Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

A yarny life is a strange one. You spot a project, fall in love with it, acquire pattern and yarn and realise you can’t start it just yet on account of all the Work In Progress and the Not Yet Started and the Relegated Things in the back of the cupboard because you just got fed up pile.

So you make some wonderful resolutions.

Number one- Use Stash (that’s the leftover yarn and the yarn you just had to have but have no idea what to make with it)

Number Two- Complete all work in Progress

Number Three- decide what to do with the Relegated Bags in the cupboard, because you could really use the space and they make you feel miserable.

Number Four- Make the Not Yet Started things.

Number Five- Reward self with lovely new things to make.

Only I discovered it doesn’t quite work that way. At least for me. I was very good at the leftover yarn pile- blankets etc for charity. However I hardly noticed the space I created.

Work in progress, was all right till I got to the Christmas project, who does Christmas at Easter- hid that in bag in Guest bedroom.

Relegated projects- one went to a charity shop, the rest remain hidden.

Which took me to the not yet started, and the realisation that what seemed like a top notch project had not been started for some very good reasons- like the yarn is weird or the pattern is hard. and a gradual realisation that the yarny mojo had just plain gone.

But emails from yarn companies continued to arrive. I looked at the little fellow who had popped up from the Knitting Network and followed the link last week.

I just have to make him! But wait there is a wonderful quite small crochet blanker kit too which I fancy, well it will make the postage more worthwhile if I order two projects.

I can hardly wait but if I am quick I can just finish the cushion which I have been slowly plodding with a row at a time. The thing with it was I could see that it was not going to look like the picture on the pattern. I had already frogged it once. ..Never mind I got to the end, and no it doesn’t look like the picture on the pattern at all.

But hey it’s a squashy cushion. And meantime my package has arrived. Hurrah. And oh my another eamil has popped into the inbox, another James Brett pattern for the party time yarn, the wonderful bright colours which Master T adores and look this pattern just goes up to a 30″ chest which he is now, Hurrah, order sent for this…

Is the mojo returning?

I start to crochet the granny squares, I dig out another project from the not yet started pile which I should do before the Polar bear. All is good again. It turns out this one is not weird at all, it’s rather nice. Yarn love has returned.


Have you ever decided to finish things and go on a yarn diet only to loose the love you feel for all things yarn? Or is it just me?

As it is Yarn Along time here is the book I just started, I think it’s going to be a good one.

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Comments on: "Falling in love with yarn again." (47)

  1. handmade by amalia said:

    I’ve never fallen out of love with yarn but, if I’m honest, I’ve never stopped buying. It is becoming ridiculous. I’m glad you’re enjoying it again and finishing projects, everything you’ve shown us today is lovely.

  2. I have just update my UFO list (including some repair jobs that have been added) and it’s slid to over 20, I so relate to your order of doing things – it really made me smile x

  3. Lol…this post made me laugh…the yarny life is just like that!

  4. No, it’s just you….. πŸ˜‰

  5. Oh my goodness, Cathy. I have those same feelings. It sounds like we are both a mess. πŸ™‚ Hugs, Tamara

  6. Oh I can relate to everything you have said! I have been trying to finish the 10 cross stitch WIP’s and to get everything off of my knitting needles and crochet hooks. I was doing well. Only 1 crochet project now and 1 knitting project. Woo Hoo! But then the I-75 Yarn Crawl happened and so far I have visited 8 knitting shops and have added way too much yarn to my already overflowing stash. I plan on visiting at least 3 more shops tomorrow before it is all over on Sunday and I am sure I will not be able to leave each shop without at least one skein of beautiful yarn that I just can’t live without, LOL My new mind thinking is that I will have lots to keep me busy this winter πŸ˜‰ I love your beautiful granny squares! I still want to make some. I’m glad your yarn love has returned ❀ Happy stitching πŸ™‚

  7. This made me laugh so much as I can so relate to it! Fabric swops at sewing meet-ups are a great way of off loading those fabrics I look at and wonder what was I thinking!!!

  8. Now I may have to make that polar bear, he is just too cute! Glad your yarny ❀️ has returned.

  9. Weaving Simplicity said:

    I totally relate. I’m finishing up my summer weaving projects and getting ready for fall. 😊

  10. I sort of think of this as “a time for every purpose under heaven”–sometimes it’s time for one project, then another, and sometimes, maybe, it’s not time for any. I’m glad to hear you’re feeling the call of the fiber again . . .

  11. I think your cushion might look a bit more like the photo with a bigger pad inside? And the polar bear is completely gorgeous and OF COURSE you have to make him. I don’t have a yarn problem, and I’m fighting my fabric problem, but those bits of gorgeousness always slip through, don’t they?

    • I think you could be right about a bigger pad, rather than the size the pattern called for, also the attachment by the button is completely different in their picture compared to the instructions. I wonder if they pinned it at the back for photo purposes?

  12. Same here – all the time.

    • found you! Reassuring to know that I am not the only one to come across projects I had forgotten about in the back of cupboards.

  13. I do like that polar bear! I’ve become like you! I have half completed projects lying about all over the place and a growing pile of yarn collections for projects that may or may not ever be started…… do we need an intervention?

  14. claire93 said:

    I totally agree, you have GOT to make that polar bear, he is toooooooooo cute!

  15. I can see that happening! I like the cushion, looks comfy! It is so nice to have various projects to work on! πŸ™‚

  16. It is a very good one indeed! Enjoy it.

  17. I can just picture you squirreling away caches of yarny projects all over the house (and discovering them by accident weeks or months or years later). I hope you’ve got your mojo back – you really must make that bear!

  18. Lol!!! Sounds so much like me!!! Funny… I posted my Yarn Along link then decided to chose someone else’s to look at and I chose yours without realising it was yours!!!

  19. I definitely get not-started projects that I put on the back burner because something better comes along. My cardigan was like that for a long time and even now I had meant it for this summer but with all the blanket creation I am still on the second sleeve. 😦

  20. Sounds like my daughter. I think anyone who creates is like that. I am with fabric.

  21. Your Yarny process sounds all too familiar. I’m glad you have found your Mojo, as if you are anything like me, life just doesn’t feel right if you don’t have an enjoyable project on the go.

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