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Scrap Happy November 2019

Not much new scrappiness going on this time as I have mostly been working on the hexie quilt border.

If my calculations are right I have just 21 more hexies to add in varying shades of blue. Plan then is to sew it to a sheet , tie it in places and call it a bed cover!

Joining with Kate and everyone else for Scrap Happy Day here

Comments on: "Scrap Happy November 2019" (33)

  1. We definitely need more images of your quilt. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the quilt in entirety!

  2. The hexie quilt is coming along nicely. You’ll be snuggling in no time.

  3. Nothing to do with hexies but love your Santa and Elf.

  4. Love the hexies! Can’t wait to see it all finished. It will be beautiful!

  5. This is so lovely! I’ve many pieces of fabric but never had the mood to work with them, maybe it can be a project for the holidays!

  6. I can’t wait to see it!

  7. So, a scrap project you’ve been working at for a long time! What a treasure it will be when you finally get to call it finished!

  8. Hexies take forever. Great hear you have only 21 to go. They’re going to make a lovely bed cover.

  9. This is the best kind of thing to do with these older, much-loved-for-their-memories fabrics. Not too much further to go ……

  10. I love this sort of quilt – all the memories in the scraps

  11. Cathy I have been reading all your posts, and keeping up best I can! Life threw me a curve ball in September, health stuff. So I kinda fell out of the conversation loop here and miss that!
    I love Hexi’s too. They remind me of my Scottish Gran. But I have no patience for them. They make me smile though! Can’t wait to see yours finished! I’m loving your color combinations!

  12. oooh can’t wait to applaud when this is finished!

  13. I want to see more of it! You have some lovely vintage fabrics there…

  14. Lots of memories in that quilt I expect. Lovely!

  15. …and what a lovely bed cover it will be 😊

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