Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!


Virtually no knitting this week, so it seemed wrong to give my Friday post its usual moniker. There has been some embroidery though. After I had stitched the little owl on felt I remembered that at the British wool show I had picked up a little felt embroidery kit from the Embroidery Guild. I am determined this year to crack on with projects I already have materials for , so out it came. I loved doing the stitching and I think it will make a great bookmark. The only question is.

a white back ground or

a coloured one. Decisions , decisions. I prefer the coloured and Mr E the white. Thoughts anyone?

Tomorrow is the quilting class, adding the binding. Exciting but scary all at the same time.

Another decision I must make today is a gift for my DIL to be Ms G. I am coming down on the side of an afternoon tea in London with prosecco.

The garden still looks pretty. I have some pictures which I will post tomorrow.

We have some big plans and I am feeling a bit unsettled. Too early to say what why and when, but enough to have totally distracted me this week. More on this hopefully in the next month or so. Also my brother is very poorly, he’s younger than me and I am very preoccupied.

So apologies if I don’t sound quite myself. I don’t feel myself today. I think I need a good walk and to stomp it out. What do you do when or even if you feel like this?

Tomorrow I shall be absorbed in scary sewing machine and fabric, which will be a good thing.

I wonder what your plans are for the weekend. Do please join in the natter in the comments. I am off to do the shopping and to the library, hurrah.

Be Happy,



Comments on: "Natter." (50)

  1. I really like the orange on the white, but Claire93 made a good suggestion about a light sand colour if you think the contrast is too stark. Maybe cream?
    What to do when you’re feeling off? I find there’s nothing to do but accept it and wait for it to pass. Which it always does, eventually. If it is a more unusual state for you, then you will know to consider things which might be causing the turmoil – no doubt your brother’s illness is one major thing. It’s stressful when the people we love are poorly. A good walk or something productive to tackle might also helpful for you – I think you are a naturally energetic and positive person πŸ™‚

  2. As with the other people, I don’t think either of the backgrounds for the leaf are ideal. Maybe you can find something with more of a contrasting colour. I like the pattern though.

  3. I agree with Pauline on the background colors. Neither is just right. I agree a good walk will help all that ails you. I love the adjustment to your title too. πŸ˜‰ So sorry to hear about your brother. I hope all resolves itself soon. I rarely sleep well so I get it. I write at night to turn off my brain for awhile. The journaling helps me to offload what’s troubling my mind. I love binding the best of all the quilting once I have the two ends connected. It gets easier if I do it more often. It can be good handwork too.

    • Thank you for these kind words. I wrote a very long journal entry last night which did help clear my head and I slept a good six hours. I am looking forward to the binding bit, especially as it’s a scrappy binding.

  4. Hello. Sorry to hear your brother is unwell. Also sorry to hear you’re unsettled and not feeling yourself. Big hug. Hope you’re in a better place soon.
    Also hope the quilt class went well – look forward to seeing what you got up to. xx

  5. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Sorry to hear your brother is poorly, hopefully he will be on the mend very soon. Do take care of yourself too, it is certainly not like you not to have done any knitting. As for your lovely leave, i like it on the white. It really stands out as it deserves to do.

    • I find knitting often slows to stand still when I am under the weather. Crochet is about the only thing I can manage when I feel like this, which is good news for the homeless chairty for which I am making a blanket from leftover yarn.

  6. gillyflower said:

    Hi, Cathy. I’m sorry to hear your brother is poorly – take time to care for yourself, too. I’ve been looking after my mother, who had a fall this week; thankfully, she didn’t hurt herself too badly and is doing fine now. (Which is why I’ve been delayed in mailing out your house gnome; that will have to wait until next week, sadly.) As for your leaf bookmark, I think it would look great with the coloured backing!

  7. Oh, Cathy! Time for a good stomp around and then a quiet play in the paint box, me thinks… saving energy for tomorrow,of course. πŸ˜‰ Have been woefully lacking in yarniness lately, so am grateful for not being the only one. Hopefully will get to sewing. And starting Wind in the Willows, another classic lacking from my childhood. (I don’t recall any childhood reads before school days and learning to read myself, yet both parents were voracious readers. Strange or just typical of that generation?!

