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Friday Natter!

The days are just whizzing past and I seem to be in a permanent rush at the moment. The Quilting class is tomorrow. I took Kate’s advice and re arranged my blocks.

Much better. I took my time I sewed carefully, and the blocks became rows. Then I went on too long and Big Mistake. I stitched row one to row two . Then I saw what I had done. I should have stitched the bottom of row one to the top of row two. But I stitched the bottom of row two to top of row one. Oh no.

I couldn’t face undoing the whole row, as I was scared the fabric would fray too much. So hasty re-arranging employing row nine to the top to become row one. It’s ok but I prefer my original arrangement.

Lesson learned, and I guess when the border is added no-one but me will ever think it was better before. I have gone with a dusky blue for a border and a cream for the back.

It seems I can concentrate for about two hours and then I need a big break.

Mr B and Ms G are to be married in three weeks time. They safely survived their hen and stag dos, always a bit of a relief to know your son didn’t get left tied to a lamp-post somewhere. I have my dress, so just a hat, shoes and bag to go, unless I wear the same ones I wore for my other sons wedding, but it seems wrong to not have a special hat at least for each. I think I used the same bag for both, and I reckon I could use the same shoes as I wore for Mr J’s nuptuals. It seems so wasteful to have all these different outfits, which I know I may wear again but probably not much. And certainly not the hats. I can’t see me in a headband though. And I shalln’t wear that fascinator again that I wore for Mr J’s.

The garden is doing great. Thanks to the stirling work of the gardening chaps we are still on top of it all. The bluebells were wonderful but are just finishing now, I leave them to die right back which means lots of other wild flowers get a chance. Mr E seems to think they are weeds, till I pointed to some goldfinches enjoying the chick weed. We have a bluetit family in the nest box by the honeysuckle, gosh the parents work hard to feed the babies. Papa is looking quite scrawny and rather tatty at the moment- he could do with a good bath.

I am knitting a bit but not much, the knitting urge seems to have left me for the moment. No idea why.

I am trying to think if I want to continue at the quilting class. I tend to think not. I will have been shown how to do the things I wanted to learn- rotary cutter, adding wadding, binding, borders etc. The teacher is less good on  the quilting side, but in conversation with a lady at the psychology group I go to, she kindly volunteered to help me…. And I have several projects for which I bought materials etc but never tackled for lack of knowledge and I am inclined to think I should get on with those first. Oh decisions, decisions.

So , what are you up to this weekend. I really should spend some time cleaning the house, well maybe not..

Do please join in the natter. Your comments are the best bit.

Be Happy,


Comments on: "Friday Natter!" (35)

  1. Congratulations—lovely quilt! Agree that you met your goal. Rejoice! Treat yourself to something yummy. 😉

  2. I LOVE how the quilt is looking and would never have noticed that something was amiss. You did an impressive job. As for extra hats and bags, they can always be added to a granddaughters dress up collection in the future. I had separate outfits for both of my children’s weddings and ended up donating them later to a women’s shelter store along with all my work suits. Nothing was wasted.

    • All my work clothes have finally gone off to charity shops, it took some letting go of the ones I liked but knew I would never wear. Miss F would probably love the hats, but not sure I could dispose of them for toys….
      I think I shall get a hat , but reuse the shoes and handbag.
      Thanks for the kind words about the quilt. No-one fell about laughing yesterday in class.

  3. The quilt is lovely. No one will notice or care about the adjustment. 😉

    A new hat is in order! New shoes? Not if you have nice ones that work, shoes are so difficult.

    This weekend is our local fiber festival, one of my happiest weekends of the year. i went and got some lovely things to keep me busy this year. Tomorrow – chores!

  4. deemallon said:

    “always a bit of a relief to know your son didn’t get left tied to a lamp-post somewhere.” You are hilarious!

  5. claire93 said:

    lovely quilt Cathy!
    I reckon you should follow Tialys’ advice and check out your charity shops for a hat, if you have any near you. We attended my sister’s wedding last weekend and no one wore a hat lol. A sign of the times, maybe?

    • Good plan on the charity shop front. I wouldn’t be in a hat were it not my son’s wedding, and I have sort of started a tradition with the other sons.

  6. Everyone makes that sort of quilting mistake at least once, and learns from it! I like your quilt a lot and think it’s very impressive as only your second attempt. And, yes, it’s time to leave the class/nest, spread your wings and fly! I, too, should spend some time cleaning house this weekend and probably won’t. There’s so much to do outside and it’s nice to be out there, finally, now that we’re getting slightly warmer weather. Have a great weekend!

    • Thank you so much for your encouragement, it has really kept me going when I thought I would throw in the towel. I am hoping to get in the garden later today Sunday, everything is running riot now.

  7. Ooh, much better, and well done for getting it all together. I don’t think with this design there’s a right and wrong so long as things are point the right way, and the placement of the blocks looks perfectly fine to me. And I also agree that you’re not getting much from the classes now. You’ve learned what you wanted, now go and use it! I don’t believe it’s necessary to take classes to make beautiful quilts, since you have quite enough creativity and common sense to work things out for yourself and ask for advice if you don’t know. I’ve never done a class in my life, and I’m quite happy with the quilts I turn out. If I can do it, so can you. As for hats, I’m the wrong person to ask as I love them and have seven at the last count. Get something plain in a fine straw or paper in a neutral colour, and then dress it up to match your outfit with flowers, a pretty scarf or whatever. You can take all that off and repeat with any future events. I did that for years in London with a huge black straw and enormous fake roses to match my dress and shoes. Same hat, about 8 or 9 different weddings.

