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Windows- December 2019

Time for Wild Daffodil’s window photo challenge,   the December addition.

I took myself for another walk round town on a bright and sunny December afternoon with more than a passing nod to the festival season!

First stop, the beautiful windows of the Beck Isle museum. The building started life as the first purpose built agricultural school in England.

The local newsagent and gift shop’s window. Love the polar bear.

The local yarn and antique shop. They have such amazing treasures in this shop and yarn. Love the roundabaout.

I stopped by the church and loved the sunlight on the stones and window.

The vintage and interiors  emporium!

Station masters hut on the platform of the North York Morrs railway.

And finally, a festive window on the platform.

I hope you have enjoyed my monthly windows, and I look forward to next years photo challenge on the subject of textiles.

Comments on: "Windows- December 2019" (20)

  1. Joanne S said:

    Looks like a wonderful, nostalgic experience. My favorite photo is of the vintage suitcases and decor.

  2. Great photos. I love to see the beauty of winter and that winter sunshine setting the stone aglow is stunning.

    • I’d popped to the church to take a picture of a gravestone . The sunlght on the window and stonework had to be taken and included here.

  3. Lovely celebratory windows! Thank you so much for sharing them with us. 😘

  4. Lovely windows – I love old fashioned Christmas displays – the chain shops don’t even come close with theirs if they even bother.

  5. Some lovely festive windows here — don’t you just love the Christmas displays? Here in Toronto, there used to be elaborate, automated Christmas windows in the major department stores downtown. It was always an annual family treat to go down there and take them all in, and then we’d skate at City Hall. Most of those big stores have gone the way of the dodo, sadly, but now we have a large European-style outdoor Christmas market — which I don’t think I’ll get to this year! (However, we made up for it last weekend with another day trip, which will be my entry for this challenge.)

    • I am looking forward to seeing your windows. I’m off shopping today and looknig forward to seeing the department stores and their windows. Maybe I will have a bonus window!

  6. What beautiful Christmas windows. It’s certainly beginning to look like Christmas 🙂

  7. I love the old suitcases with the ivy pouring out – or is it over – that’s a unique take for those old windows.

  8. Ivy makes everything festive. 🙂 X

  9. I love the reflection in the window with Santa! It looks like there are chairs and a cafe table outside in front of the building in the reflection? Brr do people still sit out for a coffee in your weather? :o) The polar bear window colors are my favorite for this time of year!

    I keep wanting to also tell you Thank You on the heads up about Agatha Christie’s books and Miss Marple. I had no idea. I am now excited to read Agatha Christie! I always loved the book more when I was young and they were adapted to movie. But now a days some books here (USA) are written from/after the show and they are like reading scripts. So depressing.

    I just finished reading Count Arthur Strong’s memoirs. Yes not everyone’s cup of tea. But we are devoted followers! I got the book on CD too because then I can listen with the family rather than chase them down with the book saying “You have to hear this!”

    • From the Santa shop I went to the church then back down past that cafe and there was an elderly lady sitting at one of those tables, huddled up in her coat with a mug of something and a cigarette!
      Agatha Christie writes a jolly good yarn! Not a big fan of Count Arthur Strong, but what a good idea to listen as a family to the CD.

  10. You found some beauties – there are some lovely independent small shops in your town. Love the Polar Bear too! Also love the vintage railway photos. Thanks so much for this month’s entry Cathy and for all your contributions throughout the year. We are going to have fun sharing our textiles next year! 🙂

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