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A Little Owl.

The felt embroidery workshop on Friday was great fun. Cost £1, so I wasn’t expecting much. There were fourteen participants, with varying degrees of skill and former experience. The tutor provided felt, embroidery floss and designs for us to choose from. We each made our selection and traced the design we choose onto tissue paper which we then laid direct over the felt. We stitched the outline of the design through the tissue and then pulled the tissue away from the stitches. Some choose to make an applique design in the usual way. I  had never tried stitching through tissue in this way so gave it a go and it was surprisingly good. Afterwards you will the design with whatever stitches you choose. At this point if you were a beginner the session fell apart . The tutor had provided some worked examples and a couple of books for people to look at. As we were in the library I went and located some more stitch books for people to look at, and I also found myself helping the two novice stitchers beside me. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop, it has renewed my interest in stitching. I came home and completed my little owl. Here he is.

Stitches used are split stitch, stem stitch and back stitch for the design outline. Then satin stitch, for beak and claws. Stem stitch for the wings and feather stitch for the body. Eyes are blanket stitch and French knots.  Leaf is straight stitch and fly stitch. I had a great time but felt sorry for those who had no experience of embroidery. Less sympathy for those that thought they were going to be doing needle felting when the title of the workshop was felt embroidery. I have no idea what to with him now he’s done, any ideas anyone please?


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  1. Joanne S said:

    This owl looks so soft. I like your idea of including him (her?) in one of your crocheted blankets. Kudos to your library for hosting creative classes!

  2. He’s an adorable owl I’m sure you’ll figure out something with all the great suggestions here. I’m a person that needs more direction than most in that kind of setting. But it’s always fun to learn something new. You seem up for any challenge from what I’ve seen. It’s a great way to spend our later years. Learning new things and meeting new people.

  3. So many creative ideas to make your li’l hooter even cuter!
    Fun link to share on my blog’s fb page and hope to try it too 🙂 💜 Jackie@KWH

  4. She probably should’ve made it more clear that this was for people with some embroidery you experience already. Still there is a great opportunity for the library to run another course for practising basic stitches. How fantastic that your library are running this kind of course and only for a nominal fee!

    So do you use a running stitch through the paperwork to transfer the design onto the felt? And then doesn’t that get complicated when you’re trying to fill-in the design with embroidery? Or have I got the wrong end of the stick?!

    • No you have got it right. I used a mixture of stitches to do the outline, then once you have got that done you gently ease off the tissue and fill the design as you wish.
      I was advertised as being for all skill levels and it would have worked had she provided some handouts with stitches on them for people, rather than saying here’s a book decide what to do.

  5. A sweet owl. Depending on his size, could you frame him in an embroidery hoop and hang him up? Or what about mounting him on one of those wood slices craft stores sell for pyrography?

  6. Cute little owl. Sounds like you got your £1 worth. Shame about the beginners, but if it wasn’t billed as learn to embroider, I don’t think I’ve any more sympathy than for people who thought it was needle felting.

  7. He is super cute, and if t sounds like it was a lot of fun. 🙂

  8. This sounds like a fun session and, if it’s gotten you back to doing more stitching, what a bonus that is! I can’t come up with any better ideas for the owl than the others have offered but I hope you don’t just stick him in a drawer!

  9. Cute! Yu could aplique him/her onto a bigger piece of felt to make a little note book cover.

  10. I love the little owl. What a fun event, well worth the entry fee 🙂

  11. What a lovely owl you made! He definitely needs to be used for something, although I would be tempted to just frame him to hang on the wall

  12. Everyone else has already suggested what I thought of, unless you turn him into the top of a cylindrical pincushion. But I feel it would be a shame to stab him with pins…

  13. What a gorgeous owl! The workshop was a bargain price too. Hope you get to make something lovely with it.

  14. He’s a very cute owl, I think Lyn’s suggestion of a needlecase is a good one. Well done for helping the others, I think for a £1 everyone got a bargain ::-)

  15. I love your little owl, maybe add another to one of your grand’s sweaters in the next few months?

  16. Lots of good suggestions here already. Depending on his size he might also be a coaster…… then you could make a set 🙂 He’s very cute.

  17. What a cute owl. I wish they had classes like that in Southampton. I discovered some interesting crafting classes a few miles away but travelling would have been about three times the class length. The owl could be made into a broach or an embellishment for a garment maybe.

    • I was amazed it happened in our library. I asked the librarian about it and how the tutor made it pay and turns out the county council paid for the class.

  18. Oh Cathy. I love your little stitched owl. He’s so cute and wise looking. 🙂

  19. Lovely owl. Could you use him on a bookmark? X

  20. I would have been one of the first group – I’ve never really taken to embroidery at all. Translation: ‘on those few occasions I have tried – I was c**p at it’. I would have really appreciated your help had I been there as I’m sure those people in the same boat as me were.
    As for your little owl. I don’t know how big he is but what about making a little needle case and use him as the cover? You’ll be needing more needles if you’re getting back into stitching.

  21. well done, Cathy, for helping a few of the novices ^^
    I was thinking a card finish would be nice too . . . but don’t know how big little owl is.

  22. He is a very cute owl. You could frame him or put him on a card front. Glad you enjoyed the class and were able to help out a few classmates.

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