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Friday Natter!

I had a five year health check courtesy of the NHS yesterday. Apparently I have shrunk, and not in the way I would like. I am now officially 1 1/2 inches shorter than I was . Who knew you shrink as you get older, due to wear and tear? Did you know? I shall get over it , eventually.

I really enjoyed the quilting workshop a fortnight ago. I refused to allow myself to rush, and got my jelly roll strips joined and chopped. I had a busy afternoon this week, laying them on a bed to put them all back together again.

The design is rail fence, not certain I have got the hang of it properly, as my design seems more like a maze than anything else. I am off shopping for a border and a backing fabric. Original thought had been to go dusky blue , but after looking at this I reckon on a creamy lightly patterned fabric.

I am also looking for an outfit for youngest son’s wedding which is now approaching fast, like about a month off.

Knitting wise, the little bundle of white fluff now looks like this.

A little unicorn- it’s newborn which is why it can’t stand up yet!! And the sweetest face.

Of course I now have some leftover tinsel yarn…

The garden is keeping me busy again, always some weed to pull it seems to me.

Weekend plans include sewing the quilt blocks together ready for the next class, some baking and some gardening. Just nice puttering around the house.

Love to know your weekend plans, do please join in the natter.

Be Happy,



Comments on: "Friday Natter!" (50)

  1. It took me awhile to get to the bottom because I need to read all the comments too. Kate is always so helpful. I’d love to go to her house for classes. I love your split rail and I too just learned that from Kate. 😉 Keep at it and we will both learn along the way. The Unicorn is just too cute! Everyone should have one just to make us laugh and play more. Not so task oriented. As for shrinking, well, osteoporosis guaranteed that. For me it seems my hefty bosoms pull me forward so they never get a correct height measurement. And as someone else mentioned, time of day is everything. Gravity works, you know. 😉

  2. I did know we shrink as we get older. My mum was 5ft 10 but she is now smaller than my 5ft 7. I wonder where all the height goes?do we leave a trail? Perhaps unicorns know the answer

  3. claire93 said:

    I’m having a chuckle reading through comments of all the shrinking crafters out there.
    I too have probably started to shrink because each time I see my sons (who both measure 1.84m) they always seem taller than I remembered. But not much we can do about it, is there? and I’m certainly not going to try wearing heels.

  4. My mom shrank, don’t know if I have yet or not! This weekend…rain, cold, I made popcorn for lunch and watched and episode of Cranford Season 2. I have been struggling with a utilitarian sewing project these past two weeks but it is almost done. This evening will be all about cross stitching, and maybe some knitting too.
    I think the baby unicorn is the sweetest thing, and I hope you share pictures of you in your new dress! The split rail fence is going to be wonderful, do give us another look when you have it sewn together!

  5. I’m shrinking, too, apparently — by 1″ so far. Things have been hectic here for the last week and a half with a family medical emergency but have calmed down now. (Athough there will be a surgery next week.) I’m just catching up on posting and reading everyone’s posts today. Not a whole lot of energy for much else at the moment!

  6. Looks like I’m the only one looking forward to shrinking – maybe I’ll even reach a ‘normal’ height.
    Love the unicorn!

  7. I measure my height in the mornings after stretching. The longer the day the shorter I get. Old age stinks sometimes.

  8. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Ahh. That unicorn is sweet

  9. I am already a shortie so shrinking a couple of inches, not something I look forward to!
    Off to a wedding tomorrow. Shall be suffering heels. 🤣

  10. I did know about getting shorter as we age. My Mom used to be almost the same height as me, now she is quite a bit shorter. I guess we just have to accept it and move on. Cute little Unicorn 🙂

  11. I knew about shrinking my father told me about it and yes I have lost and inch or so too! See your quilting is coming along. So many styles. Hadn’t heard of “Rail fence” and such a cute baby unicorn.

  12. It’s all looking lovely Cathy 🌷🌻
    Yes, I was told about shrinkage when I was a child. I’m already short. Not sure when it starts though.

    • I can’t tell either, it’s years since anyone measured my height. And I probably haven’t finished which I don’t like.

  13. the quilt blocks are pretty! I do love blue and cream or white.

    Sorry you shrank so much – I know it happens, but it is still a shock. make sure you get your calcium and exercise!

