Wool, Wiltshire and All Manner of Wonderful Things!

A very busy but very enjoyable week. There was another succesful for walk for the walking group I set up. A visit to the Stitching and Knitting Show in Harrogate , a visit to the Hearts exhibition and a very funny play at the theatre. Sadly there was also a funeral on Friday of one of Mum’s friends and the Mum to my friend. All of this takes time to absorb.

I have mixed feeling about the Stitching and Knitting Show, it was very big, too big for me and very crowded, and I have already been to Quilt and Yarn shows this year, and I can’t help but feel that I prefer them to be separate, and smaller. I didn’t think that there were many small suppliers, it seemed to be the big boys in Harrogate. Never the less I had a good day out, although the best bits may surprise you.

First best bit was talking to the lady on the UK Handknitting Association area, she was extremely helpful with some questions I wanted to ask.

Next good bit were the chats I had with other visitors whilst I ate a sandwich. I was quite surprised by how many people came from Scotland for the event and how many people came for all four days. One lady was really helpful when I talked about the things I had been told I would need for the patchwork class I have enrolled in for next year.

My biggest highlight was the workshop I booked myself into, for once a workshop I booked was not cancelled. I have never known an hour fly by so fast. And who knew that sewing by hand in a straight line was so hard. I was at a boro patchwork workshop.

I also very much enjoyed the embroidery part of the show which of course you don’t get at quilt or yarn show, not surprisingly.

So now come the pretty pictures of the embroideries I loved.

Look at them.

This one took all the best prizes, but I prefered the other.

Now isn’t that a great way to display little pieces of gorgeousness.

Now this was an interesting project which has been on going since 2012 and is now at its final exhibition. although I believe it may end up in Kent in a permanent home. Tea and tea bags and no plastic and plants were the theme of these little embroideries, all available for sale to raise funds to help a plant charity. I know I am being vague, but there was so much to take in.

I regret not buying this one.

The cat made me chuckle.

It was rather lovely to be able to walk in amongst them.

Can’t leave the show without showing you these two quilts that caught my eye.

Truly lovely and this one reminded me of Tealing it to the Mountains

And as for purchases I bought one knitting pattern and six fat quarters, total expenditure on the day £6 lunch, £8 car park and £11 shopping. Never have I spent so little at a show.

Back home, the news is Baby J’s grey(groan) Jumper arrived safe and sound and was liked. In fact Mr J said Mrs M was in awe of the craftmanship and it was worthy of a Baby Boutique in Wimbledon. I think that is praise!

Some knitting has happened chez moi. Black and white jacket/cardigan has both fronts now, just the sleeves etc to do. And I have done four bunting flags now.

Not bad I reckon.

Next week is quieter, maybe… two trips to York, hospital for Mr E, shopping, lunch, library of course and a library meeting, other than that the days are mine own. Although the house could do with a bit of a fettle.

So, how are you all? Do you get overwhelmed by big shows? Any good things happened this week, plans for next .. do tell.

Hearts post to follow next week. I have finally chosen my  favourite, I think, well maybe.

Be Happy,


Comments on: "Stitch, Knit and Natter Sunday." (44)

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience at the show. I miss not having something similar to attend now. I do know what you mean about them being overwhelming. Going on a Saturday was always the worst by far. The Ally Pally one had a nice mix of big and small retailers which was nice.

  2. PS. I’m a longtime subscriber – I believe 2 years now? 🙂

  3. I’ve only been to various small textile/embroidery/quilting exhibitions, local in Norfolk, because I’m unable to travel far or manage the vast UK exhibitions due to my poor health. Anyway, I remember going to such large places, before, and getting tired from all the legwork and excitement, lol!

    Very nice knitting Cathy 😀

    I do like that art quilt with the trees and deer. 🙂 xo

    • I can imagine problems. My DIL wouldn’t get round such a place with her mobility problems. That quilt was nice, it immediately caught my eye.

  4. thanks for sharing the craft fair with us, Cathy. I used to attend an annual event when we lived in the Paris area but I really didn’t like the crowds and often found there was too much on display to really take it all in.
    Well done on your xmas bunting – lovely & bright!
    I’ve had a bit of a crochet Bonanza this weekend, what with my 3 day bed rest, and am pleased to say, I have finished a few more xmas pressies – yay!

