Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Linking with Kate and others to share projects made from scraps. This month I completed another blanket made from left over yarn. The first one I dispatched earlier this year to a homeless charity was too short, and other squares were added to it to make sure someone could wrap themselves up in it. Whilst I appreciated that a bigger blanket was needed it did rather spoil the effect.

Anyway I decided the best way to get a usable blanket was to make two large granny squares and join them together, so I did.

It’s the length of a king size bed and the width of half a bed. Do you reckon it’s big enough? I have nearly used all my leftover yarn now, can’t believe it.

Do check out others projects, using the link above, some are amazingly creative and utterly gorgeous.

Comments on: "Scrap Happy Day- May 2019" (28)

  1. Joanne S said:

    Looks good to me. I would be very happy and pleased with such a blanket. What a lovely gift.

  2. Blanket looks good to me, looks lovely and warm. Some nice colours in there x

  3. I love the left over yarn blankets – I am inspired!

  4. Lovely blankets! Will definitely keep someone toasty come cold weather.

  5. Love the blanket!!!!

  6. That is so cool you’ve used all your leftovers. I would think it’s big enough

  7. That’s lovely! I am sure someone will greatly appreciate it. And you used up all your scraps, impressive!

  8. Wow! That’s huge – do you wrap yourself in it as you crochet?

  9. I like the look of the two big blocks, worked together! And what a wonderful thing, to offer this to someone who needs comfort and warmth!

  10. Nanette said:

    Your cheery blanket will be happily received and perfect for keeping someone warm.

  11. That looks pretty cosy to me. The only thing I can think of to change it is to add a couple of stripes up either side to maybe make it a bit wider? If you’re running out of scraps you’ve obviously started with far too few in the first place, and I think you should go out and buy some more yarn immediately!

  12. I love a granny square – 2 are even better! I know you said you used up scraps, which is fab (as a knitter I never end up with zero yarn in my stash!) – but I think you should make it bigger so it’s even more snuggly to be under. I ave a similar shaped blanket in my lounge and I always want it to be that little bit bigger.

  13. I’m so impressed that you have worked your way through most of your yarn scraps. I wish I could say the same! And lovely that your creations are for such a good cause. Do you know how to make a granny rectangle? Just start with a chain and work round it so that there are two long sides and two short ones.

  14. Yes, I think that would be big enough – looks so cheerful.

  15. I would think this would be plenty big enough to wrap most people in and, being crochet, it should still be quite light as I suppose you have to think about the person who receives it having to carry it around with them. It will definitely brighten up somebody’s day.

    • Thank you! I was in Scarborough the other week and spotted a crochet blanket in the doorway of the empty Thorntons along with rucksack etc, so good to see one in use.

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