Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

From the garden.

Having someone do the winter tidy up is nice. The chaps worked like Trojans and what would probably never have been accomplished by me was done by them in two days. It was lovely, almost an instant tidy garden.

But come the Spring and something stirs within me , at least, and maybe you too, which says go outside and weed. I half caught a radio feature one morning on the subject of soil. Apparently some enzymes/bacteria in the soil are released which wakes up plants  and says GROW. This is something we as humans can smell, that wonderful earthy damp smell of soil. The boffins thinks it kick starts nature every Spring. All I know is I like that smell, it makes me feel better. And so even though our garden doesn’t need it, thanks to the wonderful gardeners, I found myself yesterday afternoon in the garden weeding, which was actually me just turning the soil over. The sun was on my back and it felt wonderful.

So here are the few pictures I had taken earlier in the week.

My rockery above the pond.

Yellow, green and blue, the colours of Spring

The first of the flowering shrubs. No idea what it called.

Forsythia, I am never quite certain if this began in the neighbour’s garden or ours since it is now either side of the fence.  It’s good to share.

Slightly nibbled at the edges by snails I reckon, but still a pretty pot of pansies by the door.

Running riot now in the stone urn, I love this colour combo. Who on earth ever said blue and green should never be seen. Clearly not a gardener.

Thanks for all your kind words yesterday. Sometimes I don’t know where I would be without you.

May today have some sunshine for us all.

Comments on: "From the garden." (13)

  1. I totally understand your love for the earthen smell. I love that smell too. It’s so funny, I really like to get my hands and feet into that cool and damp dirt. The bad thing about it now, is that I can no longer get down on my hands and knees anymore, so I have John bring me pots and potting soil and I repot all my outdoor plants at waist level. I really do miss getting down on the ground. Thanks for sharing all your beautiful flowers and gardens. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  2. Yes, viburnum – belatedly identified by Mr. T. who was looking over my shoulder as I was reading your post this morning.
    The great mowing began yesterday – not by me I hasten to add – we had a lovely crop of dandelions and daisies which have now had severe hair cuts but not disappeared completely because, unlike the song, the first cut is not the deepest when the grass gets cut for the first time as the mower wouldn’t get through it. The second cut will have to wait a couple of weeks.

  3. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Your garden is looking lovely Cathy. Wish i could find couple of strong chaps to do similar clean-up here!!

  4. I agree! That’s viburnum, and I love the scent. You don’t get it here, not cold enough.

  5. I can’t wait to get out and start mucking around in the soil . . . but I’ll have to wait, since it’s still cold and very wet here. But your photos lift me up–a sign of things to come!

    • It can’t be long now for you and some nice weather. Glad my pictures are keeping you going. May the sun shine very very soon for you.

  6. It is before the crack of dawn here so I am awaiting another trip from the sandman. Perhaps that is why your pansies looked to me to be some new curly variety instead of somebody’s snack. Lol! Hope you are truly stuck into your class and just about ready for sustenance. All warm thoughts to you. xxxxx

    • Ah thank you. The class was brilliant and as always totally exhausting. But it took my mind completely off other things and AND I am within a gnat’s whisker of finishing the quilt. Hope you got some more shut eye. xx

  7. Whoever says blue and green should never be seen has clearly never looked across a meadow to the summer sky! Your garden looks lovely ….. AND (I was reading this a short time back) science is catching up with the wise people of the world and now say putting your hands in the soil is good for you, there are enzymes and bacterias in the soil that fire up our endorphins and an hour gardening is better than all the pharmaceuticals in the world (they don’t say that, that’s how I interpret what they say) They also say we are too clean and need to get dirty again. I never jumped on the anti bacterial wagon and think hand sanitisers are really dangerous so I feel quite validated by this latest research. Must rush off and polish my halo….. Have a good week Cathy, take care of yourself xo

    • I completely agree about being too clean. Especially with children, they need to get hot, sweaty and grubby. And you are right there is no better view than a meadow and a blue sky.

  8. Viburnum! Nice scent – althoug some peope don’t like it.
    The sunshine makes such a difference to our spirits doasn’t it.

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