Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Knitting in progress.

Thought I might share my current knitting, rather than wait for the TahDah moment. It’s only the front so far, but I am very pleased with the cables and I only had to frog it once.

The back and sleeves are just stocking stitch so progress might be swift.Β  Jumper for Master T. I was rather pleased as it is a new King cole party time pattern and it goes up to 30 inches chest, which Master T now needs. Why oh why are there so few patterns for this age group and boys?

I received a knitting yarn catalogue in the post, and there was not one pattern for a boy, and no pictures of boys, other than babies.

Another lovely September day here, maybe I shall go for a walk and enjoy the fresh air.

Love to know what project you are working on today.

Be Happy,


Comments on: "Knitting in progress." (30)

  1. Love the colours, you are really inspired by the Autumn!

  2. I love the colours in this. My sisters are knitters and I am always fascinated how those balls of yarn work when the colour changes through them. To be knitting in general absolutely fascinates me. I’ve never even managed to even make a scarf!

    • Thank you, the colurs are great fun to work with and I love this yarn. I can’t imagine not knitting now, but I well recall the struggles I had as a child.

  3. Colorful and chunky. Perfect!

  4. Very lovely! I bet he wears it all the time!

    Today I worked on a baby blanket I am knitting… tedious, but it grows.

  5. Wow! I love the way this pattern works with the variegated yarn. Looking forward to the Ta Da! Moment.

  6. That’s a beautiful chunky cable pattern! And the colors are too much fun–I’m sure he’ll love this. We’re having “sweater weather” here, too, and I keep thinking I need to get the woolies out of storage!

    • It’s certainly change overtime in my wardrobe, short sleeve blouses and tops going away and think jumpers coming out. I like the changeover of clothing that marks the change of seasons, greeting old friends, and wondering why I didn’t wear something more often.

  7. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Just love the colours

  8. Oh that’s not fair that there were no boy patterns! I love your sweater though!

  9. Wow, that’s a brilliant colour combo, and just think, you’d never lose him in a shop wearing that! Hard to think that up there, you’re starting to think about winter woollies; here, the temperatures are starting to climb, and we’re terribly dry. Time for the monsoon, even though it’s a few months away…

  10. That’s a cheerful colour palette for a little ‘un. I think you have a winner here! I’m mastering Celtic crochet here and working on a poncho. The first ten rows have been frogged either six or seven times – but now i know what I’m doing πŸ™‚

  11. Looks like it’s going to be a great jumper. All those cables! Such a happy colour mix. I am a bit under the weather so happy to be knitting my cardigan rather than crochet. Might finish it soon.

  12. What a scrummy wild sweater that’s going to be! Am deep in a couple of days of cooler temps and am trying to get out a bit and enjoy lower humidity before it closes in again this weekend. So have not been doing needly things lately. 😒 I miss it but will get back to my projects in another month. Or two… πŸ™„

    • Much better to get out and about when you can. All too soon we will be huddled indoors keeping warm. We took a little trip this afternoon and had a stroll round the castle and then an ice cream. 23C , just perfect. Some more knitting tonight.

  13. That looks gorgeous Cathy – for a minute I thought you’d knitted a fair isle pattern. 😱 That way madness lies. Much better to use a yarn that does it for you isn’t it?
    I am crocheting away on a shawl (to be worn as a scarf probably) in a Scheepjes Whirl so I’m using a yarn that changes colour for me. We are so sensible.
    I’m hurrying up with it because my yarn pack arrived today for a CAL that starts next week and I want to get the shawl out of the way so I can concentrate.

    • I have knitted fairisle once or twice, but it is very time consuming. Master T loves his multi coloured jumpers, so as long as I can find a pattern to fit and boy appealing yarn, then I will keep knitting them.
      I have a whirl somewhere and a pattern, but when do I ever knit for me?
      I shall look forward to your big reveal.
      How exciting to be waiting for the postman/husband perhaps, with a box of yarn. I expect you will enjoy the CAL enormously.
      Have a good weekend.

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