Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!


In which there is still no knitting but there is a unicorn, a Fairy Godmother, a Princess, and happy mail.

I have no excuses for the lack of knitting for the last week, life simply got in the way. Hopefully I will remedy this in time for next week.

Let’s start with Happy Mail which this week saw the return of my Sawdust Heart.

Sadly there will be no further exhibitions of these hearts but the organiser Helen Birmingham has decided to collate all the personal stories that inspired the makers. I feel very grateful for the chance to take part in this event.

Second happy mail came from the wonderful Gillyflower Faire

Look who came to live in England. Please meet Frond,we shall be hunting all kinds of magical beasts in the years to come. Thank you very much indeed, he made my day.

Weekend plans- yippee it is Spring into Wool tomorrow in Leeds, can’t wait to try surface crochet and go hunting for sock yarn to make my first ever pair of socks.

And so to the unicorn etc.

See, they are real as are Fairy Godmothers and Princesses. Not something you see every day in Swindon hey.

Hope you all have a magical weekend, Do tell your plans,

Be Happy,



Comments on: "Natter!" (25)

  1. The Sawdust heart is wonderful!

  2. A post full of delights. You are going to have fun with that gnome!

  3. No knitting again?! What am I going to do with you? Hope the life in the way was good stuff.
    I knew unicorns are real – and dragons, but you don’t seem to have tracked one of those down.

  4. You are sure to have a very magical spring with a house elf, and seeing unicorns and fairies all in the same weekend! Here we are resting after shoveling lots of snow again. I am hoping to record my sonata and send off my application for Suzuki training, and do some knitting and sewing. Hoping to watch the snow melt too.

  5. I’m so glad that Frond made it to you safely. May you and your new House Elf enjoy many magickal adventures!

  6. Such a magical week you’ve had and such delights! Will look forward to hearing about your finds of tomorrow. We’re having warm rain and much as I would like to report great things crocheted and sewn, all I can do is report how good this latest Sayers book is… which I suspect might get finished on the weekend, thus accounting for a lack of anything else. 😉

  7. Hello Frond… I hope the two of you have many magical adventures together.
    Today I managed an early morning market shopping trip, so now I have to spend the rest of the day bottling plums (£5 for a big box was impossible to resist, although really I went to buy vegetables). Other than that this weekend I think I’m going to try to get the optical illusion blanket joined so that I can do the edging – I had to dismantle it because my original joining method looked untidy and I just couldn’t live with it. I’ve also got a third scrappy twiddlemuff to finish… just the twiddly bits to do now. And, of course there are seeds to sow… there are always seeds to sow at this time of year.
    Have a lovely weekend x

    • £5 for plums- Bargain. You will enjoy them. I have taken some stewed apples from the freezer today and made a crumble. First need to let my curry go down.

  8. Saturday I will be unpacking boxes and then seeing if I can find a hairdresser who doesn’t require a second mortgage for a simple cut. Sunday I will be weeding and pruning after I have the MIL and SILs around for morning coffee and cake. And then I will be unpacking boxes. It’s nice to see my new home slowly emerging from the chaos, but I miss my sewing room, and I’ve had enough of the boxes 😦

    • I bet you can’t wait for the boxes to go, you have done such a lot of work. Coffee and cake sound perfect activities amongst the boxes. You have reminded me that I need to get my haircut before I attack it myself!

  9. Wow–it looks like a magical week, all around! I’m sorry the sawdust hearts aren’t going to be seen my more people but I’m very happy to have learned about them from you!

  10. The Unicorn is adorable I wish I could hire him/her for our party on Easter Sunday! Planning this 40th birthday come Easter party is keeping me well busy this week. Somehow I got roped into making the cake too – my son in law is an electrician so the theme of the cake will be a circuit board!
    Your heart is such a lovely way to remember those who died – shame they are not having another exhibition but I can understand why – are they making a book with all the photos and memories? xx

    • The party sounds like great fun and I look forward to seeing the cake.
      There will be a book with the memories. I have to send mine in. Maybe I’ll write it this weekend.

  11. Your heart looks lovely, and quite a coincidence you should mention it as I’ve just written about a wonderful war memorial I saw last weekend. The unicorn looks adorable, I want one 🙂

  12. I just love your new little friend Frond and a unicorn sighting in the village along with those fairies is a most fortunate event! According to these things, the rest of this year will be a breeze for you! Fingers crossed 🙂 I spent today winding huge hanks of yarn into huge balls of yarn – I have 14 colours ready to start my next blanket. But tomorrow is shopping and lunch with my daughter and I have to make a few birthday cards too this weekend – so I’m not sure when the blanket will get underway, but I’m ready whenever the time appears.

  13. Well that is the cutest little unicorn I’ve ever seen. I want one!

  14. I think I saw a unicorn up in our woods the other day but the dogs scared her away.
    My weekend will be spent trying to cook some nice veggie meals as I’m a recent convert and trying to convince Mlle Tialys the Younger and Mr. T to join me although the Mademoiselle has no choice unless she starts learning to cook something else other than cake. A friend is over from the U.K. and will stay with us Sunday night so I imagine a little too much wine might get consumed as we catch up. Also, I want to finish my jumpsuit – only got the side seams to sew up and it’s looking good on the hanger at least!
    Have a lovely weekend and I look forward to hearing how many magical beasties you and Frond find on your travels.

    • That sounds like a great weekend- food, friend and far too much wine.
      Typical dogs, no sense of quiet! good luck with the jumpsuit, sure it’s going to look great.

  15. Frond is gorgeous! And I’m very impressed by the unicorn. We don’t get them over here….
    Weekend plans are lunch with friends tomorrow, and brunch with family and friends on Sunday, in Glencairn overlooking the sea. Some sewing in between 🙂 xx

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