    • As always Kate so much good advice. Re hats, my problem is a small head and a big body. Even small hats are big on me. I love the idea of dressing it myself, especially as I have a scarf which I think would do the job nicely.
      I think the time has come to go it alone with help on the quilting front. I have got over the blank my brain had when it came to rotary cutters.And I have learned the importance of sewing carefully. on one row the dark blue missed the join by a tiny fraction on just one block and looked awful. I did unpick that. Fairly happy with it now. And I keep reminding myself it is only the second one I attempted.
      Thanks for all your help.

  8. I love your quilt top, it really is beautiful! The garden must be a joy right now, so glad you can enjoy it this year! Today I did a lot of knitting, but this pm we had some troubles with DH’s lungs again; he’s still not great, but I’m hoping things will improve in the next couple of hours.

    • Good luck for husband. Mr E has bad days and better days, sadly the former predominate.
      Hope some knitting helps calm you.

      • Thanks Cathy, the knitting has helped, and DH is doing much better today. It was touch and go for a couple hours yesterday, but things started improviing right before bed, and he actually slept, so today was MUCH better. Hang in there yourself, Mr. E continues to be in my prayers (and you too!)

  9. Lol I’m going to have to save both quilt photos and compare because right this minute (as in early morning dull day light) I can’t see the difference 😊
    I do admire your perseverance with quilting- many years ago I began a sampler quilt. Loved doing all the different blocks but hated putting it all together. In the end I finished some off individually and used them as place mats.
    This weekend, cold wet rain or not there’s some things to be done in the garden. Might be a little knitting – squares I should have finished and delivered a while ago- part of a blanket, a joint project with some other friends for a friend who is unwell. A get well thought…..like a prayer shawl…..but different.

    • As it happens one of the projects I have fabric for etc is place mats. I feel I could do them now!
      How lovely to be making a friendship blanket for some one who is ill. I think that is a super idea and if I were poorly I would be thrilled to bits.Good luck.

  10. Well goodmorning Cathy! I slept in and now it’s walkies time and I haven’t drunk my coffee yet……. My weekend is off to a rocky start 🙂 Classes should be fun – life’s too short – and there are too many other options – to spend time doing unsatisfactory things…… That’s my tuppence worth anyway – and Lynn is right about help being available everywhere. If you loved wearing a flower in your hair why not do it again? That sounds lovely to my ears. (I haven’t used a handbag in 20 years, are they still a thing in the UK?) Have a wonderful weekend and have loads of fun 🙂

    • It’s morning now, and I set off in half an hour and just realised I am getting nervous already at the thought of cutting fabric for a border. I hate cutting up big bits of fabric. Time to call it a day and do my own thing in my own time.
      Handbags are massive things in the UK. People pay small fortunes for one. I don’t!!

  11. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Busy as always, and how exciting to have a wedding to look forward to. You should be very proud of your quilt.

    • Thank you. We have two weddings to look forward to, the second is our nephews for which I shall wear a dress I have already.

  12. So clever to do all that quilting. The garden sounds lovely with all those flowers.

    • Thank you. Yes the garden is full of flowers. The big poppes are coming into their prime now. I just wish everything stayed looking good for longer.

      • I like my fuchsia so much because it has such a long flowering season but some things I love aren’t out for long which as you say is a shame.

  13. The quilt is so pretty, is it a present or for you? I think I would have to unpick it, but only because if it was mine I would always be having that conversation with myself in my head and I would get on my nerves!
    I hired a hat once but founf the whole faff of having to take it back again a pain and I wasn’t sure it was more economical because of the time and travel.
    I hope you find what makes you happy. For one of my sons’ wedding I just bought a huge fabric flower and pinned it in my hair – I liked it!
    Good luck!

    • Some people have the aplomb and style to wear a fabric flower, and look fabulous, I bet you look terrific. I am thinking a hat with a nice wide brim in case it is sunny, so it doubles as a sunhat on the day.
      I am no perfectionist, which I think means I can live with the error I made. Especially as now I have moved the numbers I can’t remember which way up I meant it to be!

  14. That is indeed much better – both versions – and, as you say nobody will notice the re-arrangement if you don’t feel like resorting to the unpicker and if it won’t bother you forever more that you preferred the first one. Just saying……

    I’m sure nobody will be studying previous wedding photos to check you’re not carrying the same bag or wearing the same shoes but have you thought about hiring a hat or even, if you have some ‘posh’ areas around you, having a look at the charity shops as you won’t be the only one who buys a wedding hat and only wears it once.

    I think you’re probably right to call it a day with the patchwork classes. You have learnt the basics now and, as you progress, you can profit from free videos and information online and there’s always ‘us’! Also, you can work at your own pace and not feel pressurised. I’d only suggest you carry on if it was more like a group where you work on projects and have a chat and support each other, rather than a teaching environment. You might find a similar group nearby you could join.

    • I don’t think it will be bothering me about the layout. I was more just cross at myself, what a stupid mistake.
      Some of the problem with the class is that there are around five different quilts being taught by up to three people all in one room. It is quite supportive but having to accomplish so much in six hours is too much for me. I like time to think. I am glad I have learned what I have learned, but time to go it alone with your help and that of You Tube!
      Then when Ruth said she would help me if I got stuck I thought perfect, time to stop class, especially as I shall miss the July one.
      Good idea about the hat! Shoes and bag I think will be ones I have already.

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