    The tinsel blob turned out to be an adorable baby unicorn! Who knew? 🙂

    I have a family party for lunch tomorrow, lots of spring birthdays and a graduation being celebrated. Of course, regular Saturday errands in the morning. It means I miss knitting group, but I will survive, I guess. I will knit anyway, even at the party, that is what socks are for. Sunday I hope to do some yard work, but I know I won’t do as much as I should and it won’t make a dent. Plus it might rain AGAIN and so I might not do any.

  14. Love your baby unicorn, it looks so soft and cuddley! I think I’m with Kate in liking a bit more of a regular pattern with your quilt – but as you know I don’t do random 🙂 I love the splashes of yellow though, they really make it pop!

    • I have redone the quilt layout. mostly a question of turning the blocks, now it doesn’t look so much like a maze. I love bloggers they just help so much.

  15. I did know that you shrink and it’s mostly to do with bones. Just to cheer you up, you might not have finished yet –
    ‘women lose an average of 2 inches between the ages of 30 and 70 (and just over 3 inches by age 80)’.
    Blimey! At that rate,by the time I get to 80 people might start tripping over me.

    For the quilt, I agree with Kate – you would probably get a more ‘rail fence’ type effect if you laid them out differently. If you Google ‘rail fence patchwork’ you could get some layout ideas on Pinterest – if you want to that is, otherwise just go with the flow.

    I want your baby unicorn as a slipper.

    • What I can expect another shrinkage when they measure me next time! I am the vanishing woman.
      I think I shall be redoing the layout for a bit less pf the maze efect.

  16. Cute baby Unicorn! I think maybe you were a Unicorn in a past life.
    I wonder what will be done with that remaining tinsel?

    Love the look of the quilt.

    Tomorrow I am taking my son and his two boys to see the Cygnets at Abbotsbury Swannery – a fun family day out. https://abbotsbury-tourism.co.uk/swannery/

  17. I realised about the shrinkage when I noticed being taller than my mum… we used to be the same height and I’m certainly not growing any more.
    I think I’d like the quilt with the sort of regularity that Kate suggests. I have to say, though, that you have done a marvellous job making all those blocks. I really admire your perseverance.
    I don’t know anything about unicorn biology. At what age does the horn develop?

  18. You’ve been busy and productive, yet again. I love your enthusiasm for quilting–you’re learning fast! And the fuzzy unicorn is very sweet. Here, it’ll be a weekend for visiting yard sales and for weaving–about perfect, to my way of thinking!

  19. I love the quilt and the unicorn is sweet – (s)he will stand up once stuffed I imagine but if not just remember babies sleep a lot! I am off to a yoga morning tomorrow run by my friend Rose. Her partner Marie cooks us all a fabulous lunch once we finish so it is a real treat. Other than that I want to get some writing done and my neighbour gave me some off-cuts from curtains she shortened and asked me to make them into cushion covers for her so hopefully I will get that done.

  20. Several centimetres shorter in my case – no wonder I’m needing the little step stool to reach the top shelves!
    Tomorrow (Saturday) we have a Federal Election (Prime Minister and all that) so we’ll be up at the local primary school to cast our vote. This is when you get to see all the neighbours you haven’t seen since the last time – plus their children and grandchildren who have turned 18!
    Apart from that I’ve got nothing planned 😎

  21. I did indeed know you shrink, but in my case it’s because of my back surgery. I’m half an inch shorter than I was, and that figure is only going to increase as I get older 😦
    Your rail fence layout is whatever you want it to be, but traditionally people often lay the blocks out with the darkest strip in the same position on every vertical and every horizontal block, which gives you a diagonal zigzag design. You’ve got some of that going on, but I reckon you should ignore the rules if you prefer it the way you have it.

    • Thanks for the help Kate, I think I may have another go at it!

    • Kate- thank you- I have now spent the afternoon redoing it, the blocks really just needed turning to be the same and just a few swapped round. Thank you thank you thank you

      • There you go, you just needed a tiny nudge in the right direction 🙂 Don’t forget to do a nice gloaty post when you have it all together – it’s going to be lovely!

  22. Ohh that’s much cuter than a cat splat! What pretty little blue eyes 🙂
    This weekend I’m heading to Toft for a workshop, which I’m suuuuuper excited about, and looking forward to lots of travel time to spend crocheting.

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