  5. You’re a whirling dervish!! You do manage to have lots of fun and get lots done. I especially love that bunting–it is so neat and festive. The photos from the big show are fun to see . . . at a distance. I’m not a fan of crowds either. I hope this week is fun, too!

    • I am hoping for some fun this week and maybe a Christmas Market in York, We are predicted bad weather courtesy of Storm Diane, so we shall see. Today is soup making day, some to eat and some to freeze.

  6. So good to hear that your walk was a success Cathy.
    Like so many of us I can’t cope with the crush as large shows nowadays – I did go to lots of shows in my 30s so I think it might be a case of ‘been there, done that’ – it’s nice to go at least once so you can make an informed choice another time.
    I do love the look of those tiny embroidery gems – is it the one with the cat that you regret not buying or the one above?
    Hope you will show us some of your Boro work (a favourite style of mine).
    Praise indeed for the Groany Grey jumper! Worth it?
    I’m so impressed by that cheery bunting! Must take you ages.
    Have a happy week!

    • The walk I did with the group is the one you just showed on your blog this morning. There was one new lady who had lived here for 60 plus years and had never done the path from the Rookers field towards Newbridge. She was delighted.
      I wished I had bought the one above the cat.
      As for the boro work and sharing. Maybe . I found the straight lines hard and then completely distracted myself , maybe for a laugh then on Friday…
      Not sure about the grey jumper. It was a bit tedious to make, but I did put a lot of effort into technique, so it was nice that the craftmanship was praised.
      Each bunting flag is an afternoon’s work!

      • Oh wow! It is such an interesting walk, I’m not surprised she was delighted – no mishaps over the stone stile I take it.
        The bunting flags only take an afternoon!! Wow!
        Yes, I’d love to see the Boro, no matter how wiggly. 🙂

        • I was a bit concerned about a few of them over the stile so stood by and helped them down- the walking sticks were the biggest liability. One flag per afternoon!
          Re the boro- I sort of went off message…

          • Now I have a cartoon-like picture in my mind with walking sticks akimbo.
            Yes I realised it was just one bunting flag per afternoon, I didn’t put it clearly though – even so, that still amazes me – well done you.
            I think Boro allows for ‘doing-your-own-thing’.

            • including a completely different thing?
              Stick conundrum not helped by a stick left by someone totally unknown being on the wall awaiting reclaim by its owner. At one time I was juggling five sticks for people.

  7. breathtaking! hank You for sharing. I am in awe!

  8. I just don’t do shows, too many fairs that I had to run I think! You saw some pretty amazing things thoug. Glad Mr.E’s trip is not traumatic, and what a wonderful time you had with Sandra, that was a treat!

  9. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    So much amazing work. It is heartening to see that despite all our mod cons and technology people are still handcrafting such beautiful work. Thanks for sharing. I love your Christmas bunting too.

    • Yes it is. Some pieces of embroidery were for sale at sensible prices which reflected the work that had gone into them. You weren’t allowed to take photos though of them.

  10. I now have a strategy when I go to big shows. I choose a couple of projects that I want to buy materials for and I use them as my focus. I take the patterns and I can show them to stallholders and have a chat. Knowing that I am looking for some specific things prevents me from assuming the “rabbit in the headlights” stance and becoming completely overwhelmed.
    Yesterday we went into London and I had the same feeling of overload – so much to take in that I can hardly cope. However, again, I had some focus (fabric from Liberty and cured meat, ber and cheese from Borough Market) and appart from being exhausted when we got back to the flat in Reading, I did actually feel that I had done what I set out to do.
    Oh, and my experience of the catering at shows is generally poor (Yarndale was abysmal) so in future I plan to always take my own sandwich.

    • London always terrifies me, everyone goes so fast and I am confused the whole time. When we visited youngest son in Reading we used to head for the Thames- Henley was a favourite for shops and Pangbourne for a walk. I did go to the show for a reason- a knitting pattern and fat quarters were on my list, so wasn’t I good to just buy what I wanted. I booked the workshop to make more of my day.
      I am surprised that the food at Yarndale was poor. Why can’t there be good caterers at these events I wonder?

      • It’s odd isn’t it about the food? To be fair, Wonderwool does tend to have lots of choices for food and plenty of seating, but I still think taking your own is the safest option. I went to Yarndale this year with my friend Mrs Robinson and afterwards we discussed strategies for the next such event that we attend.. I think we have quite a clear plan now.

