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November Windows

Wild Daffodil set us the challenge of sharing photos of windows each month- link here

Pickering hosts a war time/ 40s weekend in October, designed to boost visitor numbers to the North York Moors Railway before the end of the season. The town has a population normally of around 11,000, this goes up to 60,000 over this weekend. I am not a fan, but recognise that the businesses which depend on tourism and provide employment need this , and also the local shops do rather well, from antique and charity shops to the butcher who supplies meat to restaurants and cafes. And that means they stay in business for the rest of the year.

It also provides a super set of window displays. I have focused on ones that favour the vintage look rather than the war look.


Salvation Army shop

The North York Moors railway shop and cafe window.

Gift shop

Charity shop- greyhound rescue.

Charity shop- hospice

Last but not least. bakery and cafe ( Bothams,).

Only one more set of windows pictures for this year. Next year we will be turning our attention to textiles on the first Tuesday of each month. Oh boy this will be a good subject.



Comments on: "November Windows" (30)

  1. I would love to pop into each of those shops and they look so inviting. The bakery, I may never come out of because the door would get too small for me. 😉

    • Haha! The door is quite tight as it is, and they have got as many tables as they possibly could in the cafe bit at the back of the shop!

  2. Great displays. Although I’m cringing at the thought of such an influx of visitors. Tourists may be our life blood, but sometimes their sheer numbers ruin the beautiful places they’ve come to enjoy.

    • Some of the locals enjoy the weekend, but most of us hide! Fortunately we had a family event to go too and were well away ths year.

  3. Those are fantastically interesting windows–love the vintage vibe and all the details (and the squirrel on the cake!) And I’m looking forward to participating in Textiles Tuesdays next year!

  4. What a lovely set of windows – they are all timeless. That cake at the end is sumptuous – much more appetizing than what my home town has to offer!
    Thanks so much for joining in this year – you have always found some fascinaitng windows with a story attached.
    I’m so glad you like the idea of Textile Tuesdays.

  5. Wonderful shops and displays. I could pop into each one for something, as I can see from the windows that there is definitely something in there that would be special. Love that leather bag at the Railway Shop.

  6. Those are a wonderful variety of decorated windows, but that cake…..yum!

  7. Lovely windows – I like that cake too. My windows post is still only a task on my list- might just get around to it one day this week whilst we are still in November!

  8. Wonderful windows ~ thank you!
    Would have loved going into all those charity shops, and winding up in the café with a steaming cuppa and something scrummy!

  9. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Great windows. Love the cake.

  10. Window shopping! Sounds fun. I love looking at window displays. Shops take a lot of time to give a great visual of their shop and to invite you in. Great way to get business for the shops. Love the ones you have chosen to share. Especially the cake shop. Yum!

  11. The charity shops really go for it when there’s any sort of event don’t they? When I was in the U.K. just before Halloween, they had all put in a huge effort with their window displays. I entered a ‘guess the name of the wolf’ just to show support but prayed I wouldn’t win it as it was bright pink with a round white tail. I actually think it was a bear on all fours.Thankfully, I didn’t win it but did win the raffle for a hamper full of plastic halloween bits and pieces. Even more thankfully, I’d left for France by then so re-donated it. I think I might have been only one of two people who paid to guess the name of the wolf so it was a lucky escape.

    • Sounds like a very lucky escape! I think some of the best window displays in town are in the charity shops- I notice the Mind shop went from 40’s on the third weekend in October, to halloween for the end of the month and has now turned red for poppy day , that’s some turn around.

  12. claire93 said:

    lovely displays!

  13. Fabulous windows! Love the flags and the hard work that must have gone into assembling them. Fave has to be the cake though!

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