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Friday Natter!

It occurred to me that if I renamed this post I wouldn’t need to fret about the lack of knitting, which of course meant I did some..

Bet you have no idea what this is. Not certain I do and I have the pattern.

Life has gotten chaotic recently- too tedious. Not helped by the tablet – the old tablet given to me by Mr E when the last tablet stopped working has now decided it doesn’t like any of the 1000s of chargers we have in the house. So I am back to using my trusty laptop, which explains, I hope, why I have been rather absent recently.

I did go the Spring into Wool event in Leeds a couple of weeks ago. It was most enjoyable, and I did get some yarn for socks, but it will be Autumn and long dark nights before I tackle them.

I went to the surface crochet workshop. I got a bit lost from the tutor’s instructions and just did my own thing and chatted to my neighbours.

I think it’s possibly more use to someone who can’t embroider. I have put this in the bin.

We had Easter and I had a lovely weekend with

Master H on the beach at Scarborough along with ten zillion other people.

And a rather nice walk with Toddler J.

This weekend is the next quilt class. I have my jelly roll ready packed.It just so happens that The Tour de Yorkshire will be going my way in both directions tomorrow. I shall leave home at the crack of dawn to get there before they do, there should even be time to cheer ahead of class.

And it’s another bank holiday weekend too. Hoping to catch my breath a little, I am exhausted , too much going on at once.

I hope you all have some nice plans for the weekend. Do please leave comments and join in the natter.

Be Happy,



Comments on: "Friday Natter!" (38)

  1. So glad you had some lovely sunny family time. I’ve just returned from a weekend with my son in London – so good to see his girls – all growing up so fast.
    I’ve no idea what you are up to with that yarn, but I’m intrigued and looking forward to seeing more.
    Hope you get some peaceful resting time this week.

  2. Hi Cathy, seems you are exhausted with so many things going on. Wishing a peaceful week to you!

  3. Did you manage to catch any of the tour de Yorkshire? I’ve been in Manchester this wknd. X

  4. Nope, no idea about the knitting.
    Sorry to hear the surface crochet wasn’t so inspiring. I’ve just googled it and none of the images look good – definitely sounds like the bin is the best place for it.
    Hope the next quilting class goes well despite the bank holiday and the tour de Yorkshire – we have similar problems when tour de Britain or whatever it is comes our way.

    • The class was really enjoyable yesterday, but I have stacks to do before the next one. I decided that rushing was not me, it jst frazzles me, so I didn’t, it was more enjoyable and I still finished the day’s tasks.

      • Well done. Easy to try and race along with others and end up not enjoying the process. Look forward to seeing what you’re up to with the jelly roll

  5. I know exactly how you feel. Overwhelmed and exhausted. I’ll never catch up again. Looking forward to the next quilt project. I should be doing that too but here I sit. ;( Sigh.

  6. Hope you got ahead of the bikes ok.

  7. Joanne S said:

    Learned a new term: “surface crochet.” I can see where one could get carried away and do their own thing… Maybe you can do something organic and colorful rather then the bin? πŸ™‚

  8. I was thinking lamb, but I suspect the unicorn guess is right.

    It sounds like you have no time to be bored! The kids are adorable, the quilting class sounds like more fun than the surface crochet. πŸ˜‰

  9. claire93 said:

    no idea what that knitting is going to be but it’s definitely fluffy!
    and oh my! I couldn’t get over how fast Baby J has grown to Toddler J. Where does time fly, eh?

  10. Tour de Yorkshire is coming up our road too, looking forward to seeing your jelly roll quilt πŸ™‚

  11. I was going to guess a headless chicken, but after reading through the chat I see that would have been quite wrong and I’m glad of that! It’s nice to see the warm weather has arrived at your place. Enjoy!

  12. Hi Cathy! It sounds like you have been very busy. I can’t wait to hear all about your next quilting class. I’m going to be on my way to Connecticut this afternoon on a new adventure, CT is clear across the USA. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  13. Well I was going to guess LLama, but that does look like yarn more suitable for a unicorn! Enjoy your class, and watching the cyclists whiz by. Your grand’s are growing up so fast! Toddler J looks like a little boy instead of a baby!!!
    This weekend we are enjoying a little bit of sun, finally, and watching DH closely, as he is now off of meds, and trying to manage the rest of his sinus drainage. Off to the doctor this morning I think, to get some questions answered and make sure he has albuterol when needed, while we wait and see about surgery.
    As for me, some serious house cleaning is in order this week, and some mending to get organized while we wait to put in the rest of the garden. It is still too cold for the beans to be planted, or to buy tomatoes and peppers, so we shall wait another week in that.

    • Hope the doctors appointment went well, the sun shone and you had some time for you in amongst the domestic chores.

      • Everything is status quo, so we will wait and manage with over the counter stuff, now. That’s quite positive, so I need to quit worrying! I cleaned out the iris bed yesterday, and we moved a few that were expanding into the neighbor’s lawn and getting mowed. (The bed is the border between us with no fence.) I’m saving the house cleaning for the days it rains!

  14. I agree with quietwater and Kate – I see splat but maybe a unicorn rather than cat.

    I can’t believe Toddler J has grown up so quickly but then I can’t believe it’s already May – where does it all go?

    I might cut out a linen summer dress this weekend – although I must hem the sleeves and legs of my jumpsuit first so I can show you the finished thing and maybe even wear it. Plus my ‘rigid’ denim has arrived in the U.K. and will be brought home by Mr. T. tonight so there’s a ‘traditional’ pair of jeans to be made.

    Also I’ll be watching from a safe distance to make sure the tiling in the new bathroom finally gets done.

    Have a good one and enjoy creating with your jelly roll once you’ve finished watching the cyclists whizz past. The Tour de France usually goes through our town in July but I don’t usually bother to go down and watch it as it doesn’t really interest me which my cyclist neighbours can’t understand at all. Still, each to their own.

    • I watched the tour de Yorkshire last year as it whizzed through town. Missing us this year and favouring Scarborough. It seems to be going pass the class venue twice, morning and evening- when we arrive and when we leave.
      Good luck with all that sewing, and tiling supervision.
      Your splat guess was bang on target!

  15. Enjoy your class. The Tour is not headed our way this year.

  16. Mystery knitting! You really are busy but a lot of it seems to be fun/creative/family busy–focus on that! I have a quiet weekend planned then a more intense week next week–and housecleaning! Eek!

    • I wish there was more fun stuff happening, but there will be in time. Cleaned the house yesterday so feeling a bit smug today.

  17. I was going to make a guess, but now I can only see a cat splat!

  18. That looks like you have knitted a fluffy white cat with pink paws, who’s gone splat on the floor. Can’t wait to see what it’s going to be!

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