Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Monkey Business!

“Who’s that down there, saying who’s that up there?”

“Who’s that up there saying who’s that down there?”

Any ideas anyone?

Comments on: "Monkey Business!" (40)

  1. LOL. These comments have me in stitches. He/she/them is a lively looking fellow/a/monkey. 😀

  2. Wonderful work, Cathy. I’m glad he’s found a comfortable spot to hang out in. 🙂

  3. What a delightful monkey, love the colour and the yarn looks so soft and cuddly 🙂

  4. Your monkey put such a smile on my face today. Then I read the comments about gender reassignment and laugh all over again. He/she/they are adorable!!! Whoever ends up with this is so lucky. What a happy creation. 😉

  5. Oh he’s gorgeous! I knew he was a boy right away! Nah- he doesn’t need a girlfriend, but he does need a friend! I can not wait to see who it could be! Cathy you are so creative!

    • Thanks Elizabeth. He is great fun. I really enjoyed making him. The pattern was well written and the yarn lovely to knit with.

  6. claire93 said:

    monkey looks loads of fun and I’m sure Master J will think of a name for him.

  7. I truly laughed out loud when I saw him, Cathy! Handsome fella!

  8. He’s gorgeous, love the colour 🙂

  9. Ooh, a very cuddly monkey indeed. Will he be going to live with somebody small?

  10. What a lovely monkey! He’s obviously happy whatever he’s up to.

  11. It’s the Grape Ape!!!!

  12. An adorable creature!

  13. What a lovely soft-looking cuddly monkey.

  14. He’d look great in a monkey puzzle tree too. 🙂

  15. Maybe you *should* buy more yarn in another colour, and knit him a girlfriend. I bet there’d be less of all that hanging about in trees pondering on life, the universe and everything… 🙂

  16. He’s definitely on the look out for a pal.

  17. And I thought it was a girl! Must be the colour 🙂 Either way absolutely gorgeous!! And beautifully posed ❤ Mandy Monkey comes to mind ………..

  18. Aw! LOVE HIM! He’s so huggable 🙂

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