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To Goal or not to Goal

that is the question that one or two people have raised this year. I didn’t set any goals last year, so focused on (not) moving house, there didn’t seem any point. Consequently I spent far too long on my screen or with my nose in a book , just hanging around waiting for something to happen, like the perfect house to fall from the skies. It didn’t, oh we nearly bought two houses, one was a compromise and the other transpired to have structural issues, and Mr E’s health is such that no way could either of us project manage builders.

Anyway, I digress. I’m setting some goals this year, something to turn too, whilst I wait. I’m going for 20 to match the year, but not 20 for 20 as I did last time I set goals when it was 17 for 17, just too many. So here in no particular order except for the one I had when thinking of them, are my 20.

It’s more like a To Do List I think.

1 Read my way across Europe- I will almost certainly need some recomendations to help me choose books from European authors. Suggestions welcome. I rather fancy Colette for France. I know I said less reading, but at least this will be reading with focus.

2 Visit the Eden Project- I have been saying for many years I’d like to go, but saying doesn’t actually get me there.

3 Knit a scarecrow- I have the pattern and it has been on my to knit list for more years than I care to think.

4 Knit mice- again I have a lovely pattern for some Dickensian mice, why have I not done it?

5 Knit socks- have yarn and patterns- again why has this not been done?

6 Unspecified wildlfe project- maybe volunteer somewhere.

7 Make a junk journal- or get over fear of constructing one.

8 Make that football quilt for grandson H- have found a flag with an Oxford United ox on it, no excuses left.

9 Finish rail fence quilt

It has progressed a little since it last made an appearance on the blog, but not much. I mean really ..

10 Complete the stitchbook project- I am keeping up to date with this and really enjoying it, coming out of my comfort zone and learning new techniques. I write about it on my other blog https://avoicethroughstitch.wordpress.com

11 Complete any other UFO- no shortage of things to go at. Taking a leaf from Kate whose word this year is FINISH.

12 Make a piece of art…. mmm

13 Visit an art gallery

14 Visit Filey- we go to Scarborough or Whitby, and I can’t recall the last time I went to Filey, maybe 1974 to have an outfit altered.

15 Do a walk over five miles- getting a bit lazy in my old age.

16 Go to see a movie- think the last one I saw in the cinema was A Walk in the Woods- sheer idleness

17 Go to see a play- don’t think we went to the theatre at all last year, too much waiting for the phone call

18 Pick strawberries- I mean really, I didn’t even get to the  pick your own fruit farm last year.

19 Start to write up family history- I don’t mean the dry stuff, but the stories of my parents and brother, it’s the least I can do for the family. I have a notebook, I do prefer pen and paper.

This lot need to know  who they are..

– no didn’t even do that in 2019. That’s this month. Can’t really believe I didn’t do it last year.

So not what you’d call an impossible list. Full of things I used to do without too much thought and things from the Gonna list.

A gonna list you ask. One of the surveyors who surveyed our house( there were three, and very informative they were too). I told him the purchaser had said he might knock through the kitchen to the dining room. “Oh” said the surveyor “what we call a Gonna. Gonna do this and gonna do that , and when they sell the house and we go back haven’t done any of them!”

I don’t want to be a gonna this year! So I’ll report back from time to time!

Have you set any goals or have a To Do List for 2020? Love to hear those plans. And what is on your Gonna list?



Comments on: "To Goal or not to Goal" (49)

  1. That is such a lovely well-rounded list! I have a 20-for-20, containing some new projects, UFOs, never-started-projects (yet I have all the pieces), and some walks and other adventures. Yes, 20 is too long a list, even when the items listed are small!

  2. Happy New Year! I wish you all the best in 2020 and that you accomplish all of your goals this year. I like your word “Finish” for 2020 as that is my goal this year. To finish my WIP’s. The word I chose is “Concquer”.

  3. Great list! Some of my goals for this year are to walk more, watch less TV and set aside time each day to read. And I’ve just started my first bullet/art/junk journal! All of these, and other things going on in my life right now, mean that I’ll be blogging less, but I’m okay with that.

  4. I can see you will be a busy lady this year, but all of them are wonderful goals!

  5. I know how easy it is to sit around and just wait for something to happen. I think I procrastinated way too much in 2019. I had a lot of ‘spare time’ which became ‘too much time’ and ‘put it off to tomorrow time’. Good luck with your list. I should have one. Maybe I will be inspired to now.

  6. Your list sounds ambitious and fun! I love the blues in your rail fence quilt in progress. I think I am going to do some type of hybrid between a list and goals 🙂

    • I think it helps to set down some ideas for the year ahead. I find that now we are retired it can be very easy to sit around all morning in ones pjs!

