Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

A seaside stroll .

In the first week of December the sun shone. Hurrah after all the rain. We went to Scarborough, because we could.

Look , a blue sky! What a change after the rain clouds.

Down to the beach.

Towards the castle.

No tourists!

An intrepid sailor.

The funfair has departed for the winter.

A really nice day out. Today it’s foggy, so important I think to get out during dark winter months when you can, wondered if anyone else had made it out in the sunshine just because they could?


Comments on: "A seaside stroll ." (36)

  1. Beautiful photos.
    Had a lovely walk along by the sea in the sunshine this morning just before the skies opened and we had the rain yet again. However, it is preferable to the ice and snow or the other extreme of intense heat.

    • Oh yes rain is better than extreme cold and heat, as long as it’s not extreme rain with floods. I bet you felt the benefit of your sunny walk on the seashore.

  2. Oh so hot here in Australia. I am tempted by the cooler weather where you are although you still have the lovely blue sky. Our skies are rather smokey at the moment.

  3. You bring up a very good point! My days are so filled with helping get everyone else out of the house- but me! It has been way to cold here, but as soon as the thermometer hits -6 I can bravely take a stroll! Is it extra cold walking along the ocean in winter? When we had lakeshore property the wind blew over the lake straight towards our bunk house. It could feel 2x as cold as it really was with that icy wind!

  4. I love a quiet stretch of beach out of season – and you had sunshine, an added bonus!

  5. It does the body and soul good to get out in the sunshine. When we get it, we get very cold. The rain clouds hold the warm in but a good brisk walk in the cold is good too. Everyone is using their fireplace for heat in the area so I have to wear a mask most days but the walk feels too good to pass up. I’d love that view too.

  6. I go out in the sunshine at every opportunity – yesterday morning was glorious with a cloudless blue sky so the dogs and I had a lovely walk in the countryside near home. I was in Ireland at the beginning of the month and the days were lovely which was great for my sightseeing. It’s a few years since I went to Scarborough, the weather was gloious then and that beach was packed 🙂

    • You do right to go out when you can on nice days. It’s foggy and grey again today, so glad we went to the coast when we could. Scarborough is usually heaving with people. If this day had been a Saturday it would have been much busier.

  7. It was very mild today 68F (20C), but a bit windy. Then the rain came. Tomorrow is back to cold weather. Hate the skipping around of temps.

    • The temperature differences don’t seem to be good for one’s health and well-being. Damp and grey days really effect one’s mood, whilst sunny days lift one.

  8. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    We have had lots of rain too, but today was lovely, and I too managed to get to the coast just briefly. Isn’t the light just lovely at this time of year when the sun makes it through.

  9. I have been for a walk by the sea today, catching a brief interlude of dry calm and a thin wisp of sunshine squeezing through the clouds. Breathing deep – I love the soft colours of the winter seaside and the gentle sounds of the waves.

    • Important to breathe deep and slow down the rhythm of life. I walked to town, but it was just a bit foggy. Still did my bit for local shops!

  10. Your post makes me really want to visit the coast! Might be 2020 for me though. X

  11. We used to go to Scarborough every year when my two girls were young – we loved it and still do but don’t all get often enough. Thank you for the lovely photos – it is certainly a different place in the winter without the crowds.

  12. Lovely beachy, blue sky photos. On Sunday we went round to some friends for pre-Christmas drinks and nibbles which we had sitting outside in sunhats and sunglasses as it was about 20 degrees – what a lovely surprise as we’d had driving rain and gale force winds on the Thursday and Friday.

    • That must have been wonderful. We still think longingly of a party in the south of France in February when we were able to be outside. Outside just lifts the spirits.

  13. Beautiful. I love the beach on a sunny autumn or winter’s day

  14. Meks Librarian said:

    Scarborough was where my late husband and I spent part of our summer holiday every year, we both loved the place. I have not been back since he died 10 years ago, but the more time passes, the more I want to have a look. I gather from photos that a lot has changed on both North and South Bay, but some things – such as the castle headland, Olivers Mount and others – will still be the same.
    Yes, daylight is so important, the more we get of it during those precious few hours in winter, the better!

  15. It’s lovely having the beach all to yourself, and there’s something really refreshing about a beach walk at this time of year. 🙂

  16. No outings here but I too welcomed the sunshine after all those dull days. Do get to go and walk on Southampton Common though.

  17. I’ve only ever been to Scarborough once – the thing I remember most was the houses on the hillside. And of course the donkeys 😎
    Lucky you to have a a sunny dry day to enjoy during the winter. Going to be 40c here tomorrow, 23c the day after. We’ll freeze!

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