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Problem on the blog

Hi, I have no idea what is going on with my blog, some comments are coming though to my email box and not appearing here on the blog? Also the new box below has appeared asking you to log in. Has anyone else had the problem or know how to remedy it please?  In the meantime I am sorry if your comment did not appear.



Comments on: "Problem on the blog" (13)

  1. Hope it all works out that can be annoying

  2. I had a problem for a couple of days. It was after the laptop updated and shut down. It righted itself after a couple of days. It looks like you are all sorted out again too. Frustrating.

  3. Nothing more annoying . Hope it got sorted!

  4. Viv is a total star. big thanks, I see what I did, knew it was me leaning on something at the wrong time. Thanks everyone for you help, you are all wonderful.

  5. Whatever it was, it’s certainly gone now… you can change settings for Comments so that everyone always has to provide their details, in which case you get the form. Mostly people have it set so that commenters you’ve approved once are allowed through straight away.

  6. Hi cathy have sent a message to tell you how to remove the 2nd form you have put on.

    Viv x

  7. It looks like it might be sorted now – at least from my end it is. It was probably just a glitch – but get in touch with them if it continues or look through the WordPress forums.

  8. If you tag the word wordpress then a wordpress scout might see it and tell you what to do

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