Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

I am fond of stained glass windows. That’s an understatement, I love stained glass. My favourite of all time is not here in Yorkshire, or even England, but in Germany. The Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church with stained glass by Gabriel Loire, in Berlin, it just left me feeling completely overawed. The photos I took were pre digital camera days, so I took copies of the postcards I bought for this post. The link has much better pictures.

And as such do not do justice to windows at all. Have you visited this church? If you ever go to Berlin, this church is a must I feel.

We visited about 18/19 years ago , I forget. Anyway at the time I was studying on a City and Guilds Creative Embroidery course. These fabulous windows became the inspiration for some of my samples.


Canvas work- and

crazy patchwork with machine embroidery.

Linking this wonderful window to Wild Daffodil’s photo challenge

Comments on: "Window Photo Challenge- October 2019" (20)

  1. Amazingly, I am just now watching a PBS program on J.S. Bach, featuring the musician host playing his violin in front of those windows! I’d never heard of this church or those windows before, and now I’ve seen them twice in one week!

  2. That is a serious stained glass window Cathy. You would have loved the Patchwork Quilt exhibition my wife took me to the other day.

  3. SO interesting to see your work, inspired by those amazing windows! Everything is really gorgeous!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing both unusual-to-me stained glass but your fibre interpretations. Fabulous!!!

  5. Clearly those windows made a big impression on you. I like how you interpreted them in so many different ways.

  6. Beautiful! Love your canvas work too.

  7. Fabulous window and love the inspiration you gleaned from it. You’re right stained glass is fab. One of my friends has the most beautiful stained glass window on her staircase. I must take a pic and share one day.

  8. What inspiration came from those windows!

  9. Oh how gorgeous Cathy. I have never been to Berlin, but if I go I will definitely go see this window. Thank you for including your textile work – I love how you followed the theme and particularly like the canvas work. 🙂
    Thanks so much for your entry to the Challenge, it is the stories behind the photos that make it such fun each month. ❤

    • I agree that the stories that led to the photo are just as good as the pictures. This window was so beautiful, it really effected me, I stood in wonder and was moved to tears. It is next to a church that was bombed during the second world war. As for berlin, we loved it, even our then 12 year old son loved the city… do put it on the bucket list.

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