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19 Fun Things to do in Winter

Well so glad I asked for your ideas to add to my thoughts for winter, because I have come up with no less than 19 fun things to do in Winter, and if it snows I can make that 20 by making snow angels and a snowman.

Let’s Go

1 Visit a stately home decked for Christmas.

2 Go to a Christmas Market drink mulled wine/cider and enjoy hot chestnuts.

3 Sing carols

4 See the Christmas Lights being turned on

5 Bake Stollen

6 Bake Chocolate and cherry mincepies

7 Make a Christmas ornament

8 Make Christmas cards

9 Cook up some spicy chutney

10 Swap my usual Earl Grey tea for Lapsang Souchong tea.

11 Buy a poinsettia/ pot of bulbs

12 Plant up some pots for outside Winter Colour

13 Walk on a beach and have a walk through woodland.

14 Take a good Winter Photo.

15 Knit a Winter fairy

16 Knit for charity

17 Make Marmalade

18 Make homemade fat balls for the birds and take part in the Great British Bird Count

19 Take a Snowdrop walk.

I am liking this so much. Bring on Winter I am ready and raring to go.


Comments on: "19 Fun Things to do in Winter" (30)

  1. A brilliant – and helpful! – list πŸ˜€ xo

  2. Looks a good selection of things to do during winter. May do a few myself πŸ™‚ x

  3. Gosh I’m almost looking forward to winter after reading that list! Almost…

  4. You’ll be busy, but it will be such a happy kind of busy!

  5. Great list – I am still working my way through my November list which is mainly preparation for Christmas but can’t wait to get started on the December list which will be more outings and things to make and do.
    Have fun.

  6. A lovely list… and even if you don’t do all of them, it’s nice to start with a positive attitude and enjoy the planning and anticipation. I look forward to all the posts showing what you have been up to.

  7. Thanks for visiting me and allowing me to find your lovely blog, Cathy. I like your winter list, just perfect for these longer, cooler evenings.

    • Thank you. It was nice yesterday to work on some hows, whats, and whens, during a very wet day. And to make a little start. Look forward to giving some updates.

  8. What a great list, when I saw your earlier list I couldn’t think of anything to add!

  9. Well, what are you doing sitting around talking/writing about it – you’d better get a shift on!

  10. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    A wonderful collection of things to do. And i love that first photo by the way!

  11. So much fun!!! Yeah for Winter! :o)

  12. i love your enthusiasm!

    • I bet you could think of more than 19 fun things to do in winter! I miss the hustle and bustle of having a family Christmas to prepare for and the fun of the school plays, concerts and parties, and then later there were work outings, now I have my own retiree list to go at.

  13. That’s a great list Cathy. Makes me feel all festive just reading it. I have always wanted to try egg Nog. Still not done that. Or skated in an outdoor skating rink. Xx

    • Thanks. I have heard of egg nog but don’t know what it is exactly. I shall look it up. I too have always fancied trying ice skating, but worry about injuring myself! From the sound of it you can ice skate so go for it outside now.

  14. Wonderful list!

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