        • There was plenty of seating but the food choice was extremely limited. Some people were sitting on the floor, goodness knows why when there were lots of tables and chairs. I think I would advice taking one’s own lunch.

  11. We all seem to feel the same about large shows – I don’t go to them at all any more. Those little embroideries look exquisite as do the quilts. I don’t make either but do love to see them.
    I enjoyed reading Daffy’s post this morning about your adventures with her in Yorkshire too. I’m wrapping gifts this week because house guests arrive on Friday for a week to be followed by my eldest arriving the following week. The time will be swept up and away in a flurry of activity! And the rain has scarcely stopped all month!!

  12. Very impressed by the bunting!

  13. I’ve stopped going as well. I always end up spending money on things I do not need. I go early, walk around as fast as possible and leave before lunch. It’s always fun to see what makes a stir these days but I’m happy with smaller shows too. You are getting lots done so you can feel quite good about your expenditures.

    • I thought I was early arriving fifteen minutes after the start, but it was heaving from the beginning. I had had enough by lunchtime, but my class was in the afternoon which is why I spoke so long to fellow visitors.

      • Mornings are full but afternoons are nuts! I’m sure your timing was as good as it could be. I love going to them but always end up getting things I don’t need so I stay away now. 😉 Safer.

  14. Sounds like a busy week past and future! But how lovely to get out and about. Hope Mr E’s trip is for good things?

    • I thought next week was going to be quiet till I looked at my diary. Mr E is visiting the hospital dentist, so not traumatic thank goodness, hence some shopping afterwards.

  15. Those are lovely pieces you shared! It sounds like you met some interesting people, which is always the best! I don’t like big shows, either, in general. Smaller shows mean you can see things and talk to vendors.

    Your bunting is adorable! What pattern are you using?

  16. I don’t get to go to big shows, mostly. The last one was about 4 years ago, and I found it exhausting; far too large for the time I had available. And these days my back isn’t up to long periods of standing and walking anyway…
    Thanks for showing that lovely mountain quilt – what fun! My favourite piece, though, is the ‘Beach Findings’ boxes. It’s wonderful, embroidered shadow boxes!

  17. Yes, I find the big shows overwhelming – and the stress of being in such crowded places makes me spend far too much (at least that’s my excuse!) Having said that, I love all the pieces you’ve shown in this blog, and I do envy you the inspiration you’ve found there. But I’m on a show ban now until I actually need some more yarn/fabric/making stuff – and I’m just off to my woolly room now where I know I will find that’s not going to be any time soon!

    • That sounds like a good plan. I think I am showed out now, I reckon it has been five this year! I was determined not to spend much, hence the workshop and the few purchases, which were both on my little list. Have a great time I your woolly room, sounds very comforting.

  18. The big shows here are too far away to bother with really. When I was still in the U.K. I went to the shows at Olympia and Alexandra Palace (being a Southerner) and was fed up with all the unrelated commercial stands that seem to have proliferated at these things. I can’t bear having to be craning my neck to see anything from a five-deep crowd in front of a stand being elbowed in the back and sides by the middle aged arts and crafts mafia (of which I am one but not of the violent persuasion) so I stopped going. Small is better, I agree.

    As for those embroideries – I have needlework envy but, as with cross stitch, needle felting and anything to do with ‘floss’ – I’m going to leave it to the more capable.

    Beautiful bunting. If you run a thread up the back of each one you could market them as Christmas thongs. 🤶

    • Lynne I love you so much, you make me laugh such a lot. Thongs indeed- can I put you down for one then?
      If I go to another one of these shows it will be to take in the embroidery rather than the sewing and knitting.
      It was people with enormous rucksacks and suitcases that somewhat irritated me, bashing into you without a word of apology.

  19. I love the hanging embroideries. Equally love your Christmas bunting.
    Harrogate is so dear on the parking and the food is expensive there too. I took my two daughters to the Country Living Fair for a couple of years and paid for lunch for all of us (just sandwiches and a drink) I nearly needed a loan and I certainly needed to sit down! Afterwards I complained by email about the different pricing between the ticket on the self service fridges and what I paid at the till and they refunded our lunch!

    • The sandwich got me- £4.90 for a ham and coleslaw sandwich- the catering really was dreadful, unless I missed something. .
      I loved the hanging embroideries too, it was super to be told to go on into them.

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