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Knit and Natter Friday

Welcome to the last Knit and Natter for 2018. Thanks go to everyone who has read one of these posts and especially to those who joined in with the natter. Without you these posts would be nothing, as I know the natter is the best bit.

So did everyone have a Happy Christmas? I was reminded the other day that whilst every day may not be a good day, every day has a good part. So true, if we just stop a while and think.

Our Christmas was lovely. It started out hectic, with the baking of the chocolate mince pies.

And then there was the stollen I made on Christmas Eve. Let’s just say there was a bit of an issue with the yeast, and the whole procedure ended up taking twelve hours.

Mr Humbug loved making up a stocking for me. He was positively beaming with the thrill of it, and I am now the happy owner of a fairy glider, a large glitter balloon and some unicorn chocolate currency! If I had known all these years that Mr Grumpy would become Mr Happy just by filling a stocking, well it would have happened ages ago.

Boxing Day was the chance for a walk. The fog lifted and the sun came out. I spotted a mug tree in a garden, I kid you not.

I would just love to know the story behind that.

As for knitting, there has been none. Bit of crochet, little bit of stitching, but mostly not.

I fell to wondering what my favourite piece of knitting for this year had been.

Maybe the dragon, who went to school with Little Miss F on St George’s Day, with the comment that her Nana can knit anything.

Or maybe the Unicorn?

And who can forget Morgana?

The jumper for Master T or

Yes this, maybe not the most fun, the grey(groan) jumper for Toddler J, but oh the compliment from his Mama, worthy of a baby boutique in Wimbledon! Indeed.

Changed my mind. Morgana wins!

Did you have a favourite project you made in 2018, what was it?

So, that’s the last Knit and Natter for this year. Do so hope you enjoyed this one.

Have a very Happy New Year, and see you in 2019.





Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday" (48)

  1. Happy New Year! Wishing you all the best in 2019!

  2. All the best for 2019! x

  3. Hello Cathy, my favourites of yours are the dragon and Morgana and lastly the Mug Tree although you hadn’t knitted that lol πŸ˜‰ So nice your husband is crafting too πŸ™‚ What is my fave thing I made this year? Umm… My dogs would say it’s the big homemade dog cushion complete with homemade inner cushion, packed firmly with toy polyester filling! I would say, the Christmas Angel with hand-embroidered face.
    HAPPY 2019 my friend! Love to you and your loved ones. πŸ™‚ xo

  4. Happy Christmas to you Cathy! It sounds like you had a wonderful time. I do enjoy your posts, even if I don’t reply to all. You have such a lovely collection of finished projects this year and I look forward to what you will bring us in 2019!

  5. I do love your Friday KandN’s!
    How wonderful that Mr E embraced the Christmas stockings idea so wholeheartedly! and such fun ingredients – what a success story.
    You’ve made some great things this year – My favourite project of yours has to be Morgana and I’m eager to know what she and that dragon have been getting up to together – what a duo!
    My 8 year old grandson asked me what project of mine I was most proud of the other day – got me thinking…. I’ve decided it is the 2ply cotton Mandala Madness in mainly turquoise that I am most proud of, so I must get that one finished in 2019 – that is the only resolution I’m making!
    Happy New Year to you and yours Cathy!

  6. Happy 2019 to you x

  7. Dear Cathy,
    Please do continue your Friday KnN posts if possible as they are so enjoyable, and help to remind me to work on my own projects. Speaking of projects… love Morgana and look forward to hearing more of her daring deeds after your visit! xx

  8. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    So lovely to see your lovely knits again.
    Hard to pick a favourite but the dragon may just have it. May 2019 bring you lots more knitting adventures.

  9. Personally I’d *have* to go back and knock on the nearest door to ask the story of the mug tree. You know me – I’d have asked on Boxing Day actually.

    We walked our usual 6 mile loop and saw the usual brand new shiny scooters and bikes, but no mug trees!

    • I love that there are so many new bikes on show on Boxing Day. My route crossed a mountain bike track and there were some chaps on their bikes, but no children with their new shiny ones.
      Not certain I will ever have the courage to knock on a door and say I love your mug tree.

  10. I’m a particular fan of little Miss F’s dragon – I think he is a fine specimen of his genre! I have become quite enamoured of all your animals and fairies and have found myself looking at a number of books on-line – but nothing has made it into my cart yet. Any suggestions?

    I made a couple of favourites this year but the one thing they have in common is the fact they were made with wools purchased from on-line companies I never knew existed until my friends in other countries did the research and found them for me πŸ™‚ I have yet to post about them as they were gifts and the recipients read my blog.

    • I am looking forward to seeing those gifts on your blog. Being able to buy on-line is really good. I bought my yarn from catalogues back in the 80s and am so thrilled that firm is still going, as well as some wonderful new firms. I prefer to buy from a real shop though and feel so lucky to have a local yarn store.

