Yarn, Yorkshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Today’s the day I take a small select group of people on a short walk , I wondered if you would care to come along. I am hoping for lots of snowdrops and a nice mug of coffee when we are back. I took the photos when I did the walk back in January, I have to H&S these walks. We are going from Thornton Dale to Ellerburn and back.

See, it’s not a long walk.

Past the old mill which used to be all about animal feeds when I lived in the village, but is now flats.

And along the beckside. I love beech hedges during the winter.

That’s the old mill race, at one time there would have been a wheel to power the mill.

I wonder who decorated the tree for Christmas and if they came back and took them down? Hoping the woods will be full of snowdrops. Should I take my camera and risk annoying the walkers?

I love the way the beck has been reinforced with timber.

The beck is still on our left but the dale of Ellerburn is opening out.

My family tells me I take weird pictures. I can’t think what they are referring too.

Nothing weird about chickens

or trees.

There’s the church with the bats in the belfry , and our route back takes us along a lane, which you may recall is just one mile long. I counted no less than ten benches. Ten. If Wild Daffodil ever has a photo challenge for benches I shall be well prepared. I did take a picture of all ten, not weird, here are the two most moving ones

Christmas greetings for the loved ones on the plaque ,and here too

this one had a letter for Mum, saying how much she was loved still and missed.

If there is a gravestone for people to visit there is a place to go to think of their loved one, but when ashes are scattered well where do people go for a quiet moment.?

You can’t beat a nice photo of a gate can you , and it’s certainly not weird taking photos of gates.

Back past the thatched cottage and if it looks at all familiar it might just be that you have seen it on a jigsaw puzzle.

And back to main road and the Hall care home. It was a hotel back in my day. Mr E and his family stayed there the night before our wedding.

OK coffee anyone?

Hope you enjoyed the stroll. Have you had any snowdrop walks this year?




Comments on: "February walk, Thornton Dale to Ellerburn." (42)

  1. I get grief for taking weird pictures too! There are just so many patterns out there, intentional or otherwise, and I want to capture them.
    Did you see any snowdrops on your walk? They’re one of my favourite flowers

  2. Hi Cathy! I loved walking along with you and I don’t think your photos are weird at all!!! Keep on taking pictures of anything you want to. 🙂 Love and Hugs, Tamara

  3. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Loved the walk. xx

  4. Such an amazing stroll thru the country. It is amazing.

  5. Loved the walk, since we’ve not been out at all this week. It’s too cold! Thanks for the pictures!

  6. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    A lovely walk. The mill looks lovely. It is one thing people in the UK do well and that is restore and reuse your old buildings. And i agree, always worth taking photos of gates.

  7. You live in a lovely part of the world Cathy! I enjoyed the walk – I took it with my coffee 🙂

  8. It’s so lovely — I enjoyed the walk….now it’s coffee time 🙂

  9. You are very good researching your walks before you do them with your group. This one looks particularly lovely and will look even lovelier if there are snowdrops. Let us know.x

    • Well I am never quite certain how much as a group leader I a responsible for people’s well being, and I like to check out the stile situation, and the likelihood of mud and livestock! The snowdrops were out and looked very pretty.

  10. I SO wish I could along in person! This looks like a delightful, varied walk–it has lots of points of interest. And, yes, of course, you should take your camera and take as many weird photos as you can!

    • Thank you! I didn’t take the camera in the end, common sense reared its head and I didn’t want the rest of the group to be held up!

  11. I like all the photographs including the ‘weird’ ones! My favourite is the trees against the sky. Just the sort of thing I love to take.

  12. A lovely stroll – it is beautiful where you live and a thatch so rare down here in West Yorkshire. I think a camera is there to capture anything so I don’t think a bath tub is the least bit weird. I have a wonderful photo of a young lad aged about 10 in what would have been the slums in Huddersfield back then (now pulled down). At the time we were out and about with our cameras on a project in Huddersfield when I was at the Art School. Whenever I see that photo I always wonder what that young lad with his beaming smile is doing now and how he has fared through life given his modest start at the time.
    PS it would not be the done thing to take a picture of a child on the streets now of course but this was back in the 70’s!

    • I bet that photo of yours is of real social history value. I recall wanting to take a picture of my grandson having a swimming lesson. My son soon put me right. What a sad world we live in.

  13. Thank you. I’ve missed your walks. Does look very wintery. That cottage is stunning, no wonder it’s been used for a jigsaw.

    • I did it on about 5 January, as the deadline for the newsletter for my walks is the 14th of the month. So I walked and wrote about the March walk last week, a week before the group did todays. So I am now planning the April one in my head.

  14. That looks like a nice little walk. I love to see memorial benches in places where no doubt they hold memories of a loved one who enjoyed being there. I photographed one on Anglesey last year, it had a lovely poem attached to it written by the lady’s husband. I’ve had a jigsaw puzzle of that cottage for many years, I remember being taken there when I was a kid but don’t remember much about the village itself so really must take a visit sometime 🙂

    • The thatched cottage used to be on those enormous boxes of chocolates you used to get too. Thornton Dale is very pretty and there are several nice walks to be had.

      • I remember those boxes of chocolates, my mum had several of them when I was young and I’m almost sure she had one with that cottage on it. I presume you can’t get them like that any more as I’ve not seen them around for many years.

  15. I hope you do take your camera and capture those snowdrops.
    I have been pondering on a theme for next year’s photos – Benches! great idea – or maybe seats of all sorts – could be interesting. You are full of excellent ideas (and weirdly wonderful photos) Nanacathy!
    Will you be able to go inside that intriguing church I wonder.
    Thank you for the stroll – I enjoyed it very much. Mine’s a cappucino. 🙂

  16. It is so lovely! I didn’t realize thatched cottages still existed! No snowdrops here yet, still snowflakes!

  17. I do love how your part of the world looks…. The only parts of Yorkshire I know are around Sheffield, Halifax and Hebden Bridge. Nothing at all like that down here, neither the scenery, nor the history, nor how the buildings look.

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