  7. I never make lists or plans for a year ahead – except this year I’ve decided to challenge myself in two ways. 1. is to have a ‘no spend’ year and in this case it means buying nothing new unless it is a consumable. This is a reaction to my overstocking of art and craft items that I never used due to being too busy shopping on line for more art and craft items to add to my stash….. I’ve already failed as I just purchased a UV nail dryer so I can resin my painted rocks. I’m adapting this challenge to read ‘nothing new unless it is absolutely, utterly and unremittingly a requirement’ 🙂 2. Is to journal every day. I actually started to do it straight after Christmas, mainly as a tool to improve my memory, and so far so good. I’ve gots lots of ‘gonna’s’ in my head and I’m happy to see where that leads. Life has a way of thwarting plans I’ve found and I’m becoming more content with going with the flow. If it gets done, that’s great and if it doesn’t and nobody dies as a result, then that’s also fine.

    Good luck with your 20. That quilt absolutely needs to be finished, it’s wonderful!

    • The joomchi which was the stitchbook project in December calls for the use of mulberry paper. I didn’t care for the coloursin my box of delights, so raided my stash , which I probably accumulated nearly 20 years ago. It’s incredible how easy it is to buy more and more materials and fail to use them!
      I find the trouble with having a Gonna list in my head is by the time I remember I want to do something, like pick strawberries, it’s already too late for them!
      Will we see your rocks on the blog? I collected three rocks last year from a river in Wales, near where we stayed when we went there for my brothers funeral. I was Gonna paint them but then stalled because I hadn’t figured out how to stop the paint washing off.

      • I promise you will see my rocks on my blog this year. Now that’s just moved it from a ‘gonna’ to a promise which is way more binding. I do jot down a list most days, especially when I have a lot of different ideas of things to make or lots of things to get done in a day, that seems an imperative to me else I get lost in the minutiae or spend the wondering what was that thing I intended to do 🙂

  8. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    A great list Cathy. This year I am not doing a list but we had a family discussion about what we each want to achieve this year (just one thing) and s place we would like to visit. There are two mountains near us and my challenge is to try and climb one of them🙂

    • Now climb a mountain is a top notch idea. I don’t think I have climbed a mountain since my parents chivied my brother and me up Snowden! I’ve been up mountains, but not actually stopped at the bottom and climbed to the top.

  9. I ❤️ your list; it checks off some things you feel should be done,things you missed doing this year, and things you’ve always wanted to do. It’s the perfect combination!

    • Thanks Kathy. I just can’t quite believe there are so many things I didn’t do last year and missed doing. This list will at least serve to remind me, that I could be doing something better than a suduko puzzle, which I also did a lot of last year whilst waiting.

      • I understand completely. Being in a “waiting room” can really sap your energy for chores, fun things, and creativity. 2020 is a new adventure!

  10. That’s a great list and I like how you’re not going to be a gonna!

  11. I love your list and they always inspire me…for a moment. 😉 First off; I want to know what a junk journal is? As for I’m gonna, the saying “She was gonna” would be carved on my tombstone, but I will not have one so maybe I should make a wall hanging with the saying.:) I spend too many hours here reading blogs and get nothing useful done.

    Reading your way across Europe sounds a wiser plan than my eat my way across Europe, etc. Waiting is hard. It took us a long time to sell our home in the mountains. Timing is everything. It will happen.

    The last movie I watched I saw twice. It was so good I went back with my daughter. It was “Last Christmas” a British movie that had a little of everything and my son recommended it. It’s one I will buy on Blue Ray when it comes out.

    I don’t read as much anymore. Vision is tricky and I’m mostly doing audible. Still looking for my next good read. It will be on Kindle of course so I can make the print large. Have a wonderful 2020. Looking forward to see how far we can get past “I’m gonna.” 🙂

    • A junk journal is litterly made from paper you might otherwise throw out, and can include junk mail. I have just decided to keep an old road map for its pages. You then create some embleshments to decorate the journal. You include some blank pages where you can record things. A popular type of junk journal is a travel journal so you can include things you collect from holidays. I made a kind of junk jornal a couple of years ago when I did a nature diary, but I used a scrapbook , rather than make one from scratch.
      I quite like the idea of eating my way across Europe!
      There’s a film being advertised at the moment – David Copperfield- due in cinemas shortly. I really fancy that one.
      I don’t want a headstone either- I want a tree! So I better get on with my Gonna list!

