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December Books- 2019

Some wonderful books this month. I have read some really good books this year, and mostly thanks to recommendations from you all , so thank you. I shall write an end of year post about my favourites. In previous years I have selected five books, there will be more this year.

Tracy Chevalier- Burning Bright-London 1792- The Kellaway family moves from Piddletrenthide in Dorset to London. Now it so happens that Mr E’s ancestors come from this part of Dorset, so I felt an immediate connection to the book, as we have visited the area a few times. Thomas the father is a chair maker but is employed by Philip Astley as a carpenter for his circus. There really was an Astley’s circus- link for more information here William Blake lives next door to the house where the Kellaway’s live and encourages the children to learn to read. London in its not so beautiful past is very vivid with its street life in all its hues. Burning Bright is a really enjoyable book, and as well written and researched as any by Tracy Chevalier. And sadly for me I have now read all her books, till she publishes another.

Anita Frank- The Lost Ones- A proper ghost story, set in a proper haunted house in 1917, well written  with a good ending. Loved it.

Susannah Walker- The Life of Stuff- Ms Walker has to tackle a hoard of stuff in a crumbling, damp , rodent infested house on the death of her mother. Gradually she comes to terms with the mess and with the troubled relationship with her mother. A very moving account of grief for a mother who fell short of what we all want from our parents. In a year during which I lost both my mother and my brother, there was much that resonated with me. It was a fascinating read.

Betty Smith- A Tree Grows in Brooklyn- What an absolutely wonderful book. I am very pleased that Kerry recommended it to me. The book tells the story of Francie growing up in Brooklyn between 1914 and 1917. The detail within the first chapters of the poverty the family was living in and the very detailed descriptions of Katie, the mother, struggling to feed the family, led me to suspect that Ms Smith was writing from first hand experience. A quick look on the internet told me that this book is loosely auto biographical.  Other themes covered are education, love, relationships, joy and hope. I loved this book so much, and am surprised that I hadn’t heard of before.

So that’s it… now what shall I read next? Once again thanks for all the suggestions for a good read. Love to know what everyone else is reading.

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  1. I haven’t read any of these. I’ve got so many books backed up at the moment I can’t possibly add any more. I’ve had to stop looking at the Kindle offers and have taken a 3 month break from my Audible subscription as I can’t keep up with listening to them either.

  2. Thanks for the book reviews – sounds like some great reads!

  3. Thanks as always for the recommendations. The library was asking for our suggestions for the book box system and some of your old book posts came in very useful.

  4. Thanks so much for your picks, Cathy! Dear Mrs. Bird (Pearce) has arrived at my branch library and I look forward to picking it up next week. I liked the WWII London setting, and the audio preview sounded good. Plus, it comes highly recommended by sewing blogger, Karen Ball (Did You Make That).

  5. I’ve read “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” years ago and the others sound interesting too. My stack always grows larger this time of year. Oh, Dear. Enjoy the next months reads.

  6. More for my list!

  7. I loved a tree grows in brooklyn

  8. Reading Frank McCourt’ Angela Ashes. A captivating memoir – melancholy, humor, anger. Startling emotions as I am going through the pages. MZ

  9. I’ve just submitted a request for my library to buy the Burning Bright book…

  10. I am tempted by the Chevalier book. The last one of hers that I tried to read was set in a swamp in the US and was so depressing I couldn’t get past the third chapter, but I have loved some of her other books.

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