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Linking with Wild Daffodil for the One a month photo challenge. This month’s prompt was Patina, and it just so happens that I love old wood and the totally wonderful colour from the patina. I cannot for the life of me understand why dark wood is out of favour for interior decorating. It is the business as far as I am concerned.

This glorious side board was taken at Fountains Abbey this year, in close up


This fabulous wood was taken from a boys school and placed in Newburgh Priory.

You don’t get better than the patina of school boys from 1648. Or do you?

What about figures carved into the choir pews in Slingsby church.

That fabulous patina from hundreds of choristers down the ages.

I rest my case.

What do you think?


Knit and Natter Friday

Hurrah I finished the Eastern Jewels blanket this week, and just in case you missed it, here it is.

It has left me with a bag of yarn to finish up, and I know just what I am going to do with it.

I went to the patchwork class open day last Saturday and have duly signed up for three workshops next year so finally I can learn what I supposed to do with a rotary cutter. I have owned one for maybe three years and is still in its packet scaring me.

This weekend is rather special. Do you remember this? My Sawdust Heart.

Well tomorrow is the launch day for the exhibition in Scarborough. I am very excited to see the exhibition, the other hearts , collect my catalogue and just be there at a very special time. I am also thrilled that a second booklet has been produced showing the inside stories that some contributors included with their heart, as did I.

I was so excited to see my heart made in memory of my  Great Uncle was in this booklet. Here is a link to a virtual tour of this extra brochure. I am also very excited that a fellow blogger and maker of a heart is coming up to see this exhibition, and we will finally meet next week.

Meantime I have added a few more rows to the grey jumper for Baby J. I will get there but oh dear grey is not me. And now I must confess to being seduced by Deramores  The Christmas Knit Along. What was I thinking of? More knitting? More Projects? Too much free time?

Sometimes I wonder about myself.

So what are your weekend plans? Have you been seduced by Christmas Projects?

Whatever you do this weekend,

Be Happy,




Eastern Jewels .

I have been making for quite a while the Persian Tiles- Eastern Jewels blanket, designed by Jane Crowfoot, these colours designed by Lucia Dunn. If you too would like to make one the kit is available here, and no doubt in other places too, the first two I tried were out of stock but this place appears to have some packs in stock.

So without further ado here is the finished blanket.

And the obligatory from the clothes line picture

in two directions

and the equally obligatory draped on the sofa pose

the rolled in a circle one

and my favourite- the ready for me to snuggle under one.

Hands up everyone who thought I would never finish it….

Linking with Ginny for the Ginx Woolly party

Do go and visit her site for some lovely wooly contributions from other bloggers.



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