Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

A Beautiful Butterfly.

My sons loved the story of The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. The caterpillar eats an array of highly odd foods for a caterpillar before becoming a chrysalis and then a Beautiful Butterfly.  A few years ago now I bought a quilt panel of the Hungry Caterpillar, and thanks to my quilting lessons I have now finally made a quilt for Toddler J as he progresses to his first size proper bed.

I sourced fabric for the back and some green for the binding.

Blood , sweat and a few bad words were heard, but the corners are mitred and I did manage the join ALL BY MYSELF. I’m just not giving you a close up!

Quilting was kept simple, the two box shapes and the butterfly and caterpillar.

I feel incredibly proud of myself!

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  1. Oh! I am sure Baby J will cherish this quilt. I have a rag doll my great grandmother made me (she was in her 80’s; I was in high school). She couldn’t see well, her fingers were stiff, but non the less, it is a beautiful hand-sewn rag doll. Congrats on completing this quilt!!

  2. Your enthusiasm for quilting is so amazing–it reminds me how I felt, early on in a new craft, and lets me feel that way again, through you! Your quilt is super sweet and will be treasured.

  3. You should be proud!! It’s beautiful! A story loved by every toddler and parent 😉 It will look great on the toddler bed. Great job!!

  4. My kids loved this story too! I’ve kept the book in my bookcase! You did a wonderful job!

  5. Well done, it looks fabulous 🙂

  6. that’s a finished quilt to be proud of Cathy! Funnily enough, I used fabric from the VHC collection when I made the quilt for birth of Baby Viking. It was one with lots of stars all over it in the rainbow colours.

    • Isn’t it lovely to have babes to make presents for !

      • it is, although it does mean less time crafting for other members of the family. I need to get my thinking cap on (and my skates) and start on xmas gift crafting . . . have a few ideas already.

  7. LOVE IT! All those caterpillars did make me smile. I do love the illustrations of The Very Hungry caterpillar, but it’s always puzzled me why it’s such a big hit. Personally i find it very annoying and lacking.

    • Well one of the reason’s for its popularity is its easily memorised, and so you can read the story whilst having a little nap! I perfected reading several stories with my eyes shut. And the children memorise it too and join in, and you do get a BEAUTIFUL butterfly at the end. Anyway thanks for the comment. I was thrilled to track the caterpillar fabric for the backing.

      • Ha ha! I can still recite word for word many books I read to the girls. Including the doggie one about the days of the week, which I quote the relevant part of to LH whenever he asks what day it is…
        Monday run day
        Tuesday snooze day
        Wednesday Friends day
        Thursday Grrrs day
        Friday tie day
        Saturday splatter day
        Sunday bun day!

  8. Way to go, Cathy!!! What a gorgeous quilt! I love the butterfly and the backing is so perfect I’d be hard pressed to decide which is cuter, front or other front. 😉 Your little boy and his little ‘un should both love this! (And I didn’t see an imperfect stitch anywhere.)

  9. I’m so intrigued to see this, both because it’s beautiful but also because I’ve never seen the butterfly print before. I knit VHCs for all new babies of my acquaintance (probably more for the parents’ pleasure 🙂 ), and they all love it when they are old enough to enjoy the story- so I am quite sure your grandson will be enchanted with his VHC quilt!

  10. That’s fabulous! Well done 🙂

  11. Well! He’s going to love it of course – who wouldn’t?

  12. As a former toddler, I would have loved it. It’s beautiful. I don’t mind anymore if people see my not so perfect stitching. It’s at least stitching and you can’t get better if you don’t keep trying. 😉 He’s going to be delighted at all the bright colors and one day understand how much love went into this.

  13. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    And so you should be, it is wonderful! Well done.

  14. When we are learning a new craft, every item made is a step forward – it’s all experience! I love this quilt and I bet everybody who sees it will too. I think it is more important to count the love put into something than the imperfections xo

  15. What a beautiful quilt! Toddler J is very lucky!

  16. What a beautiful quilt Cathy! I love everything about it! The size is perfect and the artwork lovely! Baby J will love this quilt as he grows!

  17. How wonderful, my children loved the story too. I am sure ToddlerJ will love it. So much more special because you made it.

    • It is a great story and I love the way all children join in at the end with the Beautiful Butterfly and often a happy sigh! I hope Toddler J likes it. Otherwise I expect the dog will!

      • The dog! Too funny Cathy! When my Gran retired in the 1970s she learned to crochet. And of course the very first afghan went to my father, her only child. Who then promptly gave it to his dog! (German Shorthair) Somehow Gran saw a picture of the dog laying on the afghan and she was furious! From then on it was “Yes, I’ll make you an afghan if you don’t give it to the dog!” I still have two. ;o) And no dogs ever touched them!

  18. And so you should. You’ve created an heirloom, all the more impressive because you haven’t been making quilts all your adult life. So, has it put you off, or encouraged you to do more?

    • I have the rail fence quilt to finish, I am determined to do this and the hexie one, then I have a few smaller projects to do, which is probably where I should have started!

      • Great! It hasn’t put you off. You’re becoming a proper quilter, with a WIP list (and maybe some future UFOs). Now for the fabric stash, to complement your yarn stash!

  19. You should be proud of yourself! It looks great:)

  20. You should be VERY proud! Toddler J is going to love this!

  21. Hi, you have every right to feel proud – it looks great and I hope the little one likes it.

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