Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

Scrap Happy Natter.

I am posting this a day early as Friday is the day of our great internet changeover, and I have no idea how long that will take. We are now on Plan C by the way of interim internet provision, Mr E has his uses.

It’s also Scrap Happy Day so I am combining two posts in one, so do please visit Kate’s blog for more scrap happy projects.

I have continued to use up the yarn leftover from the Eastern Jewels blanket- so far there have been two cushion covers and a blanket( this has now gone to a homeless charity), and at last I have used all the yarn that was leftover. I am now onto using scraps of yarn leftover from other projects. Yes there probably is enough to make a good size blanket.

The grey colour is really green, and it’s going to be an enormous granny square.

This week it’s been all about the garden and its winter tidy up. Four man days it took and oh boy there is a difference.

Wisteria off the wall

Up again, can’t wait to show you it in May .

Big mess in vegetable garden.

Big mess moved onto the lawn at the end of day one, and now all gone for recycling and upcycling.

Vegetable garden ready for action.

Pond in need of some TLC

Pond ready for the frogs returning next month.

I feel as if a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders. There were two trailer loads of vegetation now all gone. How long would that have taken me to dispose of via the garden refuse collection which doesn’t  get collected in Winter. I had already filled it to the top. Oh and the compost bins are overflowing too.

Sometimes you just have to concede that Wonderwoman can’t do it all by herself. when Superman has been very ill indeed.

I am now looking forward to warmer days when I can potch around the garden again. I love going out first thing in the morning and enjoying those early moments when day begins.

The birds love the transformation by the way. You should have heard the noise they made on the first day the chaps came.

A quieter weekend is install for us. I am hoping to go to Scarborough on Saturday to choose backing fabric and wadding for my beginners quilt. Friday morning is Family History Group. I have made some good progress with my researches this year and all down to my Dad not chucking things out. If anyone’s interested let me know and I will do a post.

So I hope you all have a good weekend. Any nice plans? Do tell. Have you ever had to give in and get help when things overwhelm you? And please don’t forget to look at others Scrappy Projects.

Be Happy,




Comments on: "Scrap Happy Natter." (37)

  1. That Eastern Jewel blanket just keeps giving! Your new blanket is a lovely scrap project. Our yard looks atrocious right now and I don’t have any desire to get out and tidy up. Waiting for a little warmer weather and feeling my age.

  2. What a great job they did. There’s absolutely no shame in paying professionals to do a job for you.

    I bet the birds did love the work as lots of little insects and worms were there for the taking.

    Have a good weekend. Hope the internet was an easy switch over.

    • The birds seem most impressed with the pond which has become their bath!
      Internet and phone switch over went according to plan, no bother.

      Fabric shopping this afternoon. Have a good weekend yourself.

  3. Wow! The garden’s looking fab. I’ve managed one woman hour this week, so unfortunately ours is still looking like your before photos. Well done on the scraps. Love the granny square. Glad the switch over went seamlessly xx

  4. Hope your internet is restored! yay for using up the yarn.

  5. I could use a couple of Supermen to create the garden I long to have!

  6. actually does look green as it should on my screen. though not a bright green.

  7. Garden transformation is very impressive as is large granny blanket. And the ‘grey’ actuall

  8. You did the right thing! The garden looks great. Wonderful scrappy yarny project too.
    I pick up some new glasses tomorrow – it always takes me a while to get used to a new perscription. I will miss the frames I have but I’m told they won’t stand up another set of lenses. 😦
    If the sun shines I will be in my garden this weekend. 🙂

    • I have had a super hour in the garden this afternoon, planting pansies with the help of Mr Blackbird. Then fishing out duckweed from the pond, in which Mr Blackbird then took a bath. I only garden for him really.
      How are the new glasses. I love new glasses. I am wondering when I dare get a pair with big red round frames?
      New shoes are nice too.

  9. That was money very well spent Cathy! You and Mr. E will be able to Enjoy the garden again; so happy for you both! Just the lift you have needed too! This weekend…sewing and more sewing it will be. I am glad it’s the final round, though! 😉 I have a plan ruminating, and I think it will work, I’m going to let it ruminate for another hour then head to the fabric store. 🙂 It would be nice to get everything washed and ready before teaching this afternoon.

