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Friday Natter!

Family dramas abound this month, can’t say much but I had to go to Wales last weekend, not good. But life goes on whatever.

The wedding of my youngest son is rapidly approaching now. I am rehearsing my reading and trying very hard not to over dramatise the word “woe”. It’s in Ecclesiates, 4,v 9-12 , but you need the King James version to find the word woe! I love the idea of people needing people, it’s apt for my family at the moment, well for all of us. Don’t know where I would be without my fellow bloggers.

I still don’t have a hat, I may go hat less this time. At least I persuaded Mr E he needed a new shirt and tie, well I went out and got him them.

And as if that is not quite enough stress, Mr E decided he needs a new to him car…. All I want to say on that score is that it is not a good idea for a sales person to keep vanishing when selling a car, nor to to focus on features within a car which are unusable/inappropriate to the purchaser.

Enough- knitting, virtually none, sewing ditto. But I can tell you about my quilting class. And it turns out that sometimes a poor workwoman can blame her tools. Or that the 1/4 inch foot I was using that I assumed was supposed to wobble about like it has done since I first attached it, is not supposed to wobble about at all, just needed tightening. What a difference.

I even persuaded Mr E to help me change the needle, I know high time I changed it after 6 years , but scary. I got the old one off with ease but for the life of me couldn’t see where to put the new one. Fortunately for me MIL had shown him on numerous occasions as she was a prolific dress maker. And what a difference a new needle made too.

So the border fabric is attached and I am doing the quilting bit now. I reckon learning to quilt is like learning to drive. Terrifying when you haven’t a clue what you are doing, wonderful when you acquire the skills and highly enjoyable when you just sit down and do it. Please tell me it will be like this….

My tablet has gone off for repairs, back next week, which will make it easier to read all my favourite blogs, so sorry I haven’t been able to comment as much as usual.

There is more I could tell you about, but it’s early days still.

So to finish, no lovely pictures of things I made, but a rather jolly

Lion. Isn’t he just gorgeous.

So what are your plans for the weekend? I shall be hat hunting I reckon . Do please join in the natter.

Be Happy,



Comments on: "Friday Natter!" (22)

  1. Hope you are ok Cathy? x

  2. Hope all is well with the family, and the week is coming along just nicely.
    Lovely lion, different to what I have seen.
    Happy hat hunting, that sounds like fun too.
    Take care. xx

  3. Lovely Lion.
    Sorry to hear you’ve so much family and other stress going on. Hope things get sorted soon.
    Silly question, but didn’t the new needle go back on where the old needle came out?

  4. Wonderful new experiences with your sewing machine, and at little expense-hurrah! πŸ˜‰ Americans don’t seem to be as hat-wearing as ladies across the pond, so haven’t any suggestions for you that haven’t already been made. Just hope you can enjoy yourself and the drama will soon be confined to telly & film rather than personal experience. By all means, pamper yourself as much as you can because you deserve the love! 😘 😘

  5. 6 years on one needle?! I never thought you were the kind of person to go around doing shocking things, but I am utterly shocked!

    I don’t change my rotary blade with each new project as your teacher suggested, but I do change my needle for each project. It’s a mental signal that “Okay, now we have really started!”

    I hope all your family drama calms down and you can get back to peaceful pursuits.

  6. Joanne S said:

    I find the hat wearing business very interesting. Would it be so terrible to NOT wear a hat?!? Maybe you should start a new trend. πŸ™‚ I think that you need to take some time and pamper yourself. It is allowed.

  7. There’s been great mechanical progress with your equipment this week, so glad it made a difference. Just remember perfect ions doesn’t happen this side of heaven so enjoy the process of learning! Sorry to hear about the drama, hang in there. I think making a head piece sounds like a great idea if you want to try it. Instead of shopping you could be making, sounds more relaxing. This weekend I am working at my new summer part time job. I am cleaning cottages at the family campground across the pArk, so a lovely walk there and back, and a bit of extra cash during the summer slow down (for piano lessons).

  8. That Lion is so creative! I could stare at it all day! LOL! What a beautiful scene it has!

    The same needle 6 years!! Oh my!! However did you sew! I break needles at least once every few months!! That must have been a well made needle! And replacing them is really a challenge, even when I could see well! Well done Mr E!

