Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Yarn Along.

Not quite sure what happened to the Yarn Along from Small Things this month, but thought I would share progress anyway.

Not much difference to last month really. Polar bear nearly has a left side to match his right side. Crochet blanket has two more rows! Talk about slow and steady.

The book is The Lost Ones by Anita Frank. A proper ghost story and so far so good.

If the link to Yarn Along becomes available I will add it here!

Love to know what yarny projects everyone is up to, and whether you have a good book on the go.

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  1. At least something is better than nothing. Love a proper ghost story.

  2. Working on that top for my daughter and hoping the colour changes happen in the right places. Still, seeing her next weekend so we can have a try on of what I’ve done and a rethink if there’s too much dark blue. Just finished reading the play script of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Amazing stage directions, makes me wonder how they achieve them but thought the plot was a bit of a cheat in a way.

    • I hope your daughter loves the top you are knitting. I don’t know the plot of the Harry Potter play, stage directions are so detailed nothing is left to chance.

  3. The festive season is great for a good ghost story. 🙂
    I’m reading about birds. The twelve birds of Christmas by Stephen Moss. X

  4. Add another to the slow and steady column! Not much yarny stuff, though the sewing machine is sometimes in play, along with swatches. Lots of swatches and more coming. Am still greatly enjoying Louise Penny.
    Your latest project request does sound daunting, but know you’re a member in high standing of the Love-Finds-a-Way Project. And it will. 😘 ❤️ 😘 ❤️

  5. Oooh – I’d like to read a proper ghost story in the future! My current yarn project is knitting another hat (I just love knitting hats!)

  6. I’ve been continuing a stash-busting poncho/cape in various blue/grey shades and almost finished a hat for the baby daughter of my daughter’s friend. Reading Transcription by Kate Atkinson – about a woman who worked with wartime codebreakers.

  7. I’ve been busy knitting doll cardigans ^^ As for reading . . . still on volume 2 of the Duncton Wood Chronicles (so I’m also going slow but steady).

    • I have loved seeing your doll cardigans, so really pretty. Duncton Wood is a novel I read many years ago and always meant to read the others in the series, it sounds as if they are good.

  8. I just finished a Christmas red cardigan for a great niece and started a red and pink top down tunic for another great niece – both meant to have been finished weeks ago!

    • Well done on finishing the Christmas cardigan. I shall be delivering the polar bear in person so no hurries to get it in the post. But it must be done this side of Christmas.

  9. Slow and steady wins the race – or so they say.
    I’ve got to the point of starting to add the border to my Nature’s Walk blanket but there I still am, at the point.
    Just finished ‘Wakenhyrst’ by Michelle Paver which I think I recommended to you on your recent books blog and now reading ‘Lillian Boxfish Takes A Walk’ by Kathleen Rooney. A look back at the life of a woman now in her 80s, who used to be at the forefront of advertising copywriting in 1920s New York. Fictional, though based on a real person, I’m not far into it yet but am quite enjoying it.

    • Well done on Nature’s Walk, finished by Christmas perhaps? My priority really must be the polar bear, it is one of those itty bitty patterns. Thanks for the book recommendation, duly noted. I love the books people mention here, as I end up reading some real corkers.

  10. That bear is going to be SO huggable!
    I have been asked to knit a fairy jacket with pixie points for a seven year old for Christmas and it is proving a very big challenge to create the pattern and get it finished in time. I’m not sure I’ll make it and I’m trying not to get stressed about it. Why do I say yes to these things!?!

    • Because you are a jolly nice person, and I bet it will be gorgeous. I know Miss F would love one, should you ever write up the pattern….

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