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The year just departing

Some years you are just glad to see gone, and for me 2019 is one of them.

Three people in this photo passed. The lady far right died in January, she played host to our shared Guy Fawkes Bonfire nights in my childhood. My Mum, fiesty and totally irreplaceable died on 30 December 2017 , her funeral was also in January. ( in the middle, cardigan over her shoulder).Both ladies had long and good lives and , were in their 90s. Not so the final departure, so painful I couldn’t write about it till now. My little brother curly mop top , near my Dad, bottom left with our dalmatian dog, died in June after a short battle with cancer. Only 63 and taken far too soon. Missed so much.

We have also spent the entire year trying and failing to move house, somewhere ,anywhere south of the M4 corridor so we are closer to our sons and their families. Twice we sold the house, twice we found somewhere to buy , and twice it all went very wrong. Not quite sure if we have the energy to try again in 2020.

So the year now departing can jolly well push off.

Happiness has been grabbed in both hands when the chance arose. Learning to appreciate the little things in life.

The first snowdrops of the year, at the end of January 2019.

Sending a crochet blanket to a homeless charity.

A Winter’s walk in February.

Walking with friends in March.

Making my first proper grown up quilt with no botching In April.

Buttercups in May.

Wedding of the year , youngest son Mr B and the new Mrs G, in June.

Bolton Abbey in July for Mr E’s birthday.

Knitting for grandchildren, August.

Getting up high and loving the moors- September. Life in perspective.

Book bingo- October. I managed to complete two rows. Escapism sometimes is the only way.

Appreciating the lovely coast, Whitby.

And the unexpected, December, Pickering Market Place.

So here’s to us and all that life chucks at us.

Be brave,


Comments on: "The year just departing" (19)

  1. Joanne S said:

    Wishing you and yours all the best for 2020!

  2. Wishing you only good things for the coming year!

  3. Life is never linear for long. I wish you and yours well for 2020 xx

  4. you’ve had a very roller coaster year Cathy.
    I do hope the coming year will bring nothing but happy occasions and that you and Mr E will finally manage to conclue a house sale so you can move closer to family.

  5. This has been a tough one for you Cathy, and my hearts hurts for you. I’m studying Hebrews 11 right now, and my assignment this week is to write about faith. The first prompt is to define it, and it just hit me that faith is essentially confidence in God. My year has been bumpy, though nothing like yours, and I’ve been sad all through Christmas…this morning was a huge revelation for me…not sure why I’m telling you, but maybe we both needed it! It changed my whole perception of the people in the “Faith Hall of Fame.” Before, they seemed so far above me, and now I think I’m starting to get it. I am going to focus on being confident in God this week, and see where it takes me. Hugs to you, and hope for a bright and joyful 2020!

  6. So sorry for your losses. This has been tough year for us too, let’s hope our luck changes in 2020. X

  7. Like the queen, it seems you have had an ‘annus horribilis’ – or ‘bumpy ride’ as she described it this year .
    I hope 2020 brings better things for you and you find your new home sooner rather than later so you can be closer to your family.

  8. I am sorry that this year has been difficult, but so impressed that you’ve found highlights from each month:) Here’s hoping 2020 is amazing for you!

  9. Best wishes for a fresh start 2020 for you. In my case I will face some challenges.

  10. Aw Cathy sorry to hear about your losses and also your house move , when people say moving house ( or trying) is stressful, they are not wrong. Hope things take a turn for the better in 2020. X

  11. Sounds like you’ve been brave enough for all of us. Here’s to a year when the high notes outweigh the low, when the losses are defeated by the gains, and we are all surprised by joy.

  12. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Cathy I am so sorry to hear about your brother – that is very sad. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2020.

  13. Sorry this year has been a difficult one for you in many ways but you’ve got some good memories too. I hope next year is much better and you achieve all that you want to do 🙂

  14. I think you’re like me; you keep the bad stuff from your blog and use it as a place of happy reminders. I’m sorry to hear you’ve had such a horrid 2019 – hopefully 2020 will be a happier year for you. And maybe the time for the move wasn’t right – it will happen when it is. Unfortunately moving seems more difficult these days. Wishing you a very happy 2020 for both the big and little things xx

  15. There were good memories too I can see. Good Luck with the house moving. I have had the same and my younger daughter and son-in-law have finally managed to find a house to suit after at least a couple of years of effort. Fingers-crossed 2020 will be the year you find yours.

  16. Sorry for your losses and I hope 2020 is full of joy 🙂

  17. I’ve had years like that, when you’re glad to see the back of them, hopefully the new year and new decade will be a fresh start for you, good luck in your hunt for a new home, I’m a fatalist in such things, the others just weren’t the right one! It’s going to be hard though to find as nice a place as North Yorkshire, though I’m somewhat biased 🙂 Happy New Year x

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