    Ecclesiastes is my favorite book in the bible!! I was gobsmacked (I watch too much british TV ;o) the first time I read it! (in my 30s)

    I inherited my Gran’s 2 hats! The years, dust and such have nearly killed them. No hat boxes. Here in the US hats went out so long ago. My Grandpa wore a fedora. I think men looked so handsome in them! I love how you convinced Mr E on a new shirt and tie!

    I’m sorry to hear about your family drama. I hope you find something really creative to do to keep your mind off of it for a while and enjoy your creativity! :o) Sending happy thoughts your way! (((HUG))) Wish we could have a coffee!

  9. Interesting choice of reading but I can see why it works well for a wedding. I normally don’t like Ecclesiastes. Going to the theatre tomorrow to see a play called ‘the Audience’ an imagining of the queen meeting all her prime ministers over the course of her reign.

  10. I’m even more impressed by your patchwork progress now I know you’ve been doing it with a six year old needle 🀣
    They do say you should change your needle after every project but, surely it depends on the size of the project.
    I’m still waiting for the quilting to get so easy I can just sit down and enjoy it I’m afraid. It’s all about the piecing.with me and quilting is something I endure. Hopefully it won’t be like that for you.
    I have already begun my weekend by popping over the border into Spain and down a bit to celebrate my birthday and the weather is so far glorious and the Sangria and tapas are delightful.. There are some rather fetching hats here too, although mostly straw. Good hunting x

  11. Make yourself a fascinator… a circle of something stiff (bottom of a yoghurt pot for example), cover it with fabric, add ribbon/feathers/buttons/beads/bows/tinsel(!)/artificial flowers from your collection of scraps add a clip or comb to attach it and you have perfectly serviceable head-gear without the hassle of shopping and costing next-to-nothing. You might also have fun making it.
    This weekend I will mostly be organising my kitchen cupboards … the contents being currently in boxes around the house following the fitting of new doors. Goodness, I can think of things I’d rather be doing.

  12. claire93 said:

    good luck with the hat hunting ^^
    And have you decided whether to go bare legged or wear tights?
    We’re invited to the evening reception of neighbours’ wedding tomorrow, except that weather forecast is really awful, so it’s probably going to be an umbrella affair while drinking and nibbling.

  13. I hope you can find a hat that you just love without any frustration. Best wishes for your Son’s upcoming wedding. Glad you have gotten the sewing machine glitches worked out. The lion is beautiful.

  14. Sending lots of hat-hunting energy and good luck vibes for a successful shopping trip. Were there any friends or relations at previous family weddings who might have one you could borrow?
    That lion! Beautiful and very unusual.
    Take care of you and stock up on Kerry’s suggestion of sinful snacks! ❀
    Father's Day on Sunday so I will be joining number one son and his family for a walk and a pub lunch.

  15. That lion is fabulous!! It sounds like you’re enduring a very stressful time–go easy on yourself! Pamper yourself a little, take the time to breathe, have a sinful snack. Take a nap!

  16. Life just gets in the way of our sewing sometimes! Family have to come first, Have you looked at hiring a hat, I’m sure there’s a couple of companies in the dales. If you fancy coming down to Otley for a quilting day, just let me know, πŸ™‚

  17. Sometimes life just gets in the way of our crafting – we have to go with the flow. Soon things will quiet down and you’ll be rattling along on that nicely prepped sewing machine and practising all the skills and getting the hang of things. It all takes time and practise doesn’t it – constant practise!! I spent today practising and at the end of the afternoon looked at my work and thought – well that was how not to do it ….. maybe I’ll try again tomorrow πŸ™‚ Good luck with the hat hunting.

  18. Oh dear, hat hunting sounds very tiring and expensive. Inevitably you fall in love with the one that needs a second mortgage and the head of your firstborn, and everything else is deeply meh…. How would you feel about one of those padded hairband jobbies, decorated with a bit of a flower or a feather or both, with a ribbon to match your outfit? Less likely to slide off your head than a fascinator, a lot less faff than a hat.
    I hope things smooth out for you soon, and that you start to relax and enjoy your quilty sessions. It’s always going to be a bit nervous when you start, but you do relax into it as you go along and nothing hideous happens. I do so wish I could just sit beside you and show and tell!

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