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Thoughts of Winter

Autumn is drawing to an end. The leaves are nearly all gone leaving the trees with their splendid silhouettes. The curtains are drawn by 4.30 pm, the temperatures drop and the wood burning stove is lit. Winter comes.

I was thinking, I do occasionally as you know. Christmas is fun (oh yes it is), but there are other things to do in Winter that are fun. I haven’t had any goals this year, no 18 for 2018, maybe though I could think of some things to do in each season, things that I love to do, and when time permits from daily life and with no pressure to actually do any of them, maybe I could draw up a list of fun things, and maybe you could help with some suggestions too.

Here’s what I have thought of so far.

1 Go to a Christmas market and have a glass of mulled wine and a pot of hot chestnuts.

2 Go carol singing

3 Watch the Christmas lights being turned on.

4 Have aΒ  winters walk on the beach.

5 Take a photo which epitomizes winter to me.

6 Go on a snowdrop walk.

It would be lovely if I could get to ten, so please have you any ideas?

What do you like to do in Winter?

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  1. I love winter as well. Ours is mostly wet with rare snow but the cozy days indoors are always so nice. Reading all these wonderful ideas is always so inspiring. This is baking season for me. I bake and make baskets for neighbors and service workers. Cheers up those who live alone. The rest of the winter will be catching up on sewing projects and moving my daughter in to stay with me. It’s a good time to clear out more things that have outlived their usefulness. I’ll come back again to check for more new ideas. Have a fun time with what you have already.

  2. I think I am going to really miss winter this year after reading these fun things! I will have to live vicariously through you whilst I swelter in the heat.

  3. deemallon said:

    I like potting up a few amaryllis. Bringing in some large dead branches for the mantle. And making various sized sachets stuffed with balsam. That last one, especially is nice because of the scent. And I can give them away.

    • I bet the dead branches look so good, my mantle is too narrow for such a display. I haven’t heard of balsam sachets, I shall have to google them. Thanks for the ideas.

  4. How about making a snow man? Even a small one? If you get snow, that is! Also, baking some delicious smelling treat, and watching a classic holiday movie?

  5. I think you should make pomanders! Cloves and oranges–best winter fragrance combo! And do you ever get enough to snow to make a snow angel (and have a photo taken to show us?) Love your list!

    • Oh yes, I shall try to find some orris root, I tried to make them last year without and the orange went bad.
      I am well up for snow angels should the weather play ball.

      • That’s so weird. We never use orris root and never have any problems. I wonder if it’s the quantity of cloves? We do use a lot of cloves . . .

  6. Once I get used to the clocks being turned back I love the dark and cosy of December, January and February. Before grandchildren came along (11 years ago) I used to have silent days – Thursdays – I wouldn’t answer the phone or go to the door or go into town – I spent the day in silence and creativity – i LOVED my Thursdays. Not everyone’s idea of bliss I know.

    • Oh it is surely mine! When we were both working full time I would occasionally earn a flexi day and those would be mine all mine. I was very into wet felting then so I could have the whole kitchen to myself, and no-one wanting hot drinks and food.

  7. How about making an ornament for the tree? Or maybe getting a small pot of narcissus or an amaryllis?

  8. I decorate the house with snow flakes,snow men, and battery operated strings of white twinkly lights on a timer (starting at 4 p.m. turning off at 10 p.m). These decorations get put up with the first snow fall and come down mid April (last snow fall here usually).
    We also switch from our pumpkin lattes (Fall) to peppermint hot cocoa and peppermint tea. :o) We try to brighten the long nights!

    • I bet your home looks so lovely with the twinkly lights everywhere. I think I need to get myself some lapsang tea for winter which I used to drink, saving the Earl Grey which I have the rest of the year. Adding lapsang tea to my list.
      Thanks for the ideas, each one is triggering thoughts. I think Winter is going to be fun this year.

  9. Roast your own chestnuts on an open fire πŸ™‚ Mulled cider is much nicer than mulled wine by the way. Make an Advent ring, visit a stately home decorated for Christmas – my WI is off to Castle Howard again as it was so good last time. Christmas Tree Festival, we have a Christmas tradition now of going to buy the Christmas tree, we walk round to our local riding stables, choose one and then carry it home, it’s quite entertaining crossing the main road with a 6′ Christmas tree πŸ™‚

    • I shall now be on the look out for mulled cider. I love the idea of visiting a stately home all decorated up, and Castle Howard is on my doorstep. I was at the arboretum there just this week looking at a textile exhibition, and purchased a pack of Christmas cards whilst I was there. It’s years since I bought a real tree. I stopped when I realised it had just become another chore left to me, to be fitted in around work, no longer fun. I bet you do have fun crossing your road with a six foot tree, getting one squashed in a mini metro was a bit hard.
      I’m adding the stately home to me list and thinking about the tree.

  10. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Lovely ideas, my favourite winter thing to do you have already down, that is, winter walk on the beach. But how about a woodland walk which allow us to see the trees in a totally different way at this time of year. Another nice crafty job i like at this time of year is making Christmas cards.

    • I like the idea of adding woodland walk, I would probably have done several anyway, but if I put them on the list there is the satisfaction of ticking it off and of course making sure I go. I do have time to make Christmas cards and could make a few, thanks for the ideas.

  11. I’ve racked my brains but can’t get past the mulled wine and chestnuts 😍. Have you tried mulled cider? It’s very good and makes a nice change.

  12. Beautiful photographs. Although I love Christmas, as a sufferer of Raynaud’s, I really hate the cold weather so my suggestion is to sit by a roaring fireplace πŸ™‚

  13. How about putting out a bird feeder with some nice fat and nuts and grains? Make your Christmas cake (if you haven’t already done it)? Cook a big pot of pea and ham soup and freeze it in individual portions for days when you’re busy? Buy yourself a book you’ve wanted for ages but haven’t wanted to indulge – and read it with a big mug of hot chocolate. Make some practice mince pies to get yourself in the mood (if you call them practice it doesn’t count or contain calories, I believe…). Is that enough ideas? It’s hard for me to get in the mood for cold weather stuff as we’re approaching the hottest time of year and Christmas is in high summer!

    • Bird feeders are up and running already, but it reminded me of the Great British bird count which I do, but always mean to make my own fat balls, so that goes on the list- thank you.
      I make soups but we usually nosh them over two days, so freezing some for the days of winter walks, goes on the list.

      Mince pies- they have been advertising chocolate pastry with cherry mincemeat pies on TV, I can do that for sure! Who needs Heston and Waitrose?
      I have always meant to try to make stollen, and marmalade again ( Many moons since I got my act together and made marmalade)and I loved the boxing day chutney I made- all gone on the list.

      Oh my winter is beginning to look fun. Thanks Kate for the excellent suggestions.

  14. How about ‘Knit something snuggly for someone in need’? I really want to put together a package of wooly hats to send to Knit for Peace as I know they are always able to find good homes for such things, but there are so many charities that you could choose.

    • That’s a very good idea, and I have some rather splendid yarn in need of a job! It’s going on the list.. Thank you.

      • I like the idea of a list like this… I’m a big fan of lists and I think not having any this year might have resulted in me doing less. Nevertheless, I’m not doing 19 for 2019, but maybe something seasonal would be good.

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