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Knit and Natter Friday!

Autumn has continued to be so mild, and although most of the leaves have fallen in the sunshine the countryside still seems to be golden. A truly lovely season.

Sandra (aka Wild Daffodil) and I had a lovely walk in Dalby Forest. The larch trees had all turned a rather fabulous colour they almost shone.

Poor Daffy, I lugged her up a big hill to see the Bridestones and then back down again and then said “Now we shall go and see the Nissan Hut”, just as it was getting gloomy. But do you know what? The muted evening light took away the starkness of the Nissan Hut as we approached it.

The pine needles have stared to fall on its roof and it is beginning to settle in a bit. Who knows in ten years time I may really like it.

Sandra whose wardrobe matched the season!

Temporary graffiti. ” Not me Guv!”

We had a great day out in Scarborough, taking in the sawdust hearts.

The sounding of the Last Post affected us both. I intend to return before the exhibition closes and I promise to take lots of pictures.

Mr E and I went off to Hull and met up with youngest son who was celebrating his birthday there with Ms G, they had been feeding the sharks at The Deep.

An unexpected bonus for us.

Thankfully this has been a quieter week and I have had time to recoup energies.

Knitting wise I have finished the grey (groan) jumper for Baby J and I jazzed it up a bit with some rather jolly buttons.

These ones

Three frogs and their eyes do joggle. How cool are they? So its back on with the black and white yarn and a jacket for Baby J. IΒ  had completed the back before I was asked for the grey(groan) jumper. So I can only lay claim to doing the left front this week.

I shall try to find some really bright coloured buttons for this one.

And so it is the weekend, and the adverts on UK TV for Christmas have begun. I actually found myself looking forward to them coming on TV this year. Some of them are little works of art. My Favourites are this


and this one from Sainsbury’s


So that means it’s time to think about Christmas. No nay sayers here please. I know it is not everyone’s favourite time of year but I like it, and I ignore the commercialism. Although I love these adverts I still shop local.

The Repair cafe is tomorrow so we will drop by and see if we can help. Next year I hope we shall be able to play a full role again. And next week is the Harrogate Knitting and Sewing Show and I have my ticket!

Right now, it is time for my family history group.

Have a great weekend, and do join in the natter.

Be Happy,


Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday!" (36)

  1. That is the sweetest sweater! I needed a tissue after viewing the daughter/mother video. πŸ™‚

  2. Wow – was it a week ago – what a wonderful time I had in Yorkshire with you Cathy! It was so good to see the coast and the moors with you – you make an EXCELLENT tour guide! Thank you so much – and all those wonderful links we found in our nattering – and seeing the jay and the golden larches and then Rachel Whiteread’s sculpture and the rather overwhelming exhibition of the Hearts. A rich experience all round. I’m still digesting and integrating all the many delights – not to mention going through hundreds of photos. The highlight, of course, was spending time together – it was fabulous – thank you so much.
    Love the froggy buttons and the jumper looks very smart.
    ❀ ❀ ❀

  3. What a lovely post, so nice to see that you and β€˜Daffy’ got to go for a walk to see the hearts. Love the froggy buttons! Enjoy the Harrogate show!

  4. I love the Christmas ads too, I love the way the Iceland one has gone viral after being banned! When are you going to the Knitting & stitching show, I’m off on Sunday, doing two workshops πŸ™‚

  5. I love the froggy buttons, a perfect dash of color for the gray. πŸ™‚ No ads here, because no TV at this house! So happy you and Sandra could make a day of it and enjoy the sawdust hears together, the photos that had a few in them looked beautiful. Have a great weekend!

  6. What fun you had dragging your friend about. The larches are beautiful, aren’t they? We have some and they were lovely, before the windstorm last week. Now we have gray and oak brown. And white. That arrived today.

    • Oh my snow, it is lovely to look at providing you don’t have to go anywhere. I hope you don’t spend the whole time clearing your drive and you get out and about for one of your busy weekends. I love reading about them.

      • Luckily the snow was only a couple of inches, so we just had to clear the steps.

        I had a fun day yesterday as planned! Today will be different than planned but fun.

  7. Not really into the Christmas mood yet. I know it’s coming though. Have at least ordered four Xmas presents off Amazon, and hoping to shop local for the rest. X

    • Sometimes local fails and Amazon it has to be. At least things like cards, paper, tree, food can be obtained locally. I went to Castle Howard arboretum this week to look at a textile exhibition and picked up a pack of cards showing the trees in winter. I love the cards which show local scenes.

  8. how lovely to meet up with a blogging friend, and get to natter, natter, natter all day long lol.
    I love your grey (moan) sweater because of the texture on the front bit AND the frog buttons, of course! It’ll be interesting to see what you find to embellish the black one.
    I’ve been busy with crochet hook making xmas pressies. One ticked off my list already and a second almost done – yay!

    • The only thing to do with grey yarn really was to add texture and fun buttons. The black and white yarn the same. I quite like a simple repetitive pattern, keeps me awake as I knit!
      I wonder what you have been crocheting? One of your wonderful animals maybe.

      • ah ha! I have sparked your interest! Not been crocheting animals, nope, but busy on something else, just as much fun! Afraid you’ll have to wait until after xmas to see.

  9. Phew I made it here on Friday, just barely! I have been dragging since September. Oh my Sandra looks so lovely! I am so envious of your time together! What a blessing!! The froggy buttons on the sweater are delightful! And yes! you need your “mark” on that lovely sweater! I would love that sweater!

