Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Field of Gold.

Buttercup field May 29th 2019

Buttercups and the North York Moors steam train.

My favourite field at its best. I wonder does anyone else have a favourite field or is it just me? This one has so many memories- walking dogs, playing Swallows and Amazons with my best friend, falling out of trees ( I have the scar still), sledging in the snow and rolling Easter eggs, a tradition that I now do with my sons and their children. The Costa beck runs through the field, where the tree line begins in the train picture. Many a paddle , many a stick thrown for dogs. One year swans nested on the river bank, even the cows were scared of them.

A field of gold, a field of golden memories.

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  1. Hi Cathy! I have a favorite field that I remember from my childhood. My maternal grandfather was a farmer and every summer our family would travel to my grandparents house so that we could help with the wheat harvest. Of course I don’t remember helping much, but it was so much fun running in the field of wheat and climbing high onto the wheat truck full of grains of wheat. Thank you for sharing your field with us. 🙂 Love and Hugs, Tamar

  2. You have obviously benefited from spending most of your life in and around the same place.
    I’m a Londoner originally and lived there until I was 13, short gap, and then again until I was around 20, so fields were few and far between for childhood memories. although we did have commons. Since then I’ve lived in the Sussex countryside and now in rural France so plenty of lovely walks but probably my favourite field would be one on the walk around Balcombe Lake in West Sussex where I used to take the dogs and where the bluebells (that I miss so much here) were out in force in early spring.

    • I lived in West Sussex for 16 years but don’t know Balcombe Lake at all. The bluebell line though is something to behold.
      I lived here till I left school and returned 17 years ago. Dad stayed here so I have visited every year I was away.

  3. Such a lovely post – and oh I do envy you having childhood memories of the same field!

  4. Oh, how I wish there was a similar field around here. Sigh. Only scrub pine and undergrowth, with nary a blossom, just heavy, hot air. 🥵 Love love love all the lovely piccies from you and others—thank you!!!

  5. My favourite field was a field of wheat with poppies scattered amongst it. We saw this when we were in France.

  6. Beautiful. We have been into Derbyshire this weekend and the lanes are overflowing with billowy cow parsley.

  7. I love walking through buttercup fields, happy memories!

  8. You must live in or near the same place you were raised Cathy – which in itself is a gift! I have many favourite fields, but they are scattered about the different places I have lived or visited and may not ever be seen again…….. At the moment my favourite field is really a playing ground at the top of my local park – it has buttercups too, just not in flower now as it is winter here. This field is my favourite because it is ringed with American Elms of uncertain age and something is always happening with those trees, they are never at rest and I never tire of looking closely to see what they are working on now…… Currently as the last of their leaves are holding on grimly, they are also just beginning to swell at the branch tips with their new buds.

    • Yes I moved back to where I grew up 17 years ago, and I do have favourite fields from the other places I lived- in Oxfordshire a water meadow near a village called Stonesfield, a disused railway line in Sussex , Lyme Park near Stockport and Grantchester meadows near Cambridge.

  9. The buttercups are beautiful at the moment – even hubby is enjoying them on our lawn!
    I have a favourite tree and a favourite woods and a favourite path in the woods, but not a favourite field. Must work on that.

  10. Beautiful! What great memories you have in this field.

  11. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Beautiful field indeed.

  12. Lovely field (and a steam train!) lovely memories. We had fields behind the house from when I was eight (till they built houses on them 😦 ) but my children only had Southampton Common.

    • I bet they have fond memories of the common. The trouble with fields is they can so easily vanish under much needed housing.

  13. Steph said:


  14. Beautiful photos and beautiful, nostalgic memories! I can’t say I have one favorite field but I do understand how a physical place can transport you back through time and memory.

  15. I have a favourite field. I can sit on the fence and look out over vastness and distance. It’s silent apart from the bees foraging for nectar in the nearby trees, a black kite whistling as it circles far overhead and the daft giggle of the currawongs in the copse nearby. I can see a horizon of distant hills, well over 100km away, tinted blue by distance and the evaporated oil of the eucalypts hovering in the air over the rainforest that covers them. Far away to the left, I can see the sea. That fence, that view is my Happy Place, and although it’s over 1500km away, I manage to visit it once a year or so.

  16. How lovely!
    There is a field that is a deep valley and looks out to sea – it is called Donkey Down. I ised to help my Dad feed the cattle there on Sunday mornings. That is one of my favourites.
    Thank you for the prompt – and sharing your happy memories. ❤

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