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Yarn Along- November 2019

I want to start with the book this month. It is an absolute delight, and all I can suggest is that your read asap, it’s so good. The language is delicious, the pace just right, the characters delightful. If anyone has already read it, would you not agree?

Crochet sees three fans around the centre blocks, three more to go then some more blocks to crochet.

Knitting- here we have the right back and front legs and the start of the right side of a polar bear.

I’m linking as always for this post with Ginny at Small Things for

Yarn Along {November}

Comments on: "Yarn Along- November 2019" (24)

  1. deemallon said:

    Loved the book. How drawn in you get in the beginning when so little happens, really. Just loved it.

  2. The book sounds interesting! The bear feet look great so far

    • Thank you. It is strange that the pattern tells you to sew the legs up while the knitting is still on the needle. I am now shaping the side of his head. Slow and steady progress!

  3. A Gentleman in Moscow is my favorite book ever. I’ve read it 3 ? times..! Love your yarn projects.

  4. I love the look of your crochet!! And always appreciate book recommendations, especially ones that are so enthusiastic!

  5. claire93 said:

    crochet is looking good! polar bear is coming along nicely but must be difficult to knit with that fluffy yarn. And I’ve just added book to my xmas wish list ^^

  6. Have made a note on my phone to look for that book next time I’m in the library, thank you. Also – I love love love your rows of border fans <3. Is it tricky? I'd like to try that the next time I pick up a hook.

  7. Yes! I absolutely loved that book and have recommended it many times. Such a great read 🙂

  8. This book must be very popular here – out of curiosity I put it on order. Hmmm I’m no.26 in the queue! I’ll try again in the new year!
    The polar bear looks very….white😊

  9. Sounds like the book would be good for book group. You can’t knit that polar bear quick enough for me!

    • Yes it would be good for a book group- I had to wait for it at the library because a couple of groups had got there before me. Polar bear is one of those patterns you have to concentrate on, each row is different for the shaping. It’s based on an older pattern from a Woman’s weekly magazine in the days when knitters seem to have been very proficient. I do most of my knitting at night usually but this pattern needs wide awake time during the day.

  10. GREAT book, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

  11. I’ve just reserved the book at the library and find myself third in the queue… Obviously others agree with you 🙂

  12. Thanks for the recommendation.

  13. Sounds yummy. Just requested the audio book.
    Thank you!

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