  10. Wonder Woman and Superman need to cut themselves a break and take it easy for awhile! You did SUCH a smart thing, hiring those guys to clear up your garden so you can enjoy it–they did a great job! I like your big granny square with the colors changing in unexpected places!

  11. There’s nothing wrong with getting help in when you need it – we can’t do everything and it’s good to give work to local folks; in fact it’s important for our local economy. Your garden looks all set for exciting growing this year and I’m sure it’s making you feel happier.
    I am hoping to do lots of sewing this weekend and maybe plant a few more seeds.

    • They were all local people, living n the Ryedale area. I agree to employing locals for these jobs. I am going outside shortly to plant some pansies I got from the supermarket this morning, just for the sheer pleasure of being able to. Hope you get some sewing done this weekend.

  12. Wow, that looks a lot different. Well done to your team.
    My garden is growing complete out of its boundaries, since we are getting so much rain here lately. It is very much flooded in some places and the trees have needed cutting to avoid the branches from breaking.
    I wish we had a pond too, I would be able to sit there and watch the birds and critters for hours. 🙂

  13. That is a lovely big granny square.
    Our garden pond has become a bit of a pain really – the plants in the centre have become unmanageable, the fish seem to have disappeared and the dogs plunge themselves in it on hot days whereas they won’t go near the special doggy paddling pool we bought them. I rue the day Mr. Tialys decided to create that pond but, on the plus side, we had some beautiful, huge dragonflies in the Summer.
    I see your lion is ageing up nicely 😉
    This weekend I will probably have to help Mr. Tialys, who returns from the U.K.after a two week stint tonight, putting right some of the work our cowboy builder has done in the gutting of the family bathroom while he was away. I might be helping to mix concrete 😱

    • We inherited fish 17 years ago but I didn’t want the responsibility so they were rehoused in Dad’s pond and with a pond specialist. Within 24 hours of the eviction newts and frogs moved in. We started with just a few and now every Spring we have about 40 courting couples. The pond heaves with them and as for the noise, better than a cock at dawn.
      Good luck with the bathroom.

  14. Your garden is looking fabulous, I’m not surprised it feels like a weight off your shoulders. I’m so JEALOUS of your pond, it’s wonderful. And one of the loveliest pieces of crochet I ever saw was a massive granny square blanket (my friend Sharon did it, after I’d taught her how to crochet). Have a lovely restful weekend xxx

    • It will be good to have time to enjoy the garden and go round a fabric shop. If I can throw in a cup of tea somewhere nice that will be the icing on the cake. Have a great weekend.

  15. I am glad you posted a day early because I was in the mood for a nice natter today.
    I agree with you about yard work — or decluttering in the house — the hardest part is getting the stuff hauled off!
    I would love to hear more about the stuff your dad kept and what discoveries you made!

    • I take as much stuff myself to the recycling centre but they pruned whole trees, no way would those branches have fitted into the car.
      I will do a post about my family history.

  16. Wow! Can you send your gardeners down here, please? I can’d do it myself any more either… And that scrappy blankie is going to be magnificent; there’s always something so lovely and spontaneous about mixing up your colours because it’s what you’ve got.

    • They were totally brilliant chaps. So glad I gave into Mr E’s pleas to stop trying to do it myself. There is something rather nice about a scrappy blanket. I had some feedback from the homeless charity, not about my blanket but about one they had passed on earlier to a homeless man. He said it was not only that it would keep him warm that he liked but that someone had cared enough to put love and time into making it. I

  17. deemallon said:

    “Potch around the garden”? I love the sound of that. Can’t wait to see things evolve in your yard. We need help painting the inside of our house. The living room ceiling looks like a map of the world with spackling applied and then abandoned. Maybe this summer?

    • I can strongly recommend getting someone in to help with jobs. We had three chaps, two on each of two days. They worked non stop, we could never ever ever have achieved what they did even if we worked for six months. The sun is shining this afternoon so my first potch will occur. I bought some pansies at the supermarket this lunchtime and I shall plant them out.

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