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Yarn Along!

So what I should be doing is making a quilt top for Little Miss F and knitting a sleeve for the cardigan for Toddler J. What I am actually doing is crocheting a blanket with that leftover yarn and reading. This is a funny crime novel but a little gruesome in a Lock Stock kind of way.

So I wonder what you are doing as opposed to what you should be doing?

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  1. Now I am retired I tend to avoid should! It’s more a matter of ‘need’ or ‘want to’. I only dust when the dust starts to annoy me!

  2. claire93 said:

    well, I’ve been polishing my halo actually, after having finished ALL the prรฉsents I needed to make this xmas and having wrapped & posted to those who live abroad!
    I do have a few more things to make for people who live close to home, but have plenty of time for those. Today, I’ve been crocheting, and tonight, it’ll be early to bed with cats, hot chocolate and a good book.

  3. Playing hooky from what we “should” be doing–is there anything more fun than that? For me, going out to lunch, and having an adult beverage with it, is my fave way of avoiding the “shoulds.”

  4. Yesterday I was unexpectedly off work, and supposed to work from home in the afternoon. Instead I napped and knit. I will pay for it with long days later this week but it felt good!

  5. Well, you can read what I’m doing instead of cleaning the bathroom!
    The book looks interesting, Cathy, but can you read and crochet at the same time?!
    My goodness! xx

  6. I am supposed to be bathing the pianos and vacuuming the furniture….but I have been knitting, walking the dog and catching up on the blogs, which got overwhelming when I was busy last week! Maybe I’ll get it all done today, not so many students.

  7. As ever I am doing anything at all that isn’t housework.

  8. I love being distracted with a book! I’m hungry so should be getting dinner started but instead I’m catching up on crafty blogs! Hope your book is a great read x

  9. I had houseguests for a week and the sun mostly shone – or t least it didn’t rain. Today alone again and it’s raining and I still have some cards I’d started designing to finish and gifts to wrap and the cardy on the needles to get off the needles before the next influx of visitors arrive on Saturday – and I’m catching up on blogs ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. Binge watching last season’s The Walking Dead instead of making Christmas gifts – or working on my blog – or reading my latest book purchase! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It’s incredible how easy it is easy to get caught up in a good TV series. I always console myself with the thought that it gives some much needed rest. Enjoy.

  11. That is a gruesome cover! Glad it is funny.
    I’m buzzing round doing a bit of this and that, trying to tick things off lists, always feeling I should be doing something else – and reading blog posts as enjoyable light relief from the muddle in my head!
    It is chucking it down here, so everytime I go outside I get soaked, the garden is a swamp.
    Quack quack!!!

  12. Nothing yarny… I was reading a library book I’ve been waiting a year to read (it’s just out) instead of making a quilt block for GTOM. To be fair, the book’s great but the block is tricky so I was able to justify the delay!

    • I frequently side track myself with a book. I reach the half way mark with bedtime reading and then I just want to read to the end. I quite understand why much awaited book takes precedence over tricky block. Hope you enjoyed the book after such a long wait. Good luck with the block.

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