved city (New York) and takes us back to her younger days as a successful advertising executive in the 1920s and traces her life – and the changing city and world at large up to the 1980s or so.

  7. Oh yes! I had my first walk of the year too! The weather was gorgeous around here, so I could enjoy time outdoors. Your place is pretty, very similar to here, except the sheep, none around here!

    • I was surprised to see the sheep, don’t know why but I was, most are indoors getting ready for lambing or further away up on the moors. Glad you got out and about too.

  8. Some lovely peaceful photo’s there. Looks like a nice walk was had. x

  9. deemallon said:

    Love the pictures. So many beautiful trees! I think husband dog and I walked around our town’s little lake. Always pretty. Always grateful it’s there.

  10. Am delighted always to read and see your wonderful countryside! Posting a letter here is walking across the street. I am surrounded by car parks, as one friend described after an online peek out my windows! Yet the area is considered rural over here. Alas, without the charms of your rural. πŸ˜‰ My walks are all paved, up one sidewalk and down the other side and perhaps a small strip of dense woody growth between sidewalk and housing. But it is a safe area, so one is very grateful for all.

  11. I can promise you my walks don’t photograph like yours. I just walk my neighborhood, up the hills and back down. Usually a 2 mile walk 5 days a week. Some days, I walk the mall if I can get there. It’s raining here all day, most days so I do my walking in the house until I reach 30 minutes and 2 miles on my Fitbit. Not a pretty walk but I’ll turn on the TV and watch something fun to get me going faster. When nice weather comes again, We will go look for a pretty park not far from home. No fond memories here. You are very fortunate, Cathy, to have such beautiful surroundings.

    • I am lucky to have lovely surroundings. I need to count my blessings! Love the idea of walking to the TV! We have a series of programmes on TV at the moment of journeys i real time. there has been a canal trip which I misssed but I did see a railway journey in real time- steam train of course. And there wasa nice BBC series a woman did of her walks,, in which she chats to random strangers she meets on route and she records bird song etc.

      • I never thought of watching travel documentaries while walking. I usually just watch something I’ve recorded and don’t have time to watch otherwise. Now I’ll look for something more inspiring. Thank you, Cathy.

  12. Have you read ‘The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry’? He goes out to post a letter and keeps walking….. Your trees are all beautiful and it is wonderful that you have such a view from your window. I haven’t had any unusual walks this ‘summer’ as the weather has remained wintery. Though this morning has dawned clear and sunny and still which is promising – except the weather forecast is take extreme care as winds up to 130km are on the way. Sigh!!

  13. Your walk was a mini adventure. Here’s to lots more to come in 2020. X

  14. So lovely–thanks for showing us. It reminds me of when I used to live up in Geordieland and take walks, long ago.

  15. Max has become quite opinionated about walks any more! Earlier this week I told him we would go up the big hill, which he usually loves, but he wanted to turn around and go home half way up. I drug him the rest of the way up, and then he wanted to keep going up to the next level! He’s 11 1/2 now, and becoming a grumpy grandpa some days, but I hate to leave him at home, so we don’t walk very far anymore. πŸ˜”

  16. Love that first sentence! I sometimes feel like I just want to keep on walking and see where it leads me. I used to go on walks that lasted the whole day – what happened to that life where time felt so much more spacious.
    Beautiful walk – I felt like I was with you.
    Hope to share a walk soon. xxx

    • A walk with you again would be marvellous. All days out and abou are great. Poor Mr E can’t walk far these days so I am usually on my own with my trusty camera.

      • I hae had a thought this morning about ‘Walking Together Miles Apart’. We set a day in the diary when we can both go for a walk and we link in somehow, either by phone, Facebook or WhatsApp or something. We could check in either on the walk or after. We maybe wouldn’t be able to do the same time but we could share photos and distance. Maybe we could set a distance goal for a period of time …… just at the thinking stage at the moment. πŸ™‚

        • What a tremendous idea, love it. Phone signals tend to vanish when I am on the moors/forest, but as it happens I have thought of one five mile walk I always meant to do from town, so maybe the phone signal would be ok. Great suggestion… thinking……………………………………..

  17. Like very photos. There’s just something about being outside that just makes you feel good.

  18. Beautiful photos, I need to try and get out more this year, just short walks. Rosie is so old now she can just about manage 50 yards up the lane, and she’s so slow I’m too cold when we get back t think about going out again!!

  19. I walk every morning because of Mouse. Sometimes it’s not very far if the day is hot already – even at 7.30am it can be 30Β°C or so – but it does get us both out and the blood circulating. Plus I can pass the time with neighbours and Mouse can receive the admiration he feels is his due πŸ™‚

    • Essential for Mouse to be admired. In those temperatures you will need an early morning outing. I can’t quite believe I was taking Montmorency out at 7am when it was pitch dark in Winter. With a black dog that was hard going!

      • For dark winter mornings, Mouse is going to have a fluoro yellow fleece jacket. I have the fabric ready and waiting. I even have reflective tape!

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