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Yarn Along, June 2019

It seems ages and ages and ages since I was organised enough to do a Yarn Along post, shame on me. Without further ado,

I am absolutely loving The Secret History by Donna Tartt. I am about half way through. So far we have an idyllic picture of student life, with an undercurrent of menace. It’s well written and beautifully plotted and I am savouring every word.

When I stated before that I had used up all my stash of leftover yarn on the crochet blanket I made for a homeless charity , I was of course slightly fibbing. I had nearly three balls of yarn leftover from a jumper in Sirdar crofter yarn, which is enough for several projects and therefore does not yet qualify as leftover scraps of yarn. So far I made some fingerless mittens with it and now I am knitting some legwarmers. I shall send both off to the homeless charity too, in the hope that it cheers and warms someone.

I am joining with Ginny for Yarn Along

Yarn Along {June}

Comments on: "Yarn Along, June 2019" (17)

  1. It is very comforting to have extra yarn laying about. I would be anxious if I didn’t have any. But if I’m honest, there is no fear of that anytime soon, I’m always buying just a little bit more 🙂

  2. You’re always busy, Cathy! I see that the local library has that book–I’ll check it out!

  3. When you say “leftover yarn” you mean you have plenty of other yarn in your stash that is not leftovers… right???

  4. The book sounds interesting and I have put it on my wish list. Your knitting looks beautiful. I love all the shades of blue with the gray.

  5. Nice yarn colours – I always like Crofter in blue when I come across any.

  6. Off to Overdrive to see if they have this book!

  7. Agree that yarn looks yummy, and will check on the book!

    • The yarn is pretty and I had quite a lot remaining from the projects I bought it for. I am enjoying the book a lot.

  8. I’d not heard of that book before – having a quick look at some reviews it seems there’s no fence sitters…….you either like it or you don’t. I’ll have to check my library.
    The blue/grey? Mix does look cosy. How long are the leg warmers?

    • The leg warmers seem to be a good length, I am on st st for 11 inches right now. It’s a very economical yarn.
      The book is good, I love that it takes its time.

  9. That’s a great book – enjoy!

  10. I love the colours in your yarn. And ooo, that books sounds very intriguing!

    • I made a jumper for Master H and a sleevless jumper for Mr E, so it’s leftover yarn from them and it is very attractive. I had vague ideas of socks for myself, but I have since bought sock yarn, so this was going begging.
      The book is very good, much prefer it Goldfinch.

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