Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!


I love all the dogs who appear in blogland. There’s Daisy and Sam ( see https://thesnailofhappiness.com/2019/11/01/watching-the-world/ ), Gibbs here, these two rogues here, Harry here, Siddy here and  Mouse here. Did I miss a canine friend? Please leave a link. Each post reminds me of my cocker spaniels. I have had two , and I grew up with a succession of dogs. Often a memory pops into my head when I read these posts. So as the rain poured down last month I scoured my photos, and here finally making an appearance 10 1/2 years since I lost him, is my very own Montmorency, named from the dog in Three men and a boat, but owing to the fact that he loved Anna Karenina and Dr Zhivago was usually know as Montrenski.

I have nearly convinced Mr E that it’s time we had another woofer.

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  1. Aaaw! Adorable! I love dogs too. It’s too hard for us at our ages now to have dogs in the city. We still have 2 British Labs ages 4 and 5 that our teens help us care for. I never thought I’d say it in a million years but cats rule our days more than dogs. Three Sphynx (hairless) girls. Much easier for us to care for inside when weather is freezing outside! And no hair! LOL!

  2. Love dogs on blogs and instagram. I’m lucky to have smiley Riley 🙂 x

  3. NatterBlog said:

    Plus, after losing our dog in Spring 2018, then my sons dog who was as much ours really, in August this year my husband said that’s it now, no more, its too upsetting when they go. He is in the process of trying to persuade me into taking on a Saluki cross lurcher. We took him out yesterday 😳 I think the answer is NO. As a sight hound with a high prey drive and boundless energy I couldn’t cope. A Yorkie will do me just fine. Hope you succeed in your persuasion 😊

  4. NatterBlog said:

    He looks lovely but then so do all dogs. I was fascinated to learn today that my grand-childrens primary school will be having a therapy dog in school from January next year. A Poochon 😲 I assume this is a Poodle/Bichon Frise cross. They’re hoping for 3 days a week. The dog will visit classrooms and he’s to help with children who have a fear of dogs and also children who have emotional problems and problems at home. I thought it was such a lovely idea. He looks very cute and has been chosen because he doesn’t shed hair, so is allergen friendly and won’t affect anyone who may have allergies or asthma.

  5. What a fabulous name. And a lovely looking dog. I hope you do get another four legged friend. Xx

  6. He looks like a lovely dog. We’ll always miss our departed fluffy friends. It’s 7 months since I lost my lovely bichon, Bob, and I think about him every single day.

  7. He looks gorgeous, I think it’s time for another one 🙂 Our two, Rosie and Lucy, are both pretty elderly, we’ve already decided to have about six months with no dog, so we can try the life of impromptu weekends away, then get a working cocker 🙂 Not sure we’ll last six months!!

  8. Joanne S said:

    I think you need another woofer!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. He is gorgeous! You can really see his sweet personality.

    I have a whippet with an Instagram account, @resting_whippet

    She says you definitely need a lovely rescue woofer!

  10. Daisy has completely converted me to loving spaniels, so it’s wonderful to see Montmorency and his antics in the snow. I’m sure your life would be immeasurably better with another dog or two… I’m a complete convert to having two… no more work and it’s lovely to know that they keep each other company when I’m out and have someone to talk ‘dog’ to.

    • As a child we had two dogs at a time, when my parents saw how well my Uncle’s two got on together. We had a springer spaniel for a golden lab. Two complementary characters. I love seeing Daisy in your posts. I look forward to reading more of your dogs in your posts.

  11. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Ahh, isn’t he lovely. My childhood was full of dogs, but I haven’t owned my own. my daughter is keen to get a dog as a pet. We have said maybe next year. We will see.

    • Oh I hope so, I can just imagine the gorgeous pictures you will share. I grew up with dogs too, maybe I can find some pictures. One of my happiest memories from this year has been the doggy cuddles I enjoyed with my son’s dog.

  12. Awww – he was so beautiful – and what a fabulous name! We have them for such a short time and their going leaves a shadow on our hearts that never quite fades away. But it is so worth it isn’t it. It’s been too long since you had a doggo to share with, so yes, it’s definitely time! I went twenty years between dogs and in the end forgot what I was missing – but having Siddy arrive in my life has changed it in every possible way for the better. I distinctly remember not being sure I would survive the whirlwind that arrived however – but even in the midst of the chaos of puppy energy and an urgent need to potty train I knew I had found the new love of my life 🙂 Thank you so much for including him in your lineup Cathy, that made me happy ❤

    • Siddy brings me much joy too, all the way over the globe. Thank you for the posts. I notice that a lot of my favourite blogs are influenced by canines. Oh yes house training, such a difficult time and doggy people make it sound so easy!

  13. What a charmer! But I have to ask, how did his love for Anna Karenina and Dr Zhivago manifest itself…? Did his bark acquire a Russian accent? Did he turn up his nose at all snacks apart from blinis and caviar? Mouse too is able to tell the time, and 6pm never fails to see him sticking a cold wet nose up my bum to remind me that there’s a starving greyhound in the house, followed by the feeding dance when the bowl is travelling from the counter top to the floor…

    • All of the above! Watching both on TV converted him to a love of Russian literature- think it was all the snow! Oh yes dinner time also resulted in the cold conk on my hand, big brown spaniel eyes oozing love, and much spinning. Miss it all still.

  14. Aw! Thank you sooo much for sharing Montmorency with us. He is gorgeous. They never leave our hearts 🙂
    Do hope Mr E agrees to a new woofer very very soon.

  15. Aw – Montmorency looks adorable. You’re obviously missing a canine companion and there’s so many out there at the moment who don’t want to spend winter on a cold concrete floor in an outside kennel in a refuge (or is that just French ones?). You might be specifically wanting another cocker of course so apologies for putting my dog rescue hat on. Here’s hoping you can get round Mr. E.

    • He was a lovely dog, and never happier than being given a task to do, such as removing pigeons from the garden, or giving the neighbours their early morning alarm call.

    • Daisy is a rescue cocker and my friend who fostered her for a few months is currently fostering another… there seem to be lots of them about and Spaniel Aid seem to have some waiitng for homes all of the time.

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