    • I love Wind in the Willows, one of my favourites. My Mum used to read to my brother and I from two comics every night for a bedtime story. The Robin and Jack and Jill. I still find it strange as Mum was a teacher that we had comics and not picture books at bedtime. I read all the time now, but my brother reads the odd tabloid and nothing else.

      • Interesting about comics being used. I don’t recall where we would even have found any, as we always seemed to live way outside of towns. Heigh-ho. Am a constant reader, too!

  8. I think the leaf ( which is beautiful) really pops against the white background — if you prefer color what about green or mustard yellow? Hopefully things will improve soon!

  9. claire93 said:

    sorry to hear about health worries in close family.
    Love your felt leaf, but agree with other comments, the white background looks too stark and the coloured one makes the leaf disappear. Maybe a more neutral beige/sand colour?
    We’ve been dealing with Houdini Hens in this part of the world. Despite clipped feathers, they’re managing to escape from their enclosure and are reeking havoc in the veggie patch where the husband has been preparing soil for plantations. Since we can’t seem to keep hens from escaping (despite extra netting up) we’re now trying to protect plantation areas.

  10. Prayers for a good outcome and for your brother. I have been unsettled lately, too much stuff going on in my life and those I love. So I pray, sew, knit, or ride my stationary bike.

    • It’s hard when bad things happen to family and friends. I am trying hard to pray but I am finding it hard to focus. time will help. Thank you for your very kind thoughts and words.

  11. Hi Cathy, your leaf looks fab, I think I prefer the colourful background although it doesn’t stand out as much as on the white. Sorry to hear that your brother is unwell, I hope he is feeling better soon and that you feel more settled. I don’t think I’m very good at times like you are having, a walk sounds like a good plan to get out of your head a bit and I’m sure your sewing will be a good distraction too. Sending a crafty hug and hoping that the unsettled and overwhelming stuff passes very soon. Jenny x

  12. Hi Cathy! I love your embroidery project. I am looking forward to seeing your finished quilt. I know the binding is something that is quite hard. Just like everything else in life, once you get the hang of it; it’s not so hard. πŸ™‚ Love, hugs, and sweet thoughts are being sent your way! Tamara

    • Thanks Tamara. Hope you and John are well. I love learning new skills but oh boy it is certainly harder as I get older.

      • Hi Cathy! John and I are doing well, but we are both getting old. It took us all day yesterday to hang three shades, wash three windows, and wash and hang the curtains. I’m not kidding you, all day! I kept asking him if he wanted me to call one of our friends to help. He kept telling me NO! He’s so stubborn and wanted to prove to me that he could still drill holes and put screws in. πŸ™‚

  13. It’s 2am here and I can’t sleep – too much going on at my end too. The world is spinning out of control it seems to me – or am being overly dramatic? I don’t care for the white background it is too stark. The second choice is too much like your leaf and it gets a little lost. I think choosing a backing with one or two of the stitching colours in your leaf would be the way to go – which one depends on your preference and what you have available. Having things up in the air and poorly siblings is a lot to be carrying – when these things happen with me I make sure to take some time to breathe and walk and create something – time when my mind can find some rest and my energy be restored. It’s important to take care of you so you can be there for others. xo

    • I am an intermittent insomniac and it is always such a comfort to be able to communicate with like minded bloggers in the middle of the night. xx

    • Thank you for your wise words, both as my colour guru and also re life. It’s an odd adjustment this year. I have gone from being part of the sandwich generation to being the top layer of bread, and being part of the generation that is falling to bits. I am so far very lucky in being healthy, but as first husband, and now brother are ill, and the parents of my daughter in laws become ill, and friends too, I feel very strange is all I can say.

      • It always seems to come all at once doesn’t it and it sounds like you are dealing with a whole lot all at once. As we grow older ourselves living alongside illness and death becomes part of the deal – on the one hand we are lucky to be growing older, but we have to learn to make our peace with loss and our own decline. It is time to live each day fully, value each person in our lives and appreciate every day we are given. And no point worrying about the end til we get there. πŸ™‚ xo

  14. deemallon said:

    Agree with Wild Daffodils: I think a blue background would be lovely. Sorry about your brother. On the craft end: I totally relate to wanting to β€œcrack on” with projects for which I already have the materials. I will be raking this weekend to rid my mind of some cobwebs.