      As to books, choose ones that use readily available yarn. So many use speciality (expensive) yarns and translating them to other yarns is difficult.

      • Thanks for that tip about the books Cathy – I hadn’t thought of that. My last LYS closed this year and now all that is left is the big stores selling imported yarns – which in a wool producing country is abysmal! It’s one of those times when the internet is really working in my favour.

  11. Beautiful knitting! I may have to try that trick if getting grumpy men to fill a stocking to make them happy! I swear every man in my family is Ebenezer Scrooge!

    • I was really surprised at how readily he took to the idea and gusto with which he set about it. It was all about fun and thought. Go for it I say Mr Grumps everywhere.

  12. I do hope you’re planning to carry on with your Friday catch-ups? I don’t knit as such but I certainly know how to natter. I think my own favourite project this year was the Colour of Happiness quilt for my friend Chippy, but if I’m picking one of yours, it’d have to be that wicked Morgana…

    • I loved the colour of happiness quilt but my favourite of yours was the quilt inspired by the artist whose name I have forgotten now. I am seeing Morgana soon and I will be interested to hear if she has been behaving herself.

      • Oh, the Bonnard quilt for my sister. Yes, that was a lovely one too, but those colours were all in my comfort zone and it didn’t challenge me like CoH…

  13. thoughts36 said:

    Aww I love that dragon. Not so sure about your chocolate mince pies. I’m not a fan of everything chocolate. Reminds me of some hot x buns I bought from Tesco earlier in the year, they were hot x buns in disguise. I thought they were sultanas only to find they were chocolate chips, I was devestated, how could anyone think of putting chocolate chips in a hot x bun, it’s just wrong on so many levels. πŸ˜€

    • I don’t think I would be happy with chocolate drop hot cross buns, you need the spicy flavour to come through. The mince pies were nice but I don’t think I’ll do them again.

  14. For me it has to be my color work poncho. Or the recent shawl I finished. But who can forget the fun Fox hats. I can’t decide!!! LOL But I do adore your dragon!

  15. First, I LOVE your Knit and Knatter Fridays, even if I am behind, I always read those, and the comments; So. Much. Fun. I think Morgana is my favorite of the year, I am not certain I am ready to attempt such as that, and her expression is just so spiky, she definitely has attitude! As for my favorite thing…I think it was DH’s Christmas shirt, there’s a good story with it, and I’ll share it in a post soon!

  16. You don’t expand on the issue with the yeast for the Stollen but I always find they take all day. Very slow rise even with lots of yeast. Or maybe it’s just me.

    • You make me feel better. I thought it was temperature, then old yeast but it wasn’t, it was miscalculation on my part!

      • Adding larger than normal amounts of yeast can speed up the process. This year I ran out of yeast so only used a normal sort of amount and it took about twelve hours from start to finish.

  17. What a fun year of knitting you have had! Morgana would be my favorite as well, she has such a personality!

    I think my favorite thing I knit is my down the road and back again shawl, from yarn I spun. I wound up selling it to a friend, and I love seeing it on her!

    If you ever find out about the mug tree, do tell!

  18. PS–I hope Knit and Natter Fridays continue in 2019–I look forward to them every week!

  19. I have to ponder the question of what my favorite project was this year–right this second, I can’t think of anything I finished but I must’ve! I love Morgana but I think your dragon might be my favorite of yours. And, next year, I think I’ll see if my husband will do the Christmas stocking swap with me–I think ti would be lots of fun!

  20. Your projects were lovely -ooh and I fancy one of those choccy mince pies! My best 2018 project – that’s a difficult one – I made a handful of hats recently, so for the pleasure of finishing something speedily it could be a hat – there’s been a fair amount of procrastinating this year.

  21. I love everyone of your projects and your blog is a joy to read – here’s to 2019 x

  22. All your knitting was lovely and brought great pleasure to one and all – not least to us when we read about it.
    I rather like the idea of the mug tree. Several new mugs were received by this house at Christmas and we are already rather over-subscribed. Maybe I’ll hang some of the older ones out on a tree with some bird seed in. Somebody might even take a photo of it for their blog.
    I’m glad you and the ex Mr. Humbug enjoyed yourselves with the stocking idea – never too late to start a family Christmas tradition is it?
    I think my favourite project in 2018 was the Eastern Jewels blanket which now resides with Mlle. Tialys the Elder in Bournemouth – I might well make another this year just for me.

    • Personally I vote for your having a mug tree and writing a blog about it please. Most certainly you need an Eastern Jewels for your self.

  23. You knitted so many marvellous projects this year, I wouldn’t be able to pick a favourite!
    As for my crafting – each current project is my favourite, until I move on to the next one lol.
    So pleased to hear the stocking filling brought an extra special appeal to xmas this year – it’s all about the giving and secret preparation really, isn’t it?
    We had a lovely relaxed xmas, and have more memories to store away for the future.

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