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September Windows- 2019

This month’s window comes from St Mary’s Church in Fairford.

My Mother’s family hailed from these parts several generations ago. I can imagine that this window may have scared them a little,

The glass is old and somehow escaped the distruction of many windows in the reformation.

Now that window doesn’t look scary , but it is, the devil being in the detail, in the bottom right hand corner.

It’s called a doom window! More information on these windows can be found here

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Comments on: "September Windows- 2019" (19)

  1. Even looking at pictures of church windows brings that musty smell of churches to my nostrils!

  2. Wow! It’s a majestic church, more like a castle!

  3. Beautiful stained glass, though the devil does look a bit scary – I suppose he’s meant to 🙂

  4. I can not even imagine how huge the church windows are!! You could spend a whole day looking at them and not see everything! The devil is quite a surprise! But then he is a big part of God’s story! Like Kathy says- how could he give up God’s great favor?

  5. I was just reading about Satan this morning. To think he was once the most beautiful and wise of all the angels of heaven…the artist was definitely keen on illustrating the ugliness of sin!!

  6. Love stained glass windows. Looks a very interesting one. The devil is very fearsome.

  7. The balance of dark and light – they must hav had such fun creating those monsters.

  8. Very spooky. Just in case the congregation was thinking about blasphemy, gin and fornication I suppose.

    • Or practising the above. I have a copy of a will for a distant gt grandparent, about 10 generations in which she disinherits one of her sons Allan for being a bad lad, she should have sent him down to the church to mend his ways.

  9. I don’t think I’d’ve noticed that without your help–those two panels on the right are creepy!

  10. That is scary – otherwise a beautiful and colourful window.

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