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April Windows

Better late than never. Linking up with Wild Daffodil’s window challenge

My windows this month come from the church of All Saints Pavement, York and a favourite shop in York, guess what they sell that attracted my attention- picture at the end.

First the church, so called because this was the first street in York to be paved.

Winodws from outside and windows from the inside.

I loved the dove on this one and the rainbow effect of the stained glass beneath

This is the Royal Dragoon Window, installed in 2002.

This is the West window designed by Charles E Kempe, a celebrated Victorian designer.

Now let me think, what might they sell in here I wonder…




Comments on: "April Windows" (18)

  1. Great photos, especially the last one! Which shop is it, I only know of Gillies fabrics in York

  2. Enjoyed the stained glass, thank you! Now about that fabric shop… Did you find your green fabric? Did you also find something else you had forgotten you needed?! And could you share same with us?! 😘

  3. I love a bit of stained glass. I’ve asked a friend of mine – who dabbles in it – to make me a section for above my bathroom door. I would say it’s to replace the plain glass that’s always been there but, in actual fact, there’s just a hole where the glass should be. She’s supposed to be doing a design featuring an iris flower but I’ve been waiting quite a long time now so whether she’ll come up with the goods is anybody’s guess.

  4. Now that’s a fine set of windows! The church windows are amazing–the colors and designs are really striking and I love the swath of poppies. Could you see what the writing said, to the left on that dove window?

  5. I do like the top window with the modern design and the dove. I would have to go in the fabric shop if I saw it too.

  6. I do love a bit of stained glass, and *of course* that last one needed further investigation!

  7. Lovely windows, Cathy.

  8. I love the first stained glass window, the shapes of the windows in general and of course I would not pass by the last one, you would just have to go in and see what else they had…..

  9. Stained glass windows are mesmerizing to me, and who can resist a fabric shop!

  10. I especially like the Window with the dove.

  11. Any time this month is fine Cathy. That first stained glass window is such a lovely design – it looks quite modern.
    And that shop window makes me want to go in and riffle through the fabrics – did you go inside?
    Thank you for entering the Monthly Meet-Up Window Challenge!

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