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Knit and Natter Friday

Trying to keep a group of retirees together is like herding sheep in a fog! You keep loosing them, fortunately the need for stops to huff and puff means everyone catches up in the end.

We were very lucky with the walk on Wednesday. The sun shone the whole time.

Two of the party  ( 7 us including me), are somewhere in front and out of sight. These three and me kept stopping to ooh and ah and take pictures. And behind me if you are counting is a chap who had stopped to change his batteries, so he told us. Much disappointment when we found out they were for his camera, as we all fancied being able to change our batteries.

The wild daffodils were in bloom.

Spring has officially Sprung.

The problem with Spring and the spring flowers is that they seem to come and go with such rapidity it’s hard keeping up with them.

In the garden the frogs have and still are being very busy and very noisy with it. Still a frogs gotta do what a frogs gotta do. Result. Lots of frogspawn. I get very protective of them.

Can’t really believe it’s Friday again either, I swear the weeks are getting shorter.

Anyway I have a finish for once. the jumper for Miss F.

Now all I have to do is hope it will go over her head without howls of protest.

The pattern is quite simple really garter stitch and double moss stitch. I could even manage that in the evening, that’s when I don’t fall asleep. The yarn is Snuggly Baby Crofter and the pattern is number 4636, should you fancy making one yourself.

In keeping with my plan to get on and knit the yarn with the patterns I had bought to go with it I took the next project from the bag I am working from- it is a big bag , one of the big brown bags Deramores use. The project that came out involves tinsel yarn and toy stuffing. I had intended to make it last year but got way laid by


So what’s everyone’s plan for this weekend? Mine shall involve yarn, fabric and rhubarb. There is enough to pick in the garden now, and I am going to try a new recipe. I’ll let you know how that goes.

Please do join in with the natter in the comments, they really are the best bits. Once again I apologise for the comments that ended up coming to me as an email. The fault was mine not WordPress, although they could have made it a bit easier to find out what I had done. Thanks to all who explained my blunder. Hopefully I haven’t pushed Add Contact Form this time!

Have a lovely weekend and

Be Happy,






Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday" (42)

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  2. What a beautiful walk that must’ve been–the sunshine! I remember sunshine . . . sort of. The weather couldn’t be much uglier here–a combo of rain and snow and high winds–ick. Your hand work all looks amazing–the sweater is adorable.

    • We have been very lucky with Winter this year, it was very mild, and Spring came early. We have sunshine again today, Sunday.

  3. ‘herding sheep in fog’! brilliant! Looks like you had a lovely walk – I don’t know about new batteries, I need a complete overhaul! Can’t seem to find my power pack, I think I must be solar powered and will perk up when the sun shines – hope so!
    Miss F’s jumper looks just perfect for a queen of the fairies and the unicorns.
    If I can muster up any energy, I will be gardening this weekend.

  4. I’m back again, those daffodils keep calling me!!

  5. love the unicorn — so so cute!

  6. gillyflower said:

    Oh, how I long for daffodils – and crocus, hyacinths, etc.! (We’re not quite there yet.) What a lovely walk! This weekend, I shall be conjuring a certain house gnome from the land of the Fae, and choosing a winner!

    • Gosh it must mean they all come in a rush for you. I have daffodils and hyacinths I the garden with grape hyacinths to follow

  7. Weeks are just speeding up aren’t they! I got up Monday morning and the next thing I know I’m off to bed on Friday night – and even the nights whizz past at an alarming rate. I haven’t finished sleeping before I have to get up …… and I don’t seem to be achieving all that much creatively in between. You on the other hand are going great guns – woohoo!! Love the unicorn ❤

    • The unicorn was made last year! I seem to have achieved very little this year in terms of finishes but I am pleased I am learning new things with the patchwork classes. I love our art work, it comes from the heart.

  8. This weekend: walks in the now lovely warmish weather (Max has gotten tubby this winter, just Max of course….), trying very hard to make my goal in the appliqué quilt, more knitting (gotta finish the back of the cardigan before I totally lose steam)

  9. My weekend will involve knitting, sewing, and dog wrangle, but at least the 2 extra dogs will be reunited with their mom, my sister, on Sunday. After 2 weeks of 4 I am ready for them to go home! There’s been too much chaos in my house!! LOL

  10. Hi Cathy! I agree with you on the quickness of the weeks. I was just discussing this same thing with one of my friends today. I told him that I was happy that we made it through another week and he seemed to think that he had lost a day and he couldn’t believe that it was already Friday. 🙂

    Miss F’s sweater is lovely and I do love the colors. And that Unicorn is adorable. Someone is going to love that thing to pieces.

    I hope you have a lovely weekend. Hugs, Tamara

    • I am at the stage of retirement when I have to think every morning what day it is and sometimes Fridays catch me by surprise.

  11. Cute sweater! It looks very Springish with the beautiful pastel colors and the patterns are lovely. The unicorn is adorable. My plans for the weekend…getting the last bits that we can out of the basement in preparation for the contractor coming this week to remove the drywall and carpet. Hopefully venture out in some sunshine. This morning we awoke to a dusting of snow. Ugh And hopefully some stitching on a mermaid or some knitting. Enjoy your weekend!