    I don’t know what to say about the ads! :o) They certainly are different than ours in the USA which starts with “christmas” in July sales. I love the ‘stories” your ads tell, so touching, are all your ads like that? After July it seems the push to buy never leaves the stores so we are a bit numb to it all, I’m losing track of the time of year! I’m trying to get a Thanksgiving together first and just a few weeks ago I helped our group home client dress up for Halloween amidst that christmas sales push here. oh well, sorry to go on and on, its just a bee in my bonnet.

    Meanwhile as it’s so cold and snowy here I’m making a scarf (simple crochet pattern) a day for the Salvation Army. I worry about us all keeping warm! And of course I enjoy using up the stash + the crocheting!

    • It was really nice to spend this time with Sandra, we had such a good time.
      It has become quite a tradition on TV to make these Christmas ads with a little story behind them. During the year there are similar ones, and some that tell a story over several years worth of ads. I’ll be honest some ads , especially the hi-tech ones I wonder what the heck they are advertising and ask Mr E, what was that one for.
      We have some Halloween ads, but of course we don’t have Thanksgiving, so have a longer time to get ready for Christmas which is the time that families try to get together.
      Wow snow, that must put you in the mood for festivities. So far we haven’t had snow, although it s still a little early in the season for snow. It was supposed to be sunny today but we just have grey skies. A typical November day.

  10. Love the froggy buttons. Really don’t see grey and black as baby colours so I’m obviously out of touch. The grey one is beautifully made though (harder to see the black and white one but I’m sure that’s made well too. :-))

  11. Oh, my–those froggy buttons! You found a subversive way to make the gray sweater your own! I really envy you and Wild Daffodil your visit–such a nice time together, focused around the lovely sawdust hearts. Have a perfect weekend!

    • We had a lovely time, chatter, chatter all the time, and so many coincidences in our lives.
      Glad you approve of the buttons. I picked them out because they were green and then the eyes just sold them to me.

  12. The frog buttons on the grey (groan) jumper look great. I love the Boots Christmas ad, although the last few times I’ve seen it it’s been a shortened version. Not keen on the John Lewis one, as you say there’s too much about Elton John – and I really can’t understand why the soaps’ theme tunes have been changed. It was supposed to be something to do with that ad so when I saw it last night I expected it to incorporate those tunes but it didn’t. I purposely put the tv on for that ad so I was very disappointed! 😦

    • That’s the trouble with hype, it can lead to disappointment. Glad you like the Boots one too, so nice to see a teenager proud of her Mum.

  13. You beat me to it with the Christmas ads this year. Where’s the John Lewis one though – I must go forage for it. By the way, I don’t know which school put on that Christmas play but it certainly wasn’t one I went to – nor my daughters either – tea towels round the head for the shepherds and a manky old doll in the crib was the order of the day. My favourite bit was the plug leaping into the socket.
    I love the way you always add a little act of rebellion into your baby and children’s clothes 🀣

    • I like to let them know it was me wot made it! You can’t buy that on the High Street. Nice though the John Lewis advert is, it isn’t my favourite. The plug leaping onto the socket is the part I gather is getting all the comments! I wish my children’s school plays had been like that!

  14. How lovely that you and Sandra got together. I met her a few years ago, but we keep failing to get our act together and meet when she’s in Wales… maybe next time.
    After a big finish this week (the scrappy hexie blanket for Mr Snail) I made a start on a dog-bed cover at Knit Night last night. It’s going to be simple crochet squares, but the important thing is that it’s going to be made of wool. I have noticed that both dogs prefer to sleep on real wool, eschewing the synthetic dog beds and even the cotton-covered duvet in favour of woolly things… blankets, cushions, carpet, so I have decided that they can have their very own wool-covered bed for the living room. I’m hoping that it will be a relatively quick make.
    The little grey jumper is much improved by the googly-eyed frogs in my opinion.

    • Isn’t that interesting that the dogs prefer wool. I wonder if smell plays a part? They are very lucky dogs. I loved your hexie blanket that you posted yesterday, and I know it will be appreciated in the long lonely nights in Reading.

      It was super to meet up with Sandra, but I could have done with much longer to show her everything I know she would have liked. Hopefully your diaries will allow a meeting.

      • We were chatting about dogs and wool at Knit Night last night and it was an observation that Jude had also made. I hadn’t thought about the smell, but that may well be part of the explanation. They seem particularly dismissive of the synthetic fleece blanket that is ‘theirs’!

  15. Hi Cathy
    Have you seen the John Lewis Christmas ad it brought a tear to my eye. I was emailed the preview so not sure when the launch date is – I imagine maybe tonight at peak viewing time. I love the adverts – I think they have started a tradition that some people look forward to (I am one of them) and they are quite imaginative (as any good marketing firm should be for their charges!). Also they tend to be selling a name rather than sayng buy this or that which is nice. I was shocked watching childrens TV with my granddaughter to see all the advertising of toys that goes on.
    Grey is the colour for babies at the moment – Sweetie is presently in grey or grey and white babygrows (mainly because they wanted a surprise so we didn’t know if boy or girl so grey covers it and at least if my daughter’s washing is a little grey it won’t show now!!) Your jumper is really nice – if I attempted to knit anything for the baby she would be starting school before I could finish it!

    • I have seen a You Tube of the John Lewis one and it is very sweet. Bit too much about Elton John and too little about the giving, and I think Very has an ad with a similar message that some gifts are more than just a gift. They all should be pleased that we are talking about their ads and looking forward to them!
      It seems odd to my older eyes that babies wear grey, I am very fond of the pastel baby colours, but I know lemon, purple and green are no longer wanted. Sigh…

  16. Sandra’s wardrobe is as colourful as mine! She goes beautifully with the trees πŸ™‚

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