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Peacock on the roof!

When you live in a small market town , gateway to the North York Moors, in a street, near a school and fields, you do not expect to hear a peacock.

But that is indeed a peacock on the neighbours roof! He stayed for an hour and then left. Where he came from and where he went I do not know!

So what do you think of that?

Comments on: "Peacock on the roof!" (43)

  1. Wow, not what you expect to see out of the blue. πŸ™‚ We have peacocks at our local tip in Clitheroe. No one is sure how they first got there but they’ve been there since I was a child. Trust posh Clitheroe to have peacocks at the tip. πŸ˜‰

  2. Gosh! a real peacock. If it was a thatched cottage you’d think it was a decoration.

  3. A wonderful guest.

  4. What a great visitor to have had! I’m sure there have been lots of theories on where he came from where he went!

    • It has occurred to me that the most likely possibility would be Flamingo Land, but that must be five miles away as a crow/peacock flies!

  5. I used to walk home through Battersea Park in London every day, past the peacock enclosure there, and indeed, the screams and shouts were epic. If that had been a thatched roof, I’d have said, beautiful traditional peacock design by the thatcher…

  6. thoughts36 said:

    It’s weird isn’t it to see a peacock out of context so to speak. I remember a couple of years ago driving down a road near us and there seemed to be a gathering of people all staring up at the roof of a house. I followed their gaze to see a peacock strutting it’s stuff on the rooftop. No clue as to where it came from and never seen it since.

  7. How funny is that! Something not seen that often. Good that you spotted it!

  8. That’s not something you see every day! We don’t have peacocks here–I’m not sure where the closest one would be . . . I imagine it’s just too cold here.

  9. Loud! We hear them in the distance and their call seems to carry miles.

  10. Well you learn something every day – I always thought peacocks were flightless birds as I’ve only ever seen them on the ground. I love seeing creatures in unexpected places so that would have made my day πŸ™‚

  11. Bet you didn’t think you’d be seeing that when you woke up that morning!

  12. What a wonderful surprise. I bet you felt good all day after that.

  13. Ha! I follow a wonderful farm blog written by a kiwi living in Illinois and her peacock has been in hiding for a while now. It’s nesting season I think so your neighbor may have a similar situation. They go walkabout at certain times of the year and then wander home again, hopefully. Very interesting. πŸ™‚

    • Now maybe that’s it, looking for a mate. We do have a resident pheasant which escaped from the shooting estate and has lurked in the neighbourhood for about 18 months now. A place of safety for all.

  14. claire93 said:

    I bet that livened up the day lol

  15. That is so funny!

  16. How lovely – not quite so keen on the racket they make though!

  17. Well then! That’s an unusual start to the day or evening!

    • Both as it happens The night before I heard that miorw noise and said to Mr E, if I didn’t know better I’d have said there was a peacock outside. Following morning, open curtains, heard it again and there it was!

  18. I think it is wonderful!!

  19. Where my mum used to live in Guiseley there were several peacocks wandering free round the estate of bungalows, escaped from somewhere years before, my mum used to like seeing them, though it was somewhat alarming when one landed on the conservatoy roof! After several years a neighbour complained about the noise and a new home was found for them all 😦

    • What a good story. When we lived in Thornton Dale peacocks would come in the garden from the nearby Hall Hotel, now a care home with no peacocks. I really have no idea where this one appeared from!

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