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Scrap Happy August- 2019

This is Baby J playing with the fabric ball I made him in May last year.

And Baby J loved his ball and played with it a lot, until he took it to a wedding at which his brother and cousin lost it under a stage. So what to do but make another one.

But with different scraps. The Stanley dog was used in my first quilt this year.

And this was in the place mat I made For Baby J.

And does anyone remember where the camels went?

Apparently he hasn’t noticed its not the same ball.

I was inspired by Kate last month to dig out my hexie quilt from the gone into the cupboard pile of projects. As I already felt it was big enough I was now adding a blue border of many hues. Now Kate said taking out the paper shapes made it easier to work with , so I did.

That’s a lot of hexies.

I’ve added blue hexies to one long side and two corners.

So many memories in just this little corner, there’s fragments from a skirt for me, a picture frame, several cushions and wall hangings, three dresses for Little Miss F, a wall hanging for Master T, a mug rig for Ms J,wedding bunting and pieces from my dear MIL. I am determined to finish this one day.

Please visit the other blogs for more Scrap Happiness. Linking with Kate just in case the links below don’t work.


Comments on: "Scrap Happy August- 2019" (48)

  1. Joanne S said:

    That Stanley dog is probably my favorite. Isn’t it nice to look upon your quilt and relive all those memories? I’m tempted to sew a quilt of the few baby clothes from my daughters. Another project on the to-do list. 🙂

  2. claire93 said:

    love the hexie ball, and your hexie quilt is going to be magnificent!

  3. Lovely memories, Cathy, and more to come!

  4. dezertsuz said:

    Everyone needs a hexagon project to work on every few months … or years! I’ve been working since about 1986, and it’s about 3 x 4 feet now. =) To be fair, the sides are 3/4″ (because no one said I should use bigger ones!), so it takes a lot … and months and sometimes years go by when I don’t work on it. Yours looks wonderful and large and nearly finished! Kudos!

    • Oh my that is long time for your hexie project, I do hope you finish it one day so you can enjoy the memories and your handiwork.

  5. Love the fabric ball.
    I have been tempted to use up my scraps using hexies but so far have resisted.

  6. Scrappiness is so awesome for bringing back memories:). Your quilt is looking awesome and the ball is wonderful

  7. I love how you know the origin of so many of the hexie scraps – I can imagine the family snuggling under it on a winter’s evening sharing stories and reminiscing over one corner or strip………… It’s a wonderful heirloom piece!

  8. Oh my gosh!! All of those little hexies make me smile! And so many memories for you. It is awesome!

  9. You were very prolific and productive this month! And I love how you are both reminiscing from your hexie scraps, and planting new memories for a younger generation. Someday Baby J will say, “Oh, camels — I had a ball with those camels when I was a kid!”

  10. Your hexies look brilliant. I really wouldn’t have the patience.
    Do you put a bell in the middle of the ball? xx

  11. Looking great, and how exciting to be bordering this quilt of memories!

  12. What a great story — love the new ball you made for baby J! Wow to the hexi scrappy beauty!

    • Thank you. Secretly I was quite pleased the first one was lost, someday it will be found and maybe played with again, and meantime I was able to make another one when I thought I had probably made my last.

  13. I love the fabrics in that new ball–so much for little eyes to feast on! And yay for getting back to that hexie quilt. You had SO much already finished and it’s beautiful, as well as full of happy thoughts. Carry on!

    • It’s turning out to be the perfect thing to do at the moment, when I’m too tired to concentrate on my knitting or crochet.

  14. Such a lot of work in that hexi quilt… and such a lot of memories. I do love the way that these scrappy projects hold so many memories.

    • Lovely memories, not only from my projects stretching back to the dawn of time, but also from my MILs stash and from a lady I worked with in a fabric shop 20 years ago.

  15. I think the camels look familiar, and you used them in that fabulous block you made for the Go Teal it on the Mountain quilt, the one with the camels and the pyramid! Your hexie quilt is looking great, and you’ve explained perfectly why quilts like this are fun to make: you revisit all the projects the scraps come from! When the time comes to back the quilt top to turn it into a coverlet, do get in touch as I have some tips that might help.

    • That’s right Kate the camels were in my Atlas mountain! It was such a good tip from you to take the papers out, it is so much easier to handle now, and I have the paper templates to make my final hexies with. Yes please, I will email for those tips, thank you, you are so kind.

      • I have some hexie papers that have been through a load of different quilts; I don’t throw them out till the corners go soft and there are more perforations than solid paper!

        • I know that look. Some of mine had been bent and ripped in half when I removed them.

          • There’s a trick to how you sew the fabric to the papers, if that’s how you do it; use the least number of stitches. I prefer stitching fabric to paper as I feel it gives me sharper points, but lots of people prefer stitching the fabric *around* the papers without going through. Doesn’t work so well for me…

            • Yes I go through the papers too. The edges look like you had mini pinking shears to them.

            • Baste through the papers only when you’re attaching the fabric to them. When you’re stitching hexies edge to edge, try to only go through a couple of threads on the very edge, rather than through the papers themselves. It’ll make taking the papers out much easier. Or am I teaching my granny to suck eggs?

  16. What a lovely story. So glad he got a new ball. Your quilt looks amazing so much work.

  17. I remember where the camels went, I also remember the cowboys and, of course, Stanley the dog as I have one of those myself – although he’s black, not white, and is ‘Stan’ most often. Amazing how little scraps of fabric can bring back so many memories and your hexies are looking really good. Will you leave the edges zigzaggy (probably a made up word) or will you straighten them up somehow?

  18. I love how each scrap is a little memory, that makes things so special.

  19. What a lot of wondrous Scrap Happiness. Some beautiful fabrics in there. Did the camel go to Teal Land in the Antipodes?

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