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Colour in the Garden

It’s a real joy to go into the garden now. It’s oh so tidy , and sunny and colour is popping up everywhere.

The first tete a tete daffodil.

I think I planted theis two years ago and forgot all about it.

The first flowers of the year.

More and more snowdrops each year.

First yellow crocus

And these three survived the gardeners walking all over them last week.

Happy Days.

Hoping there is colour for you today.

Comments on: "Colour in the Garden" (41)

  1. It is always so amazing to see these sudden burst of colour when Spring is arriving, they seem to appear just everywhere. I love yours, it looks perfect and sunny and inviting. πŸ™‚ Enjoy.

  2. So glad you’re enjoying your garden. I’m struggling to find more than primroses and snowdrops blooming.

  3. Oh those look just wonderful! The only thing I see outside my windows is snow and more snow. We are hoping for 20 F this week!

  4. The first signs of spring are divine!

  5. Great to see your flowers. I have noticed mine are coming on too. Was going to go and take some photographs but it is a bit dull and wet here.

  6. So pretty! Thanks for sharing that hope with those of us still frozen solid!

  7. We have striking color but it isn’t from flowers–dark green fir trees, bright blue skies, and blinding white snow. Pretty in its own way . . . But I’ll be ready to see flowers like yours when it’s time!

  8. I do miss spring flowers. We don’t really get spring here. It goes from mild, sunny weather to hot sunny or wet weather, and that’s about it. No chill down for winter, so no bulb really, apart from amaryllis in the garden, which are gorgeous but don’t have the same shy charm.

  9. It is a special time of year when the flowers start springing up all over the garden – one or two at first and then a whole host of colour appears.

  10. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Spring is coming yipee:-)

  11. My only color today will come from yarn or fabric!

  12. I always love these first signs of spring – they lift the spirits don’t they. It’s still hot here, but the light is fading from both ends of the day …….

    • Those first flowers really tell you the year has turned. Our days are noticeably longer now. Getting light at 7am and light until well after 5pm now.

  13. I miss crocuses, yours are too sweet. I also miss lupins, my gran always had them in the front garden, but I never see them here. Maybe I just haven’t looked properly…

  14. You have some lovely spring flowers there.The sunshine this weekend has definitely brought them out. Xx

  15. Oh the beauty of all of those flowers! I am feeling very jealous of your Springtime! My road and the road off of it (Up a hill in ether direction) is covered in an inch thick layer of glass looking ice with 2-4 inches of snow forecasted for tonight. Ugh. I will enjoy your beautiful flowers and dream of Spring πŸ™‚

  16. Sweet pops of color!

  17. Lovely. I have a special fondness for the first flowers of the year – they are either brave little souls or early risers.

  18. Lovely photos, Cathy ~ thank you!

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