    • I think I shall try it against a variety of colours now and choose my favourite. Time for playing with paint. Hope the cobwebs go, I know you are having a tough time too, so good wishes, xx

  15. So sorry to hear you have yet more things in your life you need to worry about.
    A trip to London (especially with Prosecco) sounds just the thing to give you a lift.
    I’ve just finished binding my foxy quilt – double fold, attached by machine on the front, hand stitched down on the back – photos to follow. Some people hate the binding but I actually like doing it, strangely enough. I hope you will find it to your liking too tomorrow.
    First of all I liked your lovely feather on the white background but, the more I look at it, the more I prefer the coloured background although the colours are a little similar and the details get a bit lost. Maybe pick out the pale blue and cream a bit more for a slightly paler background? Or something…….
    Now I’ve finished the quilt I might cut out a pair of jeans or a blouse this weekend – or I might lay out all my F2F quilt blocks and think about sashing.

    • Good to see you are doing jeans again, well done. I am looking forward to learning about binding. One of the numerous things I have always just botched!

  16. Oh, dear–I can completely see why you’re feeling unsettled–too much to worry about. I can relate, truth be told. A good long walk, some time making something pretty–those things help me, too. I think your pretty embroidery gets lost on the busy background but the white isn’t quite right either. A nice rich brown? I’ll spend the weekend hemming towels I just took off the loom, hanging out with husband and mother, waiting for spring . . .

    • I like the idea of a brown fr the background, I shall have a play with my paints I think. I bet those towels are going to be lovely. Have a super weekend.

  17. That’s a lovely leaf, but it doesn’t stand out well on that coloured background – how about green instead? I hope all your worry and unsettlement (is that a word? It should be!) calms down a bit and becomes manageable.
    My plans? I’m going to oil wooden benchtops and paint a wall, pack books and dismantle bookcases, arrange cookery and gardening books on other shelves, get frocked up and go to the Trudy Crowley dinner where they’re auctioning the Angel quilt πŸ™‚

  18. The leaf stands out more on the white background, but it does go very well with the coloured background. I guess just go for whatever makes you happiest!
    This weekend I have archery, a visit with a personal trainer to look at learning to powerlift, and a whole day to myself for baking/knitting/tidying/crochet/singing very loudly to the radio. It’ll be great

    • Now that sounds like a great weekend, with the archery, baking and crafting. Not certain about the personal trainer bit! Enjoy.

  19. Choir concert ‘gig’ at the local Highland Games tomorrow- dancing comps from littlies lto grown ups (byo swords) marching bands (bagpipes and big drum included) plus ‘games’ yes hammer and caber tossing included as well. We are part of the Celtic music side. Should be a good day – apart from the fact it’s predicted to be wet and cold, Hot sunny & 29c today – wet windy and 15c tomorrow. Can’t beat Melbourne!
    Oh I personally prefer the coloured background. The white looks awful stark and will get very grubby from being handled
    Take care

  20. Sorry to hear about your brother Cathy, too soon, too soon – after so many other unsettling things happening for you. Isn’t it a blessing to have crafts to delve into for a few hours.
    Bookmark decisions: I like the idea of a coloured background, but how about one in blues, I think that might show off your fun and lively leaf a bit better.
    A stomp, gardening, doodling or crochet helps me through ‘stuff’.
    Tomorrow my daughter’s children are coming over to make things for their Mum for Mother’s Day. They have big plans and have sent Pinterest pictures – they are nothing if not ambitious! Yikes! I have to go shopping today for supplies.
    On Sunday my daughter and I are having a rare few hours together – just the two of us – SUCH a treat. Pub lunch and a walk – I’m SO looking forward to it!
    All good wishes to your brother. xx

    • I think I shall have a bit of play with paints, maybe on a rainy afternoon just like when I was little.
      I think you have a super weekend coming up and I know how much you will enjoy your daughter time.
      I have been struggling with all the Mother’s Day stuff in the shops now that I don’t have a Mum to plan for.
      My boys have done well , I have card and an impressive looking box from Amazon to open.
      Thanks for the good wishes for my brother. he doesn’t deserve this after all he has been through.

  21. Definitely the coloured side! These things pass, you’ll feel better this time next week! Keep strong

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