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Jumper fit for a Grandson.

I have a finish, and it’s in the post for my Grandson.

Rather pleased with how I managed to match the yarn around the v neck line. Right it’s Polar Bear time now.

That’s the box, I am knitting the right back leg, be a while I think. Love to know what everyone is knitting/ crocheting at the moment.

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  1. Very lucky recipients! Can’t wait to see the polar bear completed!

  2. As I’ve said before, I do love that yarn, Well done on the finish and extra well done on the neck line.
    Absolutely adore the polar bear pattern. Look forward to the reveal.

  3. The yarn colour changes worked out very well for the jumper. Not doing much myself lately.

  4. The jumper turned out great, he’ll love those colors I bet! The polar bear, so cute. As for me, I am weaving ends and then I have buttons and my cardi is done!

  5. Your grandchildren are certainly the beneficiaries of your talent! I’ll look forward to seeing the bear come to “life”–he’s so cute!

  6. Your grandson really does love bright colours, and I bet he looks as pleased as Punch in this flamin’ gorgeous jumper! Is the polar bear made of fluffy yarn, or do you have to felt him once he’s knitted?

    • The polar bear yarn is called snuggly snowflake and is wonderfully fluffy. Yes T does love bright colours, and I can’t keep up, favourite colour was yellow, now it’s green!

  7. Lovely jumper, looks very snuggly πŸ™‚ Polar bear looks very cute.

  8. What a lovely snuggly jumper. The Polar Bear is going to keep you busy!

  9. The jumper/sweater is gorgeous! Love those colors and I’m sure your grandson will be delighted. Polar Bears are special. I see a lot of work there. It looks like it will be so soft.

  10. A lovely bright jumper, I’m sure your grandson will be thrilled with it. I love the look of the polar bear, I look forward to seeing yours when it’s finished πŸ™‚

    • The bear is a pattern which you think is simple, but you have to concentrate on every row for the shaping! The yarn is very soft and lovely to knit with.

  11. Absolutely ❀️ that sweater!!!
    Am trying to get up energy to put my blue blanket together, but it’s 83 degrees todayβ€”not very conducive to hands in warm yarn.

  12. claire93 said:

    that’s a lovely bright sweater! I’m sure Grandson will be thrilled to bits ^^
    I’m crocheting CAL squares, like Tialys, but have a lot more catching up to do than she does!

    • Is it the same Cal? I don’t like the pressure of the Cals etc, although I am doing the monthly stitchbook, but we have lots of time for that. It is good to be part of a crafting project with others.

      • claire93 said:

        I’m not really joining in as a CAL though. Just downloading free patterns as they come out and will be hooking at my own pace. I don’t have FB or other social media so won’t be part of all the “CAL gossip”.

  13. I’m sure he’ll be chuffed to bits with his lovely jumper.
    Who’s the polar bear for? Are you hoping to have it finished for a Christmas present? He’s adorable.
    I’m trying to keep up with my crochet squares CAL but having to do some during daylight hours which I don’t usually do – sewing is for daytime, crochet and knitting for evenings. I’ll never keep up if I stick to that though.

    • Toddler J will have the Polar Bear, and it should be ready for Christmas, although I gift things when they are done and if a birthday happens to be close then they are held back for the happy event.

  14. Lucky grandson!

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