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May windows- 2019

Linking with Wild Daffodil’s window challenge . I took pictures of these lovely windows in Alcester which is near Stratford upon Avon.

Some lovely black and white buildings. Bonus is the old telephone box!

Look how these bow- formerly almshouses and now in the care of a housing association- what lucky tenants to live here.

At the end of the row are the windows of the town hall. Inside there is a plaque of names of people who served the town- in what most people would think of as the role of local mayor. Anyway I am very proud as my Grandad’s name is amongst them.

I rather think that this lower row of windows were once arches open to the elements, there was probably a market held there. The upper storey would have been where the town’s business was held- courts/ town meetings etc.

Hope you enjoyed my window selection this month.



Comments on: "May windows- 2019" (21)

  1. Wonderful photos! I could imagine a lovely stroll about that town.

  2. Great windows. Really love the Tudor building pics – something so magical about Tudor buildings. We’re so lucky to have so many well preserved ones.

  3. My goodness there is much to take in here! So many interesting elements; thanks for taking these Cathy!

  4. Some lovely buildings there, nice to see, a good selection you have chosen x

  5. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    You don’t see many of those phone boxes anymore. Was there a phone still in it? I don’t think any are used here anymore but some communities have come up with interesting alternatives. Like a place to display their best kept village medals

  6. gorgeous old buildings 🙂

  7. Fabulous selection – I love the wonkiness of the building in the first photo and the angle of the glass in the second!

  8. Lovely old buildings and windows. Thanks for posting, Cathy!

  9. I’ve never been to Alcester, it looks lovely, an interesting place to visit, lovely photos 🙂

  10. Such a nice variety of windows and buildings. I can go to our local town hall and see my father’s photo and name on the wall–he was Town Supervisor many years ago–so I know the pride you feel in seeing your granddad’s name!

  11. I so love those really old buildings and the windows are pretty amazing – I suspect you are right about those old arches being once open to the elements, but haven’t they fitted in pretty windows to accentuate that arched appeal.

  12. Delightful windows. You must have been thrilled and pround to see your grandad’s name on the list.
    Can I link my recent post to the window challenge – it has some windows in it?

  13. Lovely.
    Where is everybody?

  14. You have found a marvellous collection Cathy. Thanks so much for your entry – rising magnificently to the challenge! 🙂
    Of course I love the black and white houses – amazing that they are Housing Assoc houses – they must be tricky to keep up. As you say – lucky tenants.
    So good to be able to link places with our ancestors especially if it can be a proud link – good feeling!
    That bay window in the 3rd photo down looks like it could buckle and fall at any moment!
    Nice variety! 🙂

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