    • Snow? You don’t want snow! Hope the basement work progresses satisfactorily leaving you lots of time for mermaids and knitting.

  12. claire93 said:

    sweater and unicorn both turned out lovely!
    we’re enjoying the same kind of weather. Isn’t it gorgeous? Back to taking Gibbs out for his daily walks in the park, after my inactivity due to foot op, and the exercise is doing us all the world of good.

  13. Daffodils! Rhubarb! So jealous!! We are having a storm today, thankfully it is mostly rain, which will go a long way toward cleaning the snow. Then it needs to stay above freezing long enough to dry out a bit so no ice. Fingers crossed!

    I am plodding away on my mom’s sweater, really want it done by next weekend when I see her next.

    • Oh my I can’t believe what long cold winters you have and then those hot summers. We certainly are lucky with four seasons and less extreme temperatures. Hope the rain is heralding the start of your Spring.

      • We do have long winters, but our summers are not so bad, we get a hot few days, but not usually weeks of heat like other parts of the country do. I can’t wait for a sunny and warm day!

  14. I’m so glad the daffs lived up to expectations, after you’d promised they’d make an appearance. Well, you know what I’m up to this weekend: DfG sewing group first thing, then tiling the bathroom floor in the afternoon. Or at least, making a start at it…

    • Kate you are a marvel- will not Angel Bill help some more? Enjoy your day, which I now realise is Saturday and we are only at Friday early afternoon.

      • At the time you wrote, it was still (barely) Friday, and as I write, it’s the wee hours of Saturday. Time for some kip before I have to get cracking. As for Bill, he gets the weekend off after his Herculean labours, and quite right too.

  15. I’m glad you had lovely weather for your walk – the sun shines on the righteous!
    Perfect little girl’s jumper and the stitch looks simple enough to do without too much stress but interesting enough to keep you awake.
    I’m going to quilt my niece’s foxy quilt this weekend. I might not start today as one of my dogs woke me up in the early hours and I couldn’t get back to sleep so I’ve been up since around 4 a.m. and I don’t want to mess it up by quilting while knackered – a technical term you might not yet have come across.

    • I am looking forward to seeing the foxy quilt again. I know that technical term, its linked to a few more, like b***s up, and botch and frog. So maybe have a little nap and threaten the offending dog with no walk.

  16. And I won’t fill in the Add Contact form by mistake if you do!!
    I am writing the pattern number down it looks like a jumper I could do and I like the fact the neck does not have an opening – but I expect it might not be so simple to get over the head if you happen to have a child with a larger one. I am not sure mine would look as nice as your though. I would love to knit the Unicorn but I think that would be stretch too far for me at the moment with my limited skills and understanding of patterns – I sometimes feel I am reading morse code until the penny drops of what they are asking you to do!
    I would love to think I could change my batteries – I would go for the Duracell Long Life.

    • Oh yes oh for some long life batteries!
      I know what you mean about patterns. I once made a toy dog from a kit- fur fabric. Well I gave up trying to “understand” the instructions and settled for just doing as I was told and it worked- one perfectly acceptable toy dog. I wonder what happened to it and who I was making it for?

  17. So glad you had sunshine for your walk. It was lovely here too on Wednesday, but when I mentioned this last night at the knitting group everyone was surprised because it had been dull and miserable 10 miles inland clearly I am living on the Costa del Ceredigion! Mind you, it’s cloudy again today.
    This weekend I might just finish the squares I am making for my latest blanket – I haven’t got around to posting about it, partly because I don’t think it looks very promising unconstructed, although I have high hopes for it once it’s stitched together (it uses a sort of optical illusion to give the final effect). Other than that, I think I might make a few more greeting cards from scraps so I have lots to show in next month’s scraphappy.

    • It was a grey day here this morning and a bit breezy but the sun is breaking through now. Sunshine on a walk does lift the old spirits.
      I am looking forward to seeing your blanket it sounds marvellous with an optical illusion. Somethings do look unimpressive while you are making them. Apart from a few more rows on the crochet blanket haven’t done anything with my scraps- I am rather relying on the patchwork class and the scrappy border on my quilt for my next scrap happy post.

  18. That ‘self pattern/striping’ wool is fabulous isn’t it. Quite costly here – the cheaper versions don’t have that natural look about them so I steer clear. Anyway I like the thrill of working two balls of wool at a time 😊
    Believe it or not I don’t have anything on the go at the moment. Will have to remedy that quick smart – won’t be long before winter will be knocking on our door and charities will ‘asking’ for more and more to hand out.
    My trick with necks on children’s jumpers is – if I’ve cast off loose enough for me to pull it over my adult head then it will be fine. I cast off in rib which gives a bit of a stretch but allows it to return to a neat and tidy cast off edge – if you can understand what I mean.
    Take care

    • I do understand your meaning. The pattern called for it to be cast off in rib so I did. I never knew that the reason was to give it more Give! I like sirdar yarn a lot. It’s good quality and super soft for young skins.

  19. Lovely walk, my friend and I did it a few years ago, keep meaning to go back 🙂

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