      • Thanks for the information. I’m a person that hates to throw anything away. Love this idea. Somebody Feed Phil was a docu series on Netflix I watched about eating across the world. It was so pleasant, my daughter and I watched it twice and wrote down some of the names of places we’d like to check out.. 😉

  12. Great list, I’m thinking of a list of 20 goals this time, the numbers are just getting too big! I’m just reading Paolo Cognetti Eight Mountains (from the library) He’s Italian, a gentle read about friendship and relationships and mountains of course!

    • Yes that way of having 20 for 20 would be a lot of things to do! I have made a note of the book you mention, there is one copy in North Yorkshire libraries, currently out on loan!

  13. Good Luck with your goals. If I have a goal for next year it is to tidy the house and throw un-needed stuff away. Trouble is I need a clear head and enough energy.

  14. Penny Post said:

    Sounds like an interesting set of goals and good that they are achievable over the year. Curious as to where you will decide Europe stops, not that I could recommend any authors without a lot of thought as to where they come from.

    • I’m not sure where Europe ends- maybe I’ll go with the Eurovision song contests entrants, and then I can count Australia too.

  15. The intention of moving house does seem to take up so much time just waiting around tentatively incase something happpens – we spent 2017 and 2018 doing that, and thankfully in 2019 we finally moved – hooray! 🙂

    • Maybe there is hope for us yet. I am tired of having things stacked away in cupboards just in case we have a house vieiwng . We have also looked at about 60 houses that were for sale… that’s a lot.

      • It’s so hard feeling like you’re living in limbo all the time… fingers crossed you get there in the end just like we did 🙂

  16. claire93 said:

    I’m shuddering at the idea of reading anything by Colette (she really isn’t one of my favourite French authors). Was wondering if, in your local Library, they might have novels by Aurélie Valognes, a modern author. Two of her novels I know have been translated into English are “Out of Sorts” and “Will you ever change?”. Or if you want to read a “classic” how about Emile Zola’s “Thérèse Raquin” which is full of lust, passion and dark intent ^^

    • I read my way through Colette when I was in my 20s and really enjoyed her books, I wondered if I would still. I read Zola’s Germinal, and really enjoyed it about 30 years ago, so I will give Therese Raquin a go, thank you. I have also read some of Guy de Maupassant’s work and enjoyed that. Thank you for these suggestions.

  17. Lots of things to keep you busy while you’re waiting – you must finish the rail fence quilt, it’s lovely. I’m possibly going to embark on a similar waiting game this year and I’m dreading it.

  18. One of my all-time favourite books is Miss Smilla’s Feeling For Snow by Peter Høeg, a Danish author. I can recommend that one wholeheartedly. Another book I love, not fiction but gardening, is by Lolo Houbein, a Dutch author. It’s called One Magic Square, and it’s about tiny no-dig gardening. That’s two countries you might not get other recommendations for.
    As for my Gonna list, well, I’m Gonna FINISH! Already made a good start, I reckon.

    • I’ll vote for ‘Madame Bovary’ by Flaubert as the French entry in your reading journey across Europe.

    • I like the sound of the snow book. I really like snow if I can play in it and not have to get somewhere. No dig gardenng sounds like my idea of gardening! I am so impressed that 4 days into January and you have two finishes under your belt.

      • I think it goes to show how lazy I was being! There’s a few project boxes in my cupboard which are going “oi, what about me?” I don’t suppose many more of them will be as quick as these last two. I hope you like Smilla; it’s a thriller and is quite dark, but the heroine is brilliant.

        • It’s strange how some projects get to the nearly done stage and then stall. I have far too many! I have just reserved the books but it will be a while before I can read them- my big library to be read heap is back up to nine!

  19. I read Kate’s post just before reading yours and I was thinking ‘FINISH’ that would be a very good word for me for 2020, but actually I have chosen Malarkey and Serendipity! HaHa!
    I hesitate to make a Gonna list right now as it feels like I might set myself up to fail. But if I did make one I might try to FINISH one thing each month – I know that is only 12 things but 20 makes me shrink a bit.
    I love some of your goals – I wish I lived closer as I would be happy to do a 5 plus mile walk with you. Thank goodness you have a Visit to the Eden Centre in there as it sounded like you were wagging your finger at yourself a bit too much.
    Skipping, dancing, splashing – perhaps these 3 could squeeze into your plans somewhere, and if we meet up let’s do them together!

    • Skipping, dancing and splashing sounds a great malarky to me. 12 finishes sound like a lot, if they are 12 already started plus anything else that comes along. I am kicking myself a bit for the amount of time I spent last year just waiting. I could do lots of nice things and still wait!

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