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Knit and Natter Friday.

We keep on saying it- how come it always seems to be Friday again?

I have had a truly wonderful week with more goodness this weekend coming up.

The Sawdust Heart launch last week was just perfect. A lot of fellow contributors were there,  there was music and there were the hearts.

I found it rather overwhelming in fact. I had got myself into a bit of a nervous state wondering if my sawdust heart would look inadequate against all the others. I need not have worried. There were some truly fabulous creations but some simpler ones and all were very beautiful and moving. And yes I did cry a little, so many hearts, and so many stitched with someone in mind. I didn’t take pictures, mainly because there were a lot of people present in quite a small space, but I have plans to go back before the end of the exhibition and take some which I will share in due course. I will be back again at the exhibition beffore that with… (well wait and see who )on the 11 November for a remembrance service- I say service but it isn’t a service from the look at the programme, more and act of remembrance.

Talking of remembrance I saw this most interesting display of poppies at Armley Mills industrial museum.

The yellow ones are to remember those women  (canary girls) who worked in the munition factories and their skin became yellow from the chemicals they were exposed too. More information on canary girls here

I spent a fabulous day in Whitby with a fellow blogger. We walked and talked, we ate fish, I ate chips, we followed in the steps of Dracula , all 199 of them, and visited one of my favourite churches St Mary’s in Whitby close by the Abbey.

This afternoon we are walking in the forest.

Big surprise on Wednesday night. Mr B is 30 this week, my baby 30, now how did  that happen? Anyway it turns out his fiancée has booked him a surprise birthday experience in Hull. Could we join them on Saturday afternoon for a few hours. OH YES WE CAN. Very excited to see my birthday boy.

Meantime I have baked more peanut butter cookies for Mr E.

That’s just the first batch! There were over fifty this time.

I have finished knitting the front of the grey jumper for Baby J, the sleeves should be done quite quickly, hurrah. I may have a finish in a week or so.

And one more bunting flag has rolled off the needles, it does so help not to miss a row or two and have to frog back, growl.

So I was wondering what your plans were for the weekend? Have you had any terrific surprises recently?

Have a great weekend and as always,

Be Happy,


Comments on: "Knit and Natter Friday." (33)

  1. You met up with Sandra – what fun you must have had! We met very briefly once amongst the chaos of a workshop her granddaughter attended, but sadly had no time to chat. The yellow poppies were a new one on me – what a poignant tribute. I wish I’d known about the sawdust hearts much earlier than I did as I would have loved to join in. Hope you had a good weekend with your son celebrating his 30th.

    • Yes Sheila, it was lovely to meet you. I know you are up to your ears in moving and Christmas etc – but perhaps I will come and see you in Devon one day.

  2. What a wonderful experience to have been able to see the exhibition of hearts and poppies. I’m sure a very sombering time.

  3. Murtagh's Meadow said:

    Busy as always. So glad you enjoyed the sawdust heart launch. It really was a wonderful idea. Enjoy your Saturday in Hull.

  4. Well now, I thought you and Ms Daffodil were old pals going way back, you just seem to be so in resonance! Isn’t it lovely to have a new friendship that seems to have been there forever. I am up to the wrapping of gifts stage 🙂 Oh how brightly my halo shines 😀 I’m looking forward to seeing photos of the hearts.

  5. I plan to sew and knit and spend time with Hubster. Maybe find some live music being played somewhere. Enjoy yours!

  6. This week did fly by! The yellow poppies are new to me, thanks for sharing that little known fact. This weekend…I am attending a book recital this afternoon; one of my 2nd graders has completed Suzuki Book 1 and will play all 17 songs this afternoon. I am so excited for her! This weekend is COLD, only 9 F this morning 😳, so I am looking forward to a quiet weekend in my sewing room. 🙂

  7. All sounds great!

    I’m curious to know which blogger you met? Sounds like a fun day.

  8. You and Wild Daffodil, on the loose together?! What fun! You’ve had a busy, terrific week–I’m glad the event for the sawdust hearts went so well–I had never heard of the canary girls. Enjoy your weekend and your time with family. I’ll be trying to get my act together for a big craft show next weekend–eek.

    • Thank you, so far I think the wild one and I have been quite good! Best of luck with all your preparations for the big craft show, I am sure you will do very well.

  9. My sister has just knitted an ‘all in one’ bunny suit for her daughter who’s expecting in February – also grey, it’s obviously ‘on trend’ at the moment. Mind you, it’s quite suitable for a bunny I suppose and quite a nice almost lilac grey but I know it’s out of your comfort zone and I expect you’ll be glad to finish the jumper..
    I am crocheting like mad at the moment and trying to get ready for a fundraiser coming up later this month. I thought I might be able to raise some money by selling my little crochet dogs as it is a dog related charity. However, nobody spends much at these things and, yesterday, as i was doing loop stitch to make Westie hair – as you do – and getting more and more twisty pain in my hand in the process, I wondered if I should bother of just stick to my dog collars and key fobs. I just thought they’d make the stand look more interesting.
    Also, need to start making a shirt for Mr. T., some p.j.s for Mlle. T. the elder and a crochet shawl for Mlle T. the younger – all lined up in my head as Christmas gifts but possibly won’t move from there if I don’t get a move on. Why do we do these things to ourselves?
    Have a wonderful time in Hull with your baby boy 🙂

    • I don’t know Tialys I just don’t know and I haven’t even mentioned the Disney princesses. I hope you make lots of money, but I know what you mean about fund raising events. They never ask for what would be a fair price.

  10. I’ve never seen yellow poppies before – all so poignant, so moving …

  11. Eeek! It’s Friday, I have completely lost track of the days – having SUCH a wonderful time – eating fish with you!!!!! and chatting and seeing your wonderful County – you are such a brilliant tour guide – and chatting and meeting Mr E and chatting – i’m brim full with happiness and stuck so far into making collages and spending precious time with you and the beautiful woods that are near my cosy, quirky cottage, I hardly come up for air. Looking forward to sharing all my photos in a blog post or two but at the moment I’m so into living all the deliciousness I can’t seem to put a coherent post together! See you later today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 😀 ❤

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