Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Farndale- Wednesday Walk

I’m about to head off on the monthly walk with the U3A. This time we are walking through Farndale where the wild daffodils grow. I took these pictures a month ago when I planned our route, so sadly the daffs were not out then, but hopefully will be today.

Down the hill to the river. We will be walking along the river bank.

Look on the far bank then to the near side, I am sure that once upon a time there must have been a bridge here.

There are the daffs coming though the undergrowth.

And I am hoping for lambs in these fields.

No walk is complete without a bench or two.

I love views across to the moors beyond the green valley.

No post complete without tree and sky picture!

Lambs tail catkins, so sweet.

Stopping here for a cup of coffee, The Daffy Caffy. Hurrah there is a picture on this site that shows the daffs are out ( someone cast doubt to me yesterday).

Coming back through this gate, and a proper Yorkshire wall.

I had snowdrops to look at last month..

And finally, I just loved this sentiment…

Leaving you with daffodils in the village of Scagglethorpe, taken on Friday .

And may your day be filled with the hope of warmer , happy days to come.




Comments on: "Farndale- Wednesday Walk" (32)

  1. What a wonderful stone wall! And I love the memorial benches–we see them here in the States sometimes, too. A good way to be remembered, I think.

  2. Glad to hear your walk was lovely and filled with sunshine and daffodils!

  3. I would have loved to be walking with you.

  4. Hope you had lovely weather and saw lots of Daffs. Wild ones are even more special. Managed a no coat walk after work with Hugo, it was good to feel the sun again. X

  5. Another fab looking walk. Siddy and I wish we could come too ❤

  6. Happy Spring!!! I loved our walk today. Love and Hugs, Tamara

  7. You take the most amazing walks and see such wonderful things. I hope the daffodils were in bloom for you today 🙂

  8. thoughts36 said:

    Lovely photos. It is indeed a warmer and sunny day today. A vast improvement on the torrential rain of Saturday and the cloud and murk of the last couple of weeks. Hope the sun shone on your walk today.

  9. Hope you had a lovely walk. Definitely makes me feel I should try to get on some country walks instead of just Southampton Common.

  10. I hope you had lovely weather for your walk today and managed to glimpse some lambs.

  11. Enjoy your walk. Bet there will be a really change in the plants – maybe you should to a compare and contrast post of pics a month apart.

  12. I remember the name Scagglethorpe when we used to go to Scarborough when the girls were young. On a rainy day we would head back inland for a look around – such wonderful places in the area where you live.
    Love the name Daffy Cafe. You used to come across these kind of cafes in Derbyshire at one time – old cottages and little shacks serving tea and refreshment – they need to be preserved but are sadly disappearing or turning into some huge businesses now.
    Have a lovely walk – the weather is warm and sunny here. x

    • It was a lovely walk today, the weather gods shone down on us. So many of the lovely old cafes are Starbucks, Costa or worse still Little Chefs. I am pleased to say the café was doing a roaring trade today.

  13. I’ll take the hope and sentiment, but for cooler, fresher days instead 🙂

  14. Now the Daffy Caffy is definitely on my list of places to visit if I ever get to Yorkshire again!
    It looks a great walk, I do hope you see some wild daffs today – they are so sweet and so rare.
    Love the sentiment on that last plaque – is it also on a bench?

    • We did indeed see daffodils. Late March is the best time for this walk. The plaque is on a gate post as the couple bought the gate for the walk.

  15. Again, I wish I could join you on your walk and the trip to the Daffy Caffy. I do miss Yorkshire, although I moved to Wales (also beautiful) 35 years ago.

  16. Fingers crossed for you to have lots of daffodils today, love the sound of the daffy cafe! X

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