Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Rhayader, Wales

I thought I would share some photos of the little town we stayed near, and a riverside walk we took.

That’s the clock tower in the centre of Rhayader. In conversation with a local I was asked if I realised it wasn’t a roundabout. Of course I said it’s a crossroads. He replied he wished someone hade told the HGV lorry which tried to turn his enormous lorry round it.

I loved the white houses on this turning.

Down to the river then.

Is that bench not the perfect place to rest a while. Fortunately there were several benches on our side too.

Look at that view.

Can’t beat a rusty gate and  some undergrowth.

Unless it’s foxgloves. I must grow some next year, they are just stunning.

The weather this weekend looks set to be lovely again in the UK, hopefully the sun will shine on us all everywhere, at least for some of the time. Do you have plans for going outside? Guess what- we have another wedding. Getting to be like buses!

Be Happy,



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  2. Looks like a nice little place, I love the views and the white cottages 🙂

  3. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Lovely. We were in Wales last week so will do a couple of posts on our visit too.

  4. Mrs Jane Halvey said:

    Looks a lovely place. just a quick note foxgloves are biennials so if you want them to flower next year you need to sow some seed as soon as possible so that you can get far sized plants to plant out this autumn for flowers next year.. have a great week end and fun at the wedding.

  5. Looks like a lovely place to visit. Enjoy your wedding. Same hat?

    • They actually got married six months ago in New Zealand, whilst doing a grown up gap year. This is just the party, so no swanky pants hat, just my new sunhat!

  6. Some lovely weather and views for you. Another wedding? Tis the season I guess!

  7. Beautiful photos. It’s been very hot and humid here, but the weekend is supposed to be better. Still working on unpacking boxes for the basement. Less humidity will be good for going through those boxes in the garage this weekend. Have a wonderful weekend.

  8. Foxgloves feature heavily in the hedgerows and wild fields of Wales. They are such a wonderful sight along with cow parsley and red campion. Another curiosity is laburnum in the Spring hedgerow which light up field edges magnificently! We had never seen laburnum in English hedgerows.

    We have a mix of wild and cultivated foxgloves in the garden – the wild being blow-ins from the hedgerows!

    • I bet those foxgloves look lovely in your garden. I’ve certainly not seen laburnum in hedgerows, I imagine it looks rather wonderful.

  9. We can’t grow foxgloves down here, I miss them almost as much as bluebells.
    It’s too hot to go out again – I’m wishing it would drop back down to the mid 20s again which is my preferred temperature.

  10. When I’ve walked in the UK, I’ve always been so enthralled with the foxgloves, just growing wild. I’ve got a couple here but they’re yellow and not very reliable, in terms of blooming. It was lovely to share the walk with you!

  11. Oh, what lovely countryside to meander through! and another wedding! Turning into an eventful summer for you. Enjoy it all!

  12. Beautiful photos. Looks like a wonderful town.

  13. It looks beautiful, thanks for sharing

  14. I’m glad I saw this drop into my inbox just as I was about to sign off for the evening Cathy. The views are beautiful (as are those white houses on the corner) I could do with a sunny ramble in a flower bedecked countryside about now. I’m over winter! Have a good wedding!

    • Winter has only just started, as summer has here. Looking forward to the wedding, no